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  • Topless late models

    I've seen a few Topless Late model shows advertised over the years and was wondering if there is actually any difference in the racing. I know from the aesthetics stand point you can see the drivers but I just don't see where the racing would be significantly different without a top on on a late model. It can't add that much downforce or drag right?
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    Not a LM expert by any means, but from a visual engineering/aerodynamics viewpoint I would think the airflow to the rear spoiler might be a little more effective without the A and B pillars in the way. I wouldn't have any idea if the racing is better or worse.


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      I think topless latemodels are a gimmick like the NASCAR race stages. Next time you are in the pits, ask a late model racer about the aerodynamic effects of going topless. Latemodel aero is remarkably complex. I once read an article about LM aero theory by Brian Rhulman. I was lost after a few paragraphs. Based purely on watching a few topless shows at Lakeville back in the day, I don't think the racing is any different top on or top off.


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        Cars are a lil tighter but not that much different...I've seen last few yrs where guys are putting a small roof over drivers head but that doesn't make a big difference either.