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305 class rules.....time to update the wing slider rules!!!!!!!!!!???????????

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  • 305 class rules.....time to update the wing slider rules!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    Do you think it's about time to run wing sliders on the 305's, the cars are nothing more than a 410 car but the only diff. is a ridiculous MANUAL wing slider...................
    The old days are gone when the rules were made and only had manual have to pay more for a manual wing 305 slider then and hydraulic slider ???????makes NO since...lets get up to speed! NO cost savings at all!

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    Makes the setup more interesting. Leave it alone


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      Couple things: 1. Are you really looking at the right thing?

      2. A wing slider can get a car into more trouble than it will help. The 305 class was designed as an entry level division for guys to learn. Having their hands off the wheel to move a wing is not a step you should be " learning " the moment you get into the car.

      59.99 per unit.

      154.00 per unit..

      99.00 per unit for the hose


      10.00 heim

      10.00 fittings

      $520.99 for a wing slider. Not sure if you seen a manual one for that price but if you did; I am guessing it's a bit over priced!

      So you could buy 9 wing sliders for 1 complete wing slider for the 410's. I believe that's saving money!

      Hopefully this helps MAKE sense of the rules applied by local tracks!


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        Anything which helps drive up the cost of racing is a negative for a sport which constantly struggles to acquire new teams, and to keep the ones we already have. The only exception would be safety related items. The 305's ( Econo Sprints as they were called in 1988, the year of introduction ) were indeed intended to be an entry level class for those aspiring to race open wheel cars. Now we have teams using new or newer chassis, power steering, nose wings, etc. If the traditional manufacturers start over charging for certain items that are not highly sophisticated, then there are plenty of local and area fabricators who can make many parts and pieces. 12-15 years ago Jim Ford held a special event annually for 305 " Econos " which drew 45-50 cars on Labor Day weekend. A large field today would be 35-37, a number which we have yet to achieve this season. Thanks to the previous poster re: wing sliders.