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  • Compiled a list of track champions from around the state this year. Each and every track should be represented here in this list if I did it correctly. A few tracks, namely Mansfield and Muskingum county do not crown any track champions as they are special event only facilities. I’m unsure as to if Midway Speedway is going to crown champions or not.

    Quite a few tracks who ran partial seasons are also not included. Deerfield Speedway, Jackson County Speedway, Legendary Hilltop Speedway, and 250 Speedway are a few of those who were unable to finish the season.

    This list will be updated as the tracks’ championships are claimed. I’ll bump the thread when this is done.

    Its listed with the northwest Ohio tracks first, northeast tracks second, and southern Ohio tracks last.

    Track Champions

    Attica Raceway Park

    •410 Sprints - Stuart Brubaker

    •Late Models - Ryan Markham

    •305 Sprints - Paul Weaver

    Fremont Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Craig Mintz

    •305 Sprints - John Ivy

    •Limited Late Models - Dustin Keegan

    •Dirt Trucks - Keith Sorg

    Oakshade Raceway

    •Late Models - Devin Shiels

    •Sportsman - Matthew Chapman

    •Bombers - Jeff Foks Jr.

    •Compacts - Joe Elliot

    Limaland Motorsports Park

    •Modifieds - Ryan Sutter

    •Thunderstocks - Daniel Sanchez

    Waynesfield Raceway Park

    •Non Wing Sprints - Dallas Hewitt

    •Modifieds - Brent Hole

    •Mini Sprints - Brad Strunk

    •Tough Trucks - Chris Hicks

    •Compacts - Robbie Tuttle

    Eldora Speedway

    •Late Models - Devin Gilpin

    •Modifieds - Jonathan Taylor

    •Stocks - Gary Rahe Jr.

    Wayne County Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Jordan Ryan

    •Late Models - Ryan Markham

    •Super Stocks - Bob Daugherty

    •Mini Stocks - Jordan James

    Hilltop Speedway

    •Late Models - JR Gentry

    •Modifieds - Jimmy Smith

    •Street Stocks - Kevin Potts

    •Modlites - Jimmy Smith

    •Mini Stocks - Wes Staley

    •Trucks - Rolly Heyder

    Sharon Speedway

    •Econo Mods - Jacob Eucker

    •Sportsman Mods - Garrett Krummert

    •Stock Cars - Christopher McGuire

    Raceway 7

    •Crate Late Models - Darrell Bossard

    •E-Mods - Troy Johnson

    •Street Stocks - Paul Schreckengost

    •Econo Mods - Eric Reinwald

    •Mini Stocks - Dillon Speer

    Portsmouth Raceway Park

    •Late Models - Eddie Carrier Jr

    •Modifieds - Anthony Slusher

    •Limited Late Models - Matt Melvin

    •Sport Mods - Luke Jordan

    Atomic Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Danny Smith

    •Late Models - Mark Frazier

    •Modifieds - Brian Whiteman

    •Sport Mods - Bob Crace

    •305 Sprints - Justin Clark

    •Compacts - Darrell Newman

    Brushcreek Motorsports Complex

    •Modifieds - Dave Jamison

    •Sport Mods - Caleb Ratliff

    •Enduros - Kendall Purdy

    Moler Raceway Park

    •Late Models - Robbie Hensley

    •Modifieds - Jimmy Lennex Jr

    •Sport Mods - Matt Watson

    •Crazy Compacts - Brandon Stephens

    35 Raceway Park

    •Modifieds - Billy Hall

    •Modlites - Dylan Rittenhouse

    •Sport Mods - Nick Snell

    •V8 Sportsman - Eric Kinney II

    •4 cyl Stocks - Eric McIntyre

    •Crazy Compacts - Tim Bowles

    •Hobby Stocks - Tim Howard
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    2019 Race Counter: 27
    Attica (10), Fremont (6), Wayne Co. (2), Waynesfield (2), Butler (2), Gas City (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Mansfield (1), Eldora (1)


    • Originally posted by GTigers55 View Post
      Did anywhere locally get show in? Saw a lot a talk about Butler likely being the only one to sneak it in.
      Oakshade maybe?


      • Oakshade did get there show in last night. They didn't get a lot of cars though because of the threatening weather.


        • Butler got the show in. They had 20 sprints. Max Stambaugh won the dash and the feature. They paid 300 for the dash and every lap of the feature they paid which I believe he led it all. Decent pay day for him. Ruhl finished 2nd. He got pressure on him but never could make a move.

          Max was in the Home Pro 51 out of Michigan. Their driver just "retired". Max had a Home Pro racing suit so might be permanent.

          They had 33 ump mods. Jamie Lomax out of Indiana was the class of the field. Bobby Stremme was there with a couple other big outsiders.


          • Weekend Outlook

            -The big headliner of the weekend is the season ending two day show at Fremont... The Jim Ford Classic! Friday kicks off action with the FAST 410 series championship race which Craig Mintz currently leads by a large margin. The $3k to win and $400 to start show on Friday for the 410s is co-sanctioned by BOSS and FAST. Friday also features the 305 Sprints and Limited Late Models. The 305 race will feature an increased purse at $1k to win. Saturday, the BOSS sanctioned Jim Ford Classic will pay $10k to win and $500 to start. The top 10 finishers will take home at least $1000 dollars as well in the 410 feature. Both nights, all non qualifiers for the 410 feature will receive $200 for tow money. The FAST 305 season championship wraps up this Saturday as well, and currently is lead by Jamie Miller heading into the final night. The final support class, is the Burmeister Trophy Dirt Trucks paying an astounding $1000 to win! General admission is $15 on Friday night and $20 on Saturday night. Oh yeah, and Jac Haudenschild is confirmed to be competing at Fremont this weekend.

            -Hilltop Speedway has it's 10th Annual Weekend on the Hill finale this Friday and Saturday. Friday features a Steel Block Late Model invitational as the headliner, with Dwarfs and Wedges running a complete show that night as well. Compacts and Trucks will run their heats on Friday night as well. The Steel Block Late Model will pay $1000 to win as well. Saturday Hilltop runs a $3k to win Late Model show, with $1200 to win Modifieds, $800 to win for the Modlites, and $600 to win for Street Stocks all running a complete show. The Mini Stocks and Trucks will run their features as well on Saturday paying $800 and $500 to win respectively. General Admission is $12 Friday night and $15 on Saturday Night.

            -Oakshade Raceway hosts it's season championship Saturday the 15th headlined by the UMP Late Models. Devin Shiels leads Ryan Missler by 110 points and tries to lock up his second straight Oakshade track championship. Steve Kester is also still in the hunt in 3rd 122 points back. Former late model driver Matthew Chapman currently leads by 6 points in his #00 car for the UMP Sportsman championship.

            -Raceway 7 brings in the Super Late Models for their season finale, paying $5000 to win the show which is a rather impressive purse for the lone appearance this year. The Late Models will be running Eriez Speedway rules. The E-Mods headline the support classes and will pay $2000 to win. Economods and mini stocks round out the competition for the event, on Raceway 7's final night of the year.

            Weekend Plans
            -Friday is a no go for me as I unfortunately have to fill in on second shift that night. However, I'm excited to get back to Fremont for the third time this year for the Jim Ford Classic. If mother nature decides not to play nice I'll have to look at some contigency plans, such as Butler who has a 2 day show this weekend as well featuring Mods, Stocks, and compacts.
            • September 14th
              • Fremont Speedway – FAST/BOSSWinged 410 Sprints, 305 Sprints, Crate Late Models
              • Hilltop Speedway – Steel Block Late Models, Dwarf Cars, Wedges (Full show), Compact, Trucks (Heats)
              • Skyline Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods Compacts
            • September 15th
              • Atomic Speedway – 410 Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds
              • Fremont Speedway – BOSSWinged 410 Sprints, FAST 305 Sprints, Trucks
              • Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites (Full Show) Compacts, Trucks (Features)
              • Mansfield Motor Speedway – Demo Derby
              • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models, Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
              • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Modifieds
              • Raceway 7 – Late Models, E-Modifieds, Econo Modifieds, Compacts
              • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro

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            2019 Race Counter: 27
            Attica (10), Fremont (6), Wayne Co. (2), Waynesfield (2), Butler (2), Gas City (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Mansfield (1), Eldora (1)


            • GT...Thanks

              Also I believe the Mansfield event was cancelled.

              I may try to take in a race at Hilltop depending on work.


              • Thanks as always, GT. I'm going to the Jim Ford on Friday. Gotta choose between Oakshade and Fremont on Saturday. Unless Ryan Missler goes to the WCS blowout, its the last chance to see the 50y car until next March. Its a tough choice. Maybe the weather will make the call for me. This season has been the year of the rain-out. It sure has gone by fast, probably because I'm old. Notice the patch jackets in the avatar. They are too small. I'd be easy to spot at the track if I could wear one.


                • Yes GT I have appreciated these weekend outlooks very much. Great to look at a glance to see what race is where. If Im working in an area I check to see what is in that area.
                  Most of the time Im not near the tracks when they are running such as Attica, Fremont.

                  Driving convenience keeps me near Mansfield, Hilltop and WCS. Mansfield and Wayne County both being right off SR 30 makescit so easy to get there. Though Im a supporter of WCS for the quality shows there and that is my main track along with Mansfield. I have gone to the Mansfield shows over WCS to support the big shows there as we want to keep Cody promoting this track and not leave it sit empty. I do support WCS every chance I get.

                  This weekend will try to support Hilltop for their 2 day show. I have never attended the Weekend on the Hill race so that will be a first. Hear this is usually a good show with high car counts. With the improvement they have made on the track surface looking forward to it.
                  I have not been to this track much over the past years but the show I attended earlier it was much improved.
                  The factor will be Hurricane Florence and if work schedule changes. Have to respect the work schedule above racing which at times makes me miss some good shows.

                  If I was more in the Attica and Fremont area that is what I would be attending.

                  We all seem to support our local tracks and try not to be too negative about the other tracks. I feel when we do critque them, we are hoping someone connected to the track will take notice and try to improve that area.

                  So I do believe our not positive remarks stand to be corrected here or if highly accurrate shared with the tracks to improve.

                  Like we have brought up dust and rocks at several tracks and I believe these will be addressed.
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                  • Jim Ford Classic Fremont 9/15

                    Racing was fantastic tonight. Some of the well known outsiders that showed up included eventual winner Tim Shaffer, Buddy Kofoid, Jac Haudenschild, Dale Blaney, and Cole Duncan. 39 410’s (highest of year) 32 305’s and 22 Dirt Trucks signed in for action. Qualifying saw Kelsey Ivy take a scary tumble in turns 3 & 4 after catching a nasty rut at the entrance of turn 3. Buddy Kofoid would go QuickTime on the night in only his second appearance at Fremont Speedway.

                    Took a bit of time out to rework turn 3 and announce Rich Farmer’s induction into the Hall of Fame and to honor him for his services to the track and community. Racing action started up at 8 PM but never seemed like they were running behind, program was ran very smoothly IMO.

                    Dirt Truck feature saw that dreaded rut come back to haunt Shawn Valenti as he jumped it leading into 3&4 for the final time and Jamie Miller would send a tenacious slider and a bumping and banging drag race to the line saw Valenti come out on top. The win moved Valenti into 8th on the tracks all time win list. Cannot day enough about how much I enjoy this division at Fremont. Probably is my favorite support division to watch out of all the tracks I have been too.

                    305 feature saw Jamie Miller pound the cushion for 25 Laps to pretty much go uncontested for the win. He claimed the FAST 305 championship as well.

                    410 feature was a great battle between young Buddy Kofoid and veteran Tim Shaffer. Buddy led early on for about 17 Laps. Cautions marred the feature to start leading to an open red for fuel on lap 18. Blaney and Haudenschild has a good battle going at one point during the race as well. Cap Henry finished the highest of the FAST area drivers. Mintz charged from deep in the field to I believe inside the top 10. Cole Duncan got by Kofoid late to get second and Shaffer claimed another Jim Ford Classic.

                    All in all, great field of cars and looked like a good crowd came out for the finale. Interested to say what will take shape in the new era of the track that action built.
                    2019 Race Counter: 27
                    Attica (10), Fremont (6), Wayne Co. (2), Waynesfield (2), Butler (2), Gas City (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Mansfield (1), Eldora (1)


                    • Hilltop for the weekend.
                      The race track surface was really improved.
                      They had a steel block late model feature and this was a good race. I saw some names racing in it that I had not heard in late models for several years. It seemed like a strong class.
                      Unfortunately track seemed very unorganized on Friday show as the push trucks seemed to sit there and only one seemed to do any work.
                      Seemed to take forever lining cars up on track.
                      Fridays crowd was decent.
                      Just for some classes they ran heats only to do features on Sat. Some classes only ran 5 cars but they seemed to take forever.
                      Saturday was a large crowd. I think they ran too many divisions as it was close to 1am when racing over.
                      Again push truck issue and maybe wrecker issue.
                      Only 2 cornermen which they would have benefited from having additional.
                      Seems like the back stretch needed another caution light as cars were slow to respond.
                      Oddly the concession stand shut down before features which meant about 3 or 4 hours. Someone said they still had food but person running it just wanted to close. Not sure what kind of setup that is. That would seem like a big money loss there as that is a good income for tracks.
                      Luckily fast food and pizza is under 10 minutes away as I saw people getting McDonalds and such. Im sure pizza delivery would happen.
                      The races were faster on being lined up and such but so many yellows. Just too many divisions.
                      The late model feature was disappointing. I found the steel block to be much more entertaining and competitive.
                      Lates timed and Conley seems to know where to set his time as they take 6 fast and invert for dash and run it for feature start. I saw 5 races there this year and he seemed to start pole of dash every race then getting pole or front row for feature. He lapped several cars and there was no competition for him. This race would have pulled more interest if they had done a pill draw for heats and took top finishers for dash. The race took close to an hour to run 30 laps. Street stocks had a much more competive race.
                      The mini stocks had a full field which I thought would be a really good race but they had some issues and then the leader blackflagged. Then race started.
                      They would have some good races here if they dropped some classes and got their staff working together. Seemed like too much of a free for all in workers just not knowing what was happening. Reminded me of Mansfield the first year in unsanctioned events.
                      I dont like to run track down as it has been rained out a lot and they made huge improvement of track prep. They need to study Attica and Wayne county on how staff work to make an efficient show. People around me said oh this is normal on not running show quickly or with any order.
                      I can only hope they listen to someone or get more experienced workers who know how to run an efficient show.


                      • I was so close to going to hilltop but at the last moment possible I turned to go back to fremont Saturday. Went to the jim ford Friday since I already paid for a hotel room but a family member had the flu and it was best I drove 2.5 hours to bring them home Saturday morning. At 2:40pm I had the truck loaded ready to hit a race and when I got to I-77 I was thinking hilltop is only hour and 15min away but with so many other nearby tracks running latemodels and reasons racer70 stated I just trucked it back to fremont. Jim ford weekend is one of the best shows every year. Knowing they can pull in a allstar caliber field of 410s and not pay a sanctioning fee is quite impressive. The 305s and dirt trucks are so good there too and the fan experience being so close to the track makes it worth the extra travel time. Looking forward to 2019 schedule and hopefully some shows other the the jim ford gets me up there. 2 day shows, or anything that's going to bring in high car counts. see what the new regime has in mind. My money is there but they need to convince me to drive past wcs on occasion.


                        • Weekend Highlights
                          -It's Four Crown Weekend at Eldora Speedway featuring four divisions of open wheel cars with three different sanctioning bodies over two days. Friday features the world of outlaws sprint cars with their sixth appearance at Eldora on the year with the support class being the stock division getting some time to shine. Friday they will also run the USAC Silver Crown division preliminary action. Saturday is the big day with the ASCoC, USAC Non Wing Sprints, USAC Midgets, and USAC Silver Crown Feature. The Four Crown weekend features some of the best open wheel action you can see all year and all of the premier open wheel divisions, so this is one that you don't want to miss.

                          -Wayne County Speedway has their two day show the Ohio Dirt Blowout. Friday features the late models as the headliners, with Modifieds and the Super Stocks and mini stocks. Also headlining the show is a never ever won late model race. Saturday features the four regular divisions and the modifieds on tap with the OVSCA sprints paying $3k to win and $300 to start. The show is the OVSCA season finale with Dave Dickson having a narrow lead over Jason Dolick. Jordan Harble all but has the rookie title in his hands and still has an outside shot at the title coming back to his home track.

                          Weekend Plans
                          -I get to work a lot... Plenty of good show's to go watch local or big go out and support your local tracks while they're still open this year!
                          • September 21st
                            • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints, Stocks, USAC Silver Crown qualifiers
                            • Moler Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
                            • Wayne County Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts, Never Ever Won Late Model Race
                          • September 22nd
                            • Eldora Speedway – ASCoC Sprints, USAC Non Wing Sprints, USAC Midgets, USAC Silver Crown - 4 Crown
                            • Midway Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Steel Block LM’s
                            • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models, Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
                            • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Modifieds
                            • Skyline Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods Compacts
                            • Wayne County Speedway – OVSCA Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts – Dirt Blowout
                            • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro
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                          2019 Race Counter: 27
                          Attica (10), Fremont (6), Wayne Co. (2), Waynesfield (2), Butler (2), Gas City (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Mansfield (1), Eldora (1)


                          • I'm gonna pick whichever night looks better weather-wise for the 4-Crown.


                            • Atomic cancelled their show this weekend to prepare for woo double header next week.


                              • Portsmouth is not running from flooding from hurricane rains still. may open next weekend