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    The FAST series announced the 2017 FAST 410 competitors officially for this season. Duane Zablocki, Stuart Brubaker, Chris Andrews, Tyler Gunn, Trey Jacobs, Byron Reed, DJ Foos, Jody Keegan, Shawn Valenti, Brian Lay, Dan McCarron, Adam Kekich, and Lee Jacobs will be the 13 full time competitors this season. Most of the guys I expected to follow the FAST series although seeing Kekich surprised me. He signed up last year but only ran a couple events. If I recall correctly though he had a crash that set him back big time. Also was a bit surprised to see Lee Jacobs on there. Knew they were planning on running locally but didn't expect them to run FAST full time.

    Among the names I expected to potentially see that weren't there was Broc Martin, Travis Philo, and Jess Stiger. My guess would be Philo is gonna start traveling a bit more and gear up for moving up for next year potentially. There is no evidence for that but I think he could probably compete with the All Stars by next year if not this year. Note I would've included Jordan Ryan in this list but Ryan5R already stated he is running for points at Wayne County Speedway.

    Looks like it's shaping up to be a good points battle this season, the young guys are more experienced and certainly have a shot to knock Byron Reed off his pedestal.

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    Kekich went for wild ride at fremont and ended up stuck in the fence in turn 4 with his car all balled up.He really wasn't a surprise to me since he lives on the pa/ohio border and mercer doesn't pay much so those guys will run elsewhere just like the 4 allstars #51 garvin,#22 spithaler, and both matus #13 and #33. A few 305's have been migrating over also the last few years and I think #20 cody bova is running the fast 305 points this year also.


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      Philo followed the full tour with the All Stars 2 years ago. I gave him a lot of credit. He took some lumps that year but stuck it out. I won't rehash bad memories but he was one of the few Renegades who committed and actually stuck to the entire series. Last year and this year he decided not to follow points anywhere. There are enough big shows in Ohio with OSCS, FAST, All Stars, and WoO he can keep a pretty good schedule with hardly ever leaving the state. My guess is he prefers thst to traveling to PA multiple times plus as far as Wisconsin. Maybe he goal is to get back in the tour but to me that seems to be a good route and would think others would try that.

      Broc Martin missed last weekends FAST race, so maybe that was enough not to commit to the series. He ran the entire series last year I believe and did well. Maybe he's focusing in defending his Fremont Championship this year since he had to miss already.

      Lee Jacobs had to miss Florida because of his teaching job. I wonder if that made him choose FAST over All Stars. I'll be curious if there is an All Star show close competing with a normal paying fast show if he will stay committed to running fast or if he will be more like Philo.


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        This Saturday the allstars are paying 5k to win at WCS and the fast series is at Fremont so Lee Jacobs will have to drive past WCS to go to Fremont so I guess we'll find that out this weekend. And I think a lot of Ohio cars don't like the all-star rules of not competing at certain tracks without there approval. Last few years the majority of all stars were Ohio based teams and couldn't race Fremont at all plus other tracks shows that didn't fit with in the rules. Look at Friday night of spring nationals for instance. Those guys having to leave the car in the trailer rather then race I'm sure doesn't go well for them all to get a point fund at the end of the year. If your at the top in points sure its prolly ok but when your at the bottom of the top ten or worse you could make more hitting the show your not allowed by rule to race at. With a lot of the pa cars running the all stars makes it better for Ohio tracks and fans in my opinion. Ryan smith got to run Williams grove Friday night so those guys still can run locally where there from before coming to Ohio.


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          I mentioned the All Star rules dictating where and when guys run driving teams away on another post. If you have a well funded team you might as well run the outlaws and make $800 to start and tow money. I don't know what the All Star point money pays but Philo's possible schedule could be pretty attractive to a lot of teams. With Speedweek, Eldora, All Stars, and 4 weekly winged 410 tracks you can make good money in Ohio.

          The All Star teams could have ran at Williams Grove Friday also, but didn't. It's not like Ryan Smith is the only one allowed. Honestly I wish they would, they could use the laps on that track.

          As far as the FAST season. It looks like the Reed and Andrews show. There will be guys that make it interesting but my moneys on these two.
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            I'm not particularly a fan of the rule but even if they were allowed knowing that the a lot of the drivers/teams in the All Stars still have everyday jobs I wouldn't expect that many of the PA guys to have came on Friday anyways. I imagine the Ohio based teams would've been there. At least a good portion of them. You can certainly make good money running an Outlaw schedule in Ohio, and that very well be what Philo is planning on doing. It'll be a good year of racing in Ohio no matter where your at. This weekend alone there is the NRA/GLSS at Limaland, OVSCA at Legendary Hilltop (1st appearance at that track), All Stars at WCS, Fast 410 and 305s at Fremont, 305s at Attica, Nonwings at Waynesfield, and BOSS and OTSCS305s at Atomic. Gonna be a ton of sprint cars racing in Ohio this weekend. The only sanctioning body not running in Ohio is the OSCS, which I'm not really sure who is following that this year.


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              Think some fans are going a little overboard about the rule.

              People need to remember that a lot of these guys don't have a lot of spare pieces and wrecking a car in a non-all-star race could jeopardize them for the series especially this early in the season.

              As others mentioned some/most have real jobs and they are already taking a lot of time off for certain race weekends when they have to travel.

              Most teams will be running 50-75 races this year.

              You was probably getting 4-5 teams that would have raced Friday. Remember this as well if the all-stars all did run in Friday you might not if had all the guys in Friday run as well. 11 teams that ran Friday night didn't show up on Saturday.


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                Yeah that's very true. There was a lot of teams at Attica Friday I honestly don't believe I've seen before.


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                  Racers will always race where they can do the best and lose the least amount of money ( earnings minus expenses ), or in some cases make an occasional, modest profit . The number of events entered is often based on availability of cash ( operating capital ). Most race teams lose money, so the more one races, the greater the chances of losing more money. Over the decades I've known more teams who folded due to economics as opposed to losing interest. That's one of the reasons I started sponsoring numerous teams 27 years ago, and continue to do so. No teams, or no fans in the stands, equals no racing. I'm sure FAST, All Stars, USAC, etc, will have representative fields of cars this year. By this weekend , most or all of tracks will be in operation, so support local racing when your wallet permits ( hopefully a blend of sanctioned events and weekly shows ).