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Weekend Outlook 4/26-4/29

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  • Weekend Outlook 4/26-4/29

    Big weekend taking place in Ohio this week with the Sprint Car World Championship at Mansfield Motor Speedway grabbing the limelight. The $100k to win show features 84 registered drivers ranging from local competitors, former world of outlaw champions, and invaders from Pennsylvania, North Dakota and many other states. The massive 2 day event features racing at 7 PM on both nights, with hot laps approximately at 5:30. A test and Tune for the SCWC begins the weekend at Mansfield on Thursday. General Admission is Free and takes place from 6-9 PM.

    Other action on the card for Friday April 27th includes a weekly program at Hilltop, Jackson County, and Legendary Hilltop. The season opener for Limaland featuring the NRA 360 Sprint cars and Modifieds as well as Bud Thunderstocks should shape up to be a good racing program for those in the region. Moler Raceway Park also opens the season with their annual Defrost 30. Raceway 7 in Conneaut and Deerfield will have their first test & tune of the season on Friday open to all dirt cars.

    Saturday features a variety of interesting shows on the fendered side. The ALMS opener at Eldora may draw a good field of cars even though the touring series is all but defunct. Atomic speedway is featuring a $1k to win race for the sport modifieds, a large increase from their usual purse. Wayne County Speedway will be bringing in the Modifieds to supplement the program in place of the sprint cars and will be their first appearance of a handful of races this year. Deerfield, Oakshade, and Sharon all look to start their season off on the right foot. Oakshade will have the usual classes with no Late Models. Sharon's event marks the first of their "super six series" featuring the Big Block Modifieds. Waynesfield again hosts the lone Non Wing race this weekend at the always exciting bullring. Midway and 35 raceway have their weekly programs on the slate. The final event of the weekend is an enduro on Sunday at Midway Speedway.

    I'll be at Mansfield on both Friday and Saturday for what I hope will draw a good amount of people and economic influence to my hometown region. The boost in growth seen in the area since the rebirth of Mansfield has certainly not be missed. I may even stop in for a bit on Thursday before the NFL draft comes on TV.

    Where ya'll going racing this weekend? Get out and support all of these fine facilities and enjoy a night at the races.
    • April 26th
      • Mansfield Motor Speedway – Test & Tune
    • April 27th
      • Deerfield Speedway – Test & Tune
      • Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Trucks, Compacts, Wedges
      • Jackson Co. Speedway – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Enduro
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Limaland Motorsports Park – NRA 360 Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Mansfield Motor Speedway – 410 Sprints Sprint Car World Championship
      • Moler Raceway Park – Late Models Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Raceway 7 – Test & Tune
    • April 28th
      • Atomic Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Deerfield Speedway – Jr. Sprints, Jr. Sportsman, 270 Micros, Modlites, 600 Micros, Chargers, Classics, Compacts
      • Eldora Speedway – ALMS Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Mansfield Motor Speedway – 410 Sprints Sprint Car World Championship
      • Midway Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Oakshade Raceway – Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
      • Sharon Speedway – Big Block Modifieds, RUSH Modifieds, Econo-Modifieds, Stocks
      • Waynesfield Raceway Park – Non Wing Sprints, Mini Sprints, Trucks, Compacts
      • Wayne County Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro
    • April 29th
      • Midway Speedway – Enduro

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    Very appreciated.
    So professional looking.


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      Update: Deerfield Speedway has cancelled the test and tune and this weekends opener due to delayed construction because of the weather.
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        Good work again, GT Evidently, the weekend outlook is going to be a weekly deal. I urge every one to listen to Buckeye Speed Zone this evening. Jac Haudenschild is going to be on at 6:15. That will be a very good interview. Crank up your radio and rip the knob off! (yeah, I know radios haven't had knobs for a long time)


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          I know its not Ohio but the Sprints on Dirt open their season this Saturday at Crystal Speedway in Michigan. Last year, Jordan Ryan won the opener. Quite a few Ohio drivers were in attendance and support SoD shows when able. Especially since 305s can be competitive with the tire rule. It will be interesting to see if anyone journeys north this weekend. Obviously, Shawn Velenti is going to be there as it was announced he is running for the SoD championship and RoY. My guess would be drivers not racing Mansfield may opt to spectate with such a great field.


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            The damn R word is gonna make me lose my ****. This weather is horrendous