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Great show waynesfield

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  • Great show waynesfield

    3 and 4 wide in all 3 features great show hope this continues next year...was great to see a packed house !!!!

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    Incredible racing as usual, the track just gets better as the night goes on. I could've done without the extended tractor races but it was understandable with how wicked some of those rough spots were. That was Horstmans race and was fixing to be an instant classic but it wasn't to be. I just wish I could go to an NRA race without Hannagan starting on the front row. lol


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      I agree, great show. The only complaint I have is they mis-judged the amount of concessions needed as they were out of burgers at 7:00 pm and closed the stand down early as ran out of everything I assume. I understand it is the last race of the year and you don't want inventory but think the mis-judged what they needed and left a lot of profit slip out the door! Racing was great and even the tractor show was not that long and I think improved the track for the features. I would like to see them have this event in July (around July 4) and September (labor day) in the future on the Sunday evenings.