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  • MavTV dirt racing

    If y'all ain't checked it out I highly recommend watching "dirt nights". Yes it's modified racing but as show nears close it's very informative as well as good racing. Replays constantly showing and new episodes every Sunday. Knew imca Nat's big but wow! Never knew that big, car counts unreal and work to make the big dance phenomenal.

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    Been watching for awhile. some good racing and the Boone national in 2016 entered 906 cars I think that tells how hard you have to race just to make the big dance. Last week end at the field they had 35 mods this week 1500 to win 150 to start guessing 40 to 45 and some dam good racing.


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      MAVtv in general has excellent programming...
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        The Show Me 100 from Wheatland will be live on MavTV on 5/26. The last 2 years, the Show Me has been one of the best races I have seen each year and I am not much of a late model fan.