Gua Shuai did not mention which country he liked, but the reason for coaching the national team has a lot to FIFA Coins do with the personal habits of Gua Shuai. "You can learn different languages ??and cultures, and you can also appreciate different landscapes. That is a good thing for the family, and I am personally used to living abroad."

After the World Cup in Russia, Guardiola unexpectedly entered the list of candidates for the Argentine national team coach. This is the first time that Guardiola has officially linked with the national team. Later, the president of the Argentine Football Association said that Guardiola was asking too much, and Argentina could not afford it. This makes Gua Shuai particularly angry. "The Argentine national team coach should be an Argentine. I think there are so many suitable candidates, so there is really no need for me to bring Argentina."

Manchester City coach Guardiola was invited by the Spanish mobile star TV station during the International Competition Day last week to participate in an exclusive interview with football star Valdano. In the program, Guardiola first revealed his future plans. I hope that I can lead the national team in the future. Guardiola said: "If I can get the chance, I will accept the invitation of the national team coach. I am sure I want to challenge myself in the position of the national team coach." And Baldano then asked if Guardiola is willing to coach. His native country, Argentina, Guardiola said half-jokingly: "Argentina? Forget it"