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  • iRacing

    Have had this for about 6 months now. Anyone who is a fan of dirt racing should definitely make the investment. It is incredible what they have been able to do.

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    Computer Man is now selling a computer box with the specs that iRacing recommends.
    The cost is $1,250 with stereo sound, add $50 if you want 5.1 Sound.
    FYI - this is the same computer that Tim Simulator uses.
    the Graphics are tremendous.

    Antec Mid Tower
    Intel i3 CPU
    120GB Solid State Hard Drive.
    8GB High Speed Ram
    B250 Chipset Motherboard
    GTX 1080 8GB Video Card
    600 Watt Power Supply
    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

    Computer Man Inc.
    200 E. State St.
    Fremont, OH 43420
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    50 Races @ 31 Tracks; (12-Rain Outs)
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      I had iRacing back when they first came out with dirt but my laptop stopped being able to handle the even low level graphics after a while unfortunately. With the cost of iRacing memberships, tracks, and a computer to run it (not saying that's a bad price) I'd only be a couple thousand from a real **** box car to race with. I loved the game while I played it just wish it could be ran on a little dumber computers so I could play it.
      2019 Race Counter: 3
      Attica (1), Fremont (1), Lawrenceburg (1)


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        Yeah i have a cheaper cpu GT. I messed with the graphics and even on the low end you can get it up to decent graphics. It is so much better now than when they first released it. I would ask Santa for a year membershipe!!! haha.


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          Two new dirt tracks. The Dirt Track at Charlotte and Limaland Motorsports Park. March 6th.


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            I’m no longer on there since $$$ and my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run it. But, I imagine Lola would be a blast. Good that they’re adding short tracks now. I LOVE Charlotte on other games so wish I could have tried it on iracing. If time sims is at a race I’ll have to hop in and try out one of those two tracks.
            2019 Race Counter: 3
            Attica (1), Fremont (1), Lawrenceburg (1)