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    If you didn't see Drew Rader track down Darland Saturday night you missed a dandy & it seemed a very popular win for the young man.

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    A very entertaining evening of racing. The feature was about as unpredictable as you can get. Other than Darland running away and hiding, three top contenders get tangled up and are relegated to the rear of the field. Just when you thought it was over, young Mr. Rader chased down and nipped Darland at the line. That was the race of the year so far for us. BOSS in my opinion is a great series. I have seen a number of their events and they are always well run, competitive and produce larger than normal car counts.

    Aaron is doing a great job with BOSS and I hope he continues to work hard to produce more races like Waynesfield and the Jack Hewitt Classic. I hear people suggest that they do more races or try to promote other types of race cars. In my opinion, BOSS is a great series just the way it is. They don't need to try and promote more races than they currently do. They also don't need to try anything else either. Just continue to do a great job of promoting traditional sprint cars with the outlaw concept. Open tire rule, little other rules and offer numerous cash and contingency awards to help the travelers receive the rewards they deserve.

    If you didn't enjoy the feature at the Field, you probably won't be happy any place. Something about Waynesfield that just brings out good racing. I was sorry to hear that Jack wouldn't be there and I hope all is well with him. He is such a great ambassador of open wheel racing.


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      I agree & sorry I missed ya at the Field. Well except for they need to have at least 1 more show at Limaland.

      Don't forget that the fella that caused Cottle & Swanson to stop almost got Darland there with 2 or 3 to go down in between 1 & 2.

      If they did promote other cars would It be considered BOSS LIGHT. LOL.