Because of the poor performance of the Russian World Cup this summer, De Gea was criticized for a while. The Spanish goalkeeper responded: "That is normal. I never listen to the outside world. I am very focused on my work and work hard. Every training session progressed to help my teammates and perform as well as possible, so I never listened to the stupid words."

De Gea’s next challenge was to FIFA Coins play in the artificial grassland on Wednesday night: “Well, we are not used to Buy FIFA Coins playing artificial grass, so this will be a bit different, it’s more difficult for us, but we trained today and see How the ball rolled and tried to play well, we all know that it will be a difficult game."

Since Dehea joined Manchester United in 2011, the Red Devils' performance in the Champions League has been less than ideal. The Spaniards say that the Red Devils want to improve their performance in the European War: "We want to go further in the Champions League, this is so special. In a competition, Manchester United has not won the championship for a long time, so we are ready. We are in a difficult group, and tomorrow's opening opponents are also difficult to play. We want to get a good start and win. Let's play and try to win the final championship, but we know it will be very difficult."