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    What exactly is it. It looks like they have multiple events on the same dates and that nobody really even follows the series besides Jon Henry. I was thinking maybe it was just a branding of the Midwest region for UMP late models but it spans both the Midwest and East regions. Did people used to actually follow the series? It just doesn't seem like much of anyone runs for it by looking at point standings. Hell I'd be willing to say more drivers follow the Attica/Oakshade and Attica/WCS mini-series.

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    It is definitely a dying series. When the ALMS was started it was a pretty good series. They used to schedule shows at a lot of Ohio, Indiana and Michigan tracks.


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      yea I have no clue about it either. should be some invaders coming in Friday since lernerville moved the working man 50 to Saturday this year. chub frank was there last week and id be assuming it was a test and tune for this Friday.


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        ALMS i dying deal. It started out as local/regional deal and then UMP got "smart" and created the west vs east ALMS once NALMS folded or was joined into it. Originally it was tgood then it was the oakshade series as not many LMs followed since wasnt many LMs from area except oakshade running weekly either. as time evolved the series tried an east west deal which seems to have fallen apart. now im'm not certain of their objective. I can tell you it isnt what it once was and theres a show in illinois paying 5k to win. way i read its same night as attica so you wnt see the illinois boys showing either.. i still think youll get good cars adn count for LMs at attica but not what you might have gotten


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          chub was on way to another track i think in wisconsin then a show in michigan at merritt so he was passing thru, no testing to my best guess


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            Should be a good weekend for the ALMS in this area (weather permitting) ... having three shows this weekend with Attica, Oakshade, and Eldora.

            Obviously Eldora will be a tune-up for a lot of late models getting ready for the World 100 the following weekend. The Lucas Oil series has two big races at Portsmouth and a race in WV ... the WoOLM have races in Lernerville and Selinsgrove so that will keep those guys away from running Eldora. Both series has races on Saturday/Sunday, but nothing on Friday which is a little strange.


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              I can say though that with Attica being a UMP class I hope this event becomes a WoO Late Model event next year. I'm more of sprint car fan than late models but I can still remember one of my first races at Attica was the Bloomquist Lucas Oil win at Attica. Also remember the race when Rocky Owen was able to "upset" Drown when I was there. Reason I say that is I had never seen Drown lose a race to that point beside the Lucas Oil show. Wish Rocky still had an engine always enjoyed watching him race. Was right up there with Drown, Markham, Irey, Scott, Bores most nights I saw him race. I actually saw pictures where he still has the car and everything just nothing to make it move.