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    Originally posted by racemak View Post
    The FAST series is more interesting this season. Come Speedweek, my attitude may be different. At this time, it's difficult to become interested in the All Star point race.
    Way to early to be "interested" in the points deal of any series. As for the FAST why is is more "interesting" this season? Maybe I don't watch enough local racing as others, but I don't find the FAST series that attractive this year. Isn't there only 12 drivers that are running the entire series which only contain basically 2 tracks for the most part along with 4 other tracks which still goes against the entire basis of what the "FAST" series was meant to be in the first place. Farmer is trying to be the mini-all-stars and I am betting he will continue to expand the series as the years go by and basically not increasing the point fund or the purse at these events, but forcing teams to pay more money at the gate along with travel cost of venturing further away from the "Attica/Fremont" deal when started.

    Originally posted by mudinmybeer View Post
    Definetly took a drop in star power from last season but its still good to see them traveling a lot of cars. Majority don't make the feature but it gets a lot of bigger name invaders to come in to try and swipe the 5k.
    Agree with you especially when you think about it in the off-season Sheldon and Kinser were still planning on going the way of the All-Stars and doing a lot more traveling when they could. Then they decided to hit the WoO right before the season or even after Florida of making the decision of going full-time WoO. Can;t blame guys for going after their dream and trying to be the best or run with the best in sprint car racing.

    I mean right now you could have guys like Greg Wilson, Sheldon, and Kraig Kinser running with the all-stars right now ... all of them would probably being doing better than they are right now with the WoO's ... not trying to downplay what they are doing, but they want to be full-time sprint car drivers living the dream and to this point Sheldon has done a lot better than I thought he would on the tour.

    Funny how people complained just a few years ago about the number of cars that followed the series and now people are complaining about 20 cars following the series and not being "names".

    Originally posted by Mitch15 View Post

    In my opinion they have too many races scheduled and do a little too much traveling. They'd probably pick up a few more teams if they dropped the Florida races and backed the schedule down to about 45 races. They really need to get back to having a series that you can run all the races and still have a full time job.
    To many races? They run 48 races which include a couple of TBA races -- minus the Florida races which I don't really count since only half of the teams went to those events. I agree with you if they cut those dates they likely get a couple more cars such as Lee Jacobs.

    When was the All-Stars about being a local series or being a series for the "full-time" job crew? It has become more of that more recently than in the past (IMO). Guys like Fred Liner, Frankie Kerr, Rick Ferkel, Bobby Allen, Kenny Jacobs, Chad Kemenah, Dale Blaney, Greg Wilson, etc... aren't really full-time workers of a normal job.

    As for traveling ... you go where the tracks want you, where you think you can make money, and where you know you can get drivers to support your series. I believe they are doing it the right way especially when they leave the Ohio base. When they go to PA they set it up for a 3-day weekend of not far traveling between the race events so the teams, drivers, owners can make money with the tow money deal, they can compete for at least 3 shows worth $5,000 to win.

    Originally posted by racemak View Post
    I think Mitch is absolutely right. Mr. Stewart is trying to turn the All Stars into a WoO junior. WoO tried it with the Gumout series. I think that lasted for two seasons then folded.
    The Gumout series was trying to get teams to compete on a smaller scale than the WoO who didn't want to race against guys like Sammy, Steve and Mark Kinser, and Lasoki. Think they could have been successful of they tied in with the All-Stars at that time, but didn't. It boiled down to money when Pennzoil and Gumout left the series so did the money and the reasoning for two series. I actually liked the Gumout series because it gave teams a chance to do some traveling, but not have to do the west coast swings that happen a couple times a year with the WoO's. Also you could move up from a series liek the All-Stars and hit some bigger events, bigger races, and still compete against some of the WoO guys once in awhile, but still make your mark away from them as well. They also got a couple of good teams/drivers out of that series such as Daryn Pittman, Kraig Kinser, Jason Sides, and Shane Stewart.

    I think your dislike for Stewart or the All-Stars have you giving not so bias comments. Farmer is trying to turn the FAST series into a mini all-stars by traveling more than ever before and not paying anything more to the teams, drivers, or owners by forcing them to go to more events along with not increasing the points fund or the events pay window.

    Originally posted by am0ti View Post

    You are absolutely right. The amount of travel this year is ridiculous. At the meeting, during the PRI show, it was brought up about the traveling, and half the crews had jobs and what not. They actually asked the guys if they wanted to run Ohio Speedweek, end on Saturday, have the next 4 days off, then co-sanction with PA speedweek starting the following Friday. How does that make any sense. Take a week off work, come back for 4 days, then take another week off! Hell, one driver had the nerve to say " if you have to work, then maybe you shouldn't be an All Star".
    Well you can probably blame some of the extra travel on the local Ohio tracks for not taking on more of the All-Star events. They have had roughly 50 races for a very long time plus or minus 5 races either way going back in the late 80's.

    1983 ... 52 races.
    1985 ... 47 races.
    1987 ... 59 races.
    1990 ... 58 races.
    1991 ... 61 races/13 states.
    1995 ... 81 events.
    1997 ... 67 races.
    2001 ... 46 races.

    If you want to be part of a series your going to have to travel ... that is the bottom line. I don't believe the All-Stars have ever been a local racers series or said from day one the series was for the working man that has a full-time job. If you don't want to travel join the FAST series, but again they are traveling more and more each year as well and paying half of what the All-Stars are paying per event and not much of a point fund either.

    I believe they aren't traveling more today than they did in the past ... when they do travel they are racing usually 3 times a weekend and those events are fairly close together too. Not like back in the day of traveling through the plains type of tour.


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      Looking back we all thought Tj Michaels would of had a little bit better points season then he did. On to 2018.


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        For the 4 of us who picked a full top 10 I compiled the following statistics based on the actual finish versus our picks. THIS IS ALL BASED ON OUR PROJECTIONS, not trying to offend anyone and this is objective based on our predictions.
        Biggest disappointment: Ryan Linder. Between the 4 of us, 3 picked him to finish 7th and I picked him 10th. Considering he dropped off after speedweek I think that speaks to itself of to who we all had hopes on that didn't perform.
        Biggest disappointment that didn't drop out: TJ Michael. Compared to our projections, all of us predicted he would finish higher. We picked him to finish an average two spots higher in 5th place.
        Biggest Surprise #1: Tyler Esh. Only one of us (OutlawDan) picked him to even finish in the top ten in points. He ended up 10th in points after missing the final 3 events of the season due to injury. I believe he was around 7th prior to his injury so kudos to him for proving us wrong.
        Biggest Surprise #2: Max Stambaugh. All but one of us picked Stambaugh to finish in the top 10. But nobody picked him to finish higher than 8th place in the standings. Max adapted to running 410s fulltime and the Ray Marshall Motorsports team fielded a quality car to finish 4th in the drivers points standings.
        Who did the best picking?: I'm not including drivers who dropped out in Kraig Kinser and Ryan Linder, after all we all picked them to be in the top 10 and approximately the same spots. Without further adie here's how we did. ("+" indicates you picked the correct driver)
        MudInMyBeer Beaner OutlawDan GTigers55
        + Ryan Smith (-1) + +
        Kraig Kinser (DO) Kraig Kinser (DO) Kraig Kinser (DO) +
        Ryan Smith (+1) Chad Kemenah (+2) Ryan Smith (+1) Kraig Kinser (DO)
        Caleb Armstrong (+1) + TJ Michael (-3) Caleb Armstrong (+1)
        TJ Michael (-2) Caleb Armstong (+2) + TJ Michael (-2)
        Caleb Helms (+1) TJ Michael (-1) Caleb Armstrong (+3) Caleb Helms (+1)
        Ryan Linder (DO) Ryan Linder (DO) Ryan Linder (DO) Brandon Spithaler (+1)
        Brandon Spithaler (+2) Brandon Spithaler (+2) Max Stambaugh (+4) +
        Brandon Matus (+1) Caleb Helms (+4) Tyler Esh (-1) Max Stambaugh (+5)
        Max Stambaugh (+6) Roger Campbell (-4) Brandon Spithaler (+4) Ryan Linder (DO)