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    Sorry if this has been discussed before. There we a few cars I was wondering about so far this season we haven't seen to my knowledge.

    Is Baumgartner going to be fielding a car or cars this year? I know they have multiple drivers in a year but any ideas who will be in the 38?

    What about the 97 that had a few drivers last year notably Dean Jacobs. Any idea if we will see that again and who is driving?

    What about the 73 Chris Andrews drove last year? Will that be out?

    is Cap Henry going to be back in the 21? I assume that the start to his season in that car has just been delayed due to the BWW 82. I don't know how long he will be in that ride or if it was for a weekend.

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    Cap Henry had stated that he is running local stuff in the Coomer 21 but I imagine that'll be delayed until the BWW ride expires. Also, Broc Martin will be driving the Seeling 97 this year, starting this Saturday at Fremont. I have no clue about the Baumgartner 38 or the Armbruster 73.


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      I just read on Twitter Broc Martin said he'd be in the 97. I don't think it's uncommon that Baumgartner hasn't been out yet. They seem to show up later in the season to various races and you never know who might be in it.


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        What is the plan for the 9x?


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          I believe T-Mez is running it Fridays at Attica. Maybe more. I know he was in it for the Entire Spring Nationals. On another note, I'd like to point out the Pete Grove 70 ended up staying in the garage after he paid to run the All Stars without a driver.


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            I didn't know the deal with T-Mez went beyond the Spring Nationals. I suppose he will be doing the USAC doubleheader this weekend.


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              T-Mez posted he was running Attica Fridays this year. He posted for this weekend Boss wants him to run Fremont over Wayne County. I do not think he has a ride for any USAC races. On TJslidways there was an article awhile back about him fielding his own team with help from someone. However, it said it probably wasn't a USAC caliber team. I'm only speculating but my guess would be he runs the 9X as much as possible and pop in with the nonwing when he can.


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                Great information, GoneSprintin. I'll look for T-Mez and the 9x at the Fremont opener on Saturday.


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                  Just curious since Cap is back and it's not in the Coomer 21. Does anyone one know the status of that car? What about the Bumgartner 38? They ran 360 and 410 at a lot of races with a lot of drivers last year. Surprised it hasn't been out.