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  • Sharon 2018 Schedule

    The following is the current season schedule posted by Sharon Speedway on their website. A healthy dose (6) of $3K to win sprint car shows and 3 ASCoC shows headline the open wheel side of things.The Lucas Oil Late Models make the season opener and Big Block Mods have their "super series" $2k win shows as well. Other season highlights are an appearance by the ULMS and the $10k to win Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Nationals $10k to win show. Is this the first year they've paid that large of a purse for a stock show? Seems like should be PLENTY of cars that night and plenty of fans.

    Seems that Rush Modifieds, Econo-Mods, and Stocks will make up the weekly regulars with occasional appearances by E-Mods (which I always assumed were Econo-Mods but I've learned different). Also, glad to see they listened to fans about wanting to see a different support class than mini stocks. I enjoy compacts but they're only a weekly car class, no way should they be at a major event like that IMO.

    Apr 7th - Test n Tune
    Apr 14th - Test n Tune
    Apr 20th - LucasOil LM,RushMod
    Apr 28th - BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    May 5th - ASCoC, EconoMod
    May 12th - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    May 19th - BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock (FREE)
    May 26th - BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    June 2nd - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,E-Mod
    June 9th - ULMS,BBMod,Emod
    June 15th - Test n Tune for Pro Stocks
    June 16th Penn-Ohio Pro Stock Nationals $10k to Win + TBA
    June 19th - ASCoC, RushMod
    June 23rd- BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stocks
    June 30th- 410,RushMod,EconoMod,Stocks
    July 7th - ASCoC,BBMod
    July 21st - BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stocks
    July 28th - BBMod,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    Aug 4th - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    Aug 11th - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    Aug 18th - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,E-Mod
    Aug 25th - 410,RushMod,EconoMod,Stock
    Sept 7th - 410,BBMod +Other TBA
    Sept 8th - 410,BBMod +Other TBA

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    Seems like a descent schedule but ill continue to go minimally since I hate their no cooler policy even though its only 45minutes from me. There food sucks and isn't cheap. They don't sell concessions on the back stretch seating which is the best seating they have imo. They do for the ascoc and lucas oil shows but they have one long line and are out of everything but hotdogs and mountain dew by the time you get order. No where near enough port a johns back there either.


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      Never been there. Way far away from where I'll be but I know that place gets black slick from the race I watched on PPV this year. The speedweek race that Larson won If I recall correctly.


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        They need to add banking with the new red clay they put on last year. Apple Fest last year was like running on a frozen lake.


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          Originally posted by mudinmybeer View Post
          They need to add banking with the new red clay they put on last year. Apple Fest last year was like running on a frozen lake.
          Racers love that slow and smooth stuff.