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Sheldon's Punt for the 10K Dirt Classic

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  • Sheldon's Punt for the 10K Dirt Classic

    Ill always remember this Attica Ambush for Doug Drowns 3rd place run against the Lucas Oil guys and mainly for Sheldon's punt of #83 Broc Martin. He had zero patience for broc to be in his way with Blaney and Reed behind him on the scoreboard. Probably not the cleanest move but it was memorable.

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    The local late models did quite well especially for some posters here who say they aren't any good or deserve better paying races.

    As for Sheldon ... patience in a sprint car on a smaller track usually gets yourself passed by better cars. I have no problem with what Sheldon did. Remember he had issues with lapped cars during this race when he did the 360 as well.