Former CCP Amateur agent Sarah Tilly is advancing to Jagex to yield on the role of Head of Third-Party Product Management, and Simon Bull of Trion Worlds and EA will accompany the aggregation as Head of Third-Party Marketing. Both Bull and Tilly will plan beneath NCSoft's Jeff Pabst, the new Vice President of Third-Party Publishing.

With Jagex branch to Gamescom in the next week, we'll acceptable apprehend added about specific developers and their visions for partnering with Jagex.The aboriginal new big bang-up in over a year has accustomed in Runescape. Solak, aswell accepted as The Guardian of the Absent Grove, is now accessible to subscribers to yield on, abandoned or in groups.

Developer Jagex said Solak is controlled by an elf spirit, and that while there are no specific akin requirements to yield him on, you should accomplish abiding you accept a "strong aggregation with high-level action gear."

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