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70 410 Sprints Raced Ohio on 7/29

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  • 70 410 Sprints Raced Ohio on 7/29

    Between 3 shows last Saturday, a total of 70 Sprints attempted a 410 show between the FAST Fremont show, OSCS Wayne County race, and lastly the return of winged sprints at Portsmouth with the OVSCA. The shows brought 22, 23, and 25 cars respectively. I think this really helps show how healthy Ohio is on car counts. Between 3 Ohio regional series pulling in that many cars each is very solid. I know we've had high counts with All Stars in past but I just thought it's worth mentioning how many locals we have running. Glad to see so many guys get out and have a chance to race!

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    Seems like the track prep between Attica, Fremont, Wayne County, and Atomic has been pretty solid all year too. Saves a lot of money on equipment and is probably more important than the payout in the long run


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      Thanks for the car count on the 7/29 date. That is a pretty impressive stat.