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    I'm considering hitting a new track and I was wondering about Limaland. I have heard both good and bad but would like to hear some details. Is this a good track or is track prep iffy? Is seating limited or do they have plenty of seating available? What about parking? Can you carry a cooler in or do you have to purchase everything from the concession stand? Do their shows start on time and run a timely schedule or are they always late and behind schedule? Is there a racing curfew at Limeland?

    Thanks for any and all information you can provide. I will return the favor down the road if I can.

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    Great facility and I don't think you will be disappointed with the BOSS nonwingers being there. Probably be close to 40 cars in the house. Track can get a bit dusty depending on wind direction. Lima historically runs a tight show not dragging things out. Not 100% sure on the curfew but I would be they have one as close as it sits to the community. Enjoy the show at a great bullring.


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      No curfew. No glass. Lotsa seating & parking. If they run sprints 1st & you don't want to stay for anything else that's when I strongly advise you to leave because it bottle necks together as you come out to the road. Pits & general parking

      Mudpacker if you do come I want you to visualize as your coming in that between the Y was where the old pond used to be & that was outside what was turns 1 & 2. the right side is general parking & the pits is to the left, they also have some parking over there right before getting to the pitgate.


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        If rain in forecast be cautious if long drive and rain checks used to be good on select events only


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          Originally posted by Jim11h View Post
          If rain in forecast be cautious if long drive and rain checks used to be good on select events only
          That is a understatement there ... usually they cancel days ahead of time if rain is likely ... hahaha.

          As for the track a very nice facility and a good place to watch races.

          Like others have said watch the wind direction and where to sit at because it usually gets a little dusty (like most higher banked tracks) with bleachers closer to the track.

          Can't really remember the last time I was there on a "normal" night because usually I am at Attica or some place else ... it has been awhile because usually the only times I have been there in quite awhile has been for the All-Star speedweek shows or the Brad Doty WoO race when it was there.


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            I haven't seen non-wangs there since 2004 so I am looking forward to Friday. The weather is looking good too.