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Thank You Fremont!

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  • Thank You Fremont!

    Great night of racing. The racing started right on time. Nice they just kept pushing the show along and had the 410 A done by 9:15 pm. Other tracks would have taken an intermission to try to sell more hot dogs. Nice to live 2 hours away and be home in bed by midnight. That keeps fans coming back.

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    Agreed. I left after the 3rd Main ( 305's ) and pulled into my driveway near the Ohio - Michigan border at 10.45 PM. That was after having seen 15 events, including 3 of the 4 Mains.


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      I went to Rt.44 Speedway for the Boss show ( No dig whatsoever against Boss ).They did not start the show until 8:55 & then it was a make up feature for compacts. Never did hear for sure but I think Boss wouldn't go out for hot laps because the Ambulance hadn't arrived & I sure don't blame them for that either. I guess some tracks just don't really give 2 sh1ts about people travelling to see a show.


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        On behalf of BOSS, I'd like to apologize to all the fans for the late night last night. First off, a little mix up occurred when we brought the great Lawrenceburg Safety Crew with us. Route 44 thought that meant we had a transport capable ambulance. So we lost 30 minutes waiting on a squad. BOSS had 4 heats and 2 B Mains. With no other class having a B, we had to allow another class to run their main event first to give our B Main transfers a few moment to regroup.

        We allowed the wrong class to run ahead of us. The modifieds were scheduled to run 20 laps. It took them 54 minutes to complete 11 laps and it was checkered at that point.

        Yes, the sprint feature pushed off at midnight - our latest show in our 7 year history. However, we hope that 35 cars on the bullring at Liberty helped make up for the late hour. No place else in the Midwest could you find that many prelims and that many sprint cars laying it on the line.

        A big thank you to the all new staff at Route 44 Speedway who is getting better with every event and a HUGE thank you to the fans who supported us last night. We vow to make sure it's a more timely show next year.

        Aaron Fry

        This was on IOW but it still doesn't account for an hour.


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          I'd went to Portsmouth last night and enjoyed the racing as the sprints were great. But man what is it with modifieds and sport mods not being able to make a lap? Firstly, portsmouth started races a little over an hour after the posted time (due to high car count and large amount of hot laps/cautions from mods/sport mods). The racing was fantastic but the first feature didn't checker until 12:15. Got so spoiled with Attica, Fremont and WCS. Can't wait til I'm living closer again once I'm out of school. Been to enough tracks now that I can say those 3 are by far the best at running a show in a decent amount of time, especially ARP.


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            Nice night at Fremont and the track was pretty good for feature time!