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Atomic and Sharon 2018 Updates (and Mercer?)

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  • Atomic and Sharon 2018 Updates (and Mercer?)

    Well to say the least I believe Atomic has listened to the fans. McCown has decided to go back to having both late models and 410 sprint cars weekly. Glad to see that he decided to go back to a more normal format although kind of a bummer for the 305 guys as that cuts their races close to in half. Also to note in his release, no more than 4 classes per night. Here is an excerpt from their release on facebook
    "*********Our main weekly program will consist of 410 Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds and Sport Mods************
    37 nights of racing
    Here are the number of races per class:
    27 -410 Sprints
    26 -Late Model
    36 -OTP Industrial Solutions Modifieds
    30 -Sport Mods
    8 -305 Sprints
    12 -Crazy Compacts"

    In regards to Sharon Speedway, the people there announced a 12 race "super series" regarding 6 $3k to win 410 Sprint car shows and 6 $2k to win Big Block Modified races. In addition to this, they mentioned that there would be 3 all star races there this season. A total of at least 9 410 races per this release. However, on a negative note this seems to make the rumors that Mercer is closing seem more solidified which is sad to see, but hopefully between PPMS and Sharon you'll have a "weekly" program of sprints in the Western PA region.

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    So I wonder what happens to the OSCS then? Do they don't travel as much as last year since Atomic is racing weekly again with the 410's and since so many of the regular Atomic guys were part of the OSCS?

    As for Sharon ... think like a lot of tracks they have found out that 410 winged sprint car racing puts butts in the seats if they are willing to put up money for them they will usually get a good car count as well.

    Now how does Sharon running these shows effect tracks like Wayne County who run weekly 410/LM shows as well, if at all? Also with possibly more local events near the PA border effect teams that decided to go on the All-Star tour? Not saying these few shows will matter, but it is early for 2018 schedules so will be interesting to see how other tracks add/subtract certain dates.


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      Well with 37 weeks scheduled for racing and 26 races at Atomic I'm assuming either those weekends will be traveling OSCS shows. To be honest I think the OSCS didn't bring much this year. Danny Smith followed the whole tour and I believe Nate Reeser did as well. But other than that nobody really followed the whole thing as much this year with the increased amount of travel. Plus IMO they really need to keep them running down at Atomic because the Southern OH area just doesn't have much in the way of Sprints and it's the one Mecca so to speak. OVSCA run some of the other tracks but they don't really have anywhere to run weekly since Skyline became under new ownership. Hoping Southern OH or Jackson Co get sold and reopened over the offseason as well.


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        Sharon running 410s is risky. car count was low at the apple fest paying 3k to win even though it was a 2day format. mercer struggled with car count and lernerville on Fridays really isn't getting much more then 20 on average with no competition. sharons track isn't really thrilling for 410 racing imo even with the new dirt. the ascoc put on descent shows but them guys put on a show anywhere. no cooler policy will still turn fans away and the food there sucks. im guessing there still going to run 3 or 4 different modified divisions also so you can count on late nights. ill most likely pass and go to Deerfield or wcs on Saturday nights.
        Im guessing mercer wont be running weekly this year but Turkey Williams said at the drivers meeting at there last show of 2017 the current owner wont be opening it next year but also wont let it sit completely dormant. id look for a limited schedule of money making events like chiller thriller, big block vs small blocks, and little guy nationals.

        OSCS was stupid from the start imo. Everyone said we didn't care for another traveling series but a handful of drivers talked mccown into trying it. shot his self in the foot by seeing atomic fan numbers down and the series not really being exciting and getting a following which im sure was a loss all across the board. it will hurt wcs a little bit by #1 not having a cheap series to promote to there fans and bring in a handful of extra cars and #2 they will most likely stay at atomic since itll be closer and running against wcs with 27 shows scheduled.

        Id expect the fast series to fall into what happened above to the oscs if they decide to keep traveling 410s. the 305s can still be profitable and hold drivers hostage with forced traveling but time will tell. there was talks with Deerfield possibly getting a 305 fast show but we will see.


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          I haven't been to Deerfield for about 10 years, but can't imagine sprint cars there. That's a very tight race track.


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            Originally posted by Deadhorse View Post
            I haven't been to Deerfield for about 10 years, but can't imagine sprint cars there. That's a very tight race track.
            I seen a post from the BOSS series a few weeks back, that they were holding a test session at Deerfield for the non wingers. I never seen anything though about how the test turned out. If I recall right though, I think it rained pretty good that day, so maybe it didn't happen as scheduled.