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John Ivy DQ'd at Limaland

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  • John Ivy DQ'd at Limaland

    Jordan Ryan was declared the winner after John Ivy was DQ'd for failing to pass tech. I believe Rich Farmer said on twitter that they teched 9 cars and 7 of the 9 passed. I don't have any knowledge of who the second car that didn't pass was. Odd timing as someone just said on hoseheads that the Fremont/Attica area 305s are never teched earlier this week.

    EDIT: Liskai's article says they teched 8 and 7 passed. Probably a typo in Rich's tweet that I originally sourced.
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    Matt Foos was the other DQ. They had pre race tech as well as post race. He failed pre race. There will be teching at FAST 305 travel races. They teched at the Sandusky County Fair race in 2016 and will tech again at the 2017 renewal, based on what I was told. The 2017 Sandusky County Fair 305 race will be Tuesday, August 22, paying at least $ 1200 to win and $ 175 to start. Last year's event ended up paying $ 2000 to win, thanks to businesses and individuals who added to the payoff during the evening. As for teching, better late than never. Now, let's RACE !


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      So in another word ... if your illegal stay at home for the travel races, but your welcomed at the normal shows at Attica/Fremont?

      Really think this has been way overdue and hope that Fremont and Attica starting doing this as well on a regular basis.

      I guess we will see and how this my effect car counts and who stays home and who comes for a division that has becoming the larger car count on normal race nights.

      Not saying Weaver needs to be tested or is cheating, but he has been dominating the 305's and betting a lot of teams welcome the testing knowing teams are on the same level playing field.


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        last interview i read after weaver won he begged to be teched. theres been rumor around on ivy this seasonso maybe they're true after limaland post race DQ


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          It should be noted that after the 77 was dq'd farmer teched the 11x and it passed.


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            Duly noted that the 11X passed inspection. I think they don't tech at weekly shows because they can't find a person to perform the task. Who would want to be disliked and / or accused of improprieties while performing the job for a few dolllars pay ? I agree that whether it is open comp or FAST, it would be approrpriate to tech half or more of the nights. I have no clue as to how many cars are non compliant, but I hope there are not many or else we will create a new problem, which would be fewer cars. That class is down about 5-6 cars per night already so far this season. Perhaps if the tracks or the series can find a person and periodically tech, it would, over time, eliminate the compliance problem. I wonder too what those 2 cars will do by the next weekend of racing.