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    Mansfield Raceway reopening is a very good thing for this fan.I have attended races all across this country for over 45 years.I am now retired and have slowed down quite abit from the racing scene.Mansfield is 35 miles from home so this really handy for me.I have read on this board all the good and also all the bad opions about this track.Management has hopefully learned about what needs to happen here to continue on their road to success.This week end sounds like a good show for fans and drivers.When I hear people comment about drivers not supporting this event ,it confuses me.$15,000 to win a race is pretty damn good,I have not seen the complete payout ,but it used to be the thought pattern was to go to win the race.Now fans it is your turn to support this track.Let management know how you feel both good and bad.I have read on this board about how this track does not advertise ,as a side note last Saturday at Waynesfield it was announced on the over the p.a system that Mansfield had a $15,000 to win show this week end.This is progress people,keep these comments coming and hopefully the promoter pays attention.I will be at Mansfield this week end .

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    Can't wait to be there this Friday! There has been good attendance at most all of the races they've put on. Did you see the $100k to win race they're putting on next year for sprints?


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      Can't wait until Friday and Saturday night. Grew up at this track in the late 70's and early 80's and I am soooooo happy Cody is taking it to the next level. I still frequent Attica and Wayne County but it sure is nice to have what in time could be one of the premier dirt tracks right in my back yard.