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Weekend Outlook 5/11-5/12

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  • Weekend Outlook 5/11-5/12

    Weekend Highlights
    - Eldora Speedway welcomes the World of Outlaws and the USAC Non-Wing Sprint cars to Ohio for the first time of 2018 with their annual Lets Race Two event. Each division will race on both Friday and Saturday at the House that Earl Built for the low price of $28 for General admission and $32 for reserved seating. Racing will commence at 7:30 PM on both nights with Hotlaps slated for 6:00 PM. The races can also be caught in their entirety on

    -The American Ethanol Late Model Tour (AELMT) based primarily out of Michigan makes their first ever visit to the state of Ohio with a double of Attica on Friday and Fremont on Saturday. Friday at Attica the AELMT is joined by the 305 sprints and one of a handful of appearances of the dirt trucks at Attica. Fremont's race on Saturday will be the lone appearance of super late models at the tight third mile oval, and will also be joined by 305 sprints and the dirt trucks. This race should draw a bevy of Michigan's top dogs in the Late Models to duke it out with hotshot locals such as Rusty Schlenk, Doug Drown, and Ryan Markham for the pair of $4000 to win shows.

    -The Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association (OVSCA) out of Southern Ohio makes a northern Ohio invasion this week with a $2k to win show at Hilltop Speedway in Millersburg, OH as well as a $3k to win show at Wayne County Speedway. With Attica off, some of the local teams who don't wish to travel to Eldora may look to take the prize at Hilltop. The Wayne County race will certainly be a thriller, as the OVSCA and Wayne County locals paired together have always provided some exciting races and flared tempers (looking at you Shawn Hubler).

    -The BOSS Xtreme Wings Series makes their series debut at Atomic Speedway on Saturday bringing an intriguing format. Cars will pill draw for heat groups and group qualify much like Attica does. However, one major difference is the invert places the top qualifier in each heat one spot out of a transfer. I.e. if the heat transfers 4 cars, the pole sitter will start 5th. Heat race transfers will line up by qualifying time in the feature event, but a die will be rolled to invert this line up by 0, 4, 6, or 8. In the B Main, only the winner will get their qualifying time back but can only start at the back of the inversion. The remaining B main transfers tag the rear of the field. Interesting format but for a new fan this will be really confusing. Hell, for a lot of the teams I imagine this will be confusing.

    -The FAST 410 sprint cars make their debut at Sharon Speedway as part of Sharon's Menard's Super Six Series. The Icy slick dirt track has proved to even out the competition and provide some surprise finishes and you can be sure that the race will provide some crazy outcomes. The battle of NW Ohio versus the Western PA drivers should see a highly competitive battle at the former pavement track.

    Friday Events (not mentioned above)
    Legendary Hilltop has a weekly show headlined by the late models at the Marietta bullring. Raceway 7 attempts to open up their season up in Conneaut yet again. The Ohio Thunder Racesaver 305's kick off their season at Moler raceway park in one of two appearances at the Williamsburg dirt oval. Jackson County brings in the Steel Block limited late models to spice up things at the recently reopened Jackson track alongside their weekly warriors. Limaland has an appearance by the STAR Modlite series in addition to their Modifieds and Bud Thunderstocks at the UNOH owned bullring. 250 Speedway attempts to re-open again after being rained out last weekend.

    Saturday Events (not mentioned above)
    Brushcreek tries to start their points racing again at the Peebles short track headlined by their modified division. Deerfield Speedway is slated to host their first race under new management with a form of Limited Late Models (V6 late models) headlining the card as well as compacts. Muskingum County and Portsmouth Raceway Park both open their gates for the first time in 2018 and both are headlined by their late model division. Oakshade will be running their weekly show at the Wauseon dirt track headlined by the late model division. 35 Raceway Park has all their usual 7 divisions on the card in Frankfort. Lastly, Waynesfield is running the Modifieds, Modlites, and Compacts at the little bullring in the cornfield. 250 Speedway attempts to re-open again after being rained out last weekend.

    Where You Rolling in the Mud?
    I'll be sitting on the sidelines this weekend as I'm spending time with Family over the weekend with mother's day upcoming and being my first weekend off of my real job. I'll be sure to have race-monitor on somewhere to track a few of the shows.

    Where are you headed this weekend? Their are lots of good options this week and a variety of series available to go see. This should be one of the most diverse weekends on the schedule this year and I hope ya'll can get out and support one of Ohio's great dirt tracks.
    • May 11th
      • Attica Raceway Park – AELMS, 305 Sprints, Trucks, Vintage
      • Deerfield Speedway – Test & Tune
      • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints, USAC Non Wing Sprints
      • Hilltop Speedway – OVSCA Sprints, Late Models, Modlites, Compacts
      • Jackson Co. Speedway – Steel Block Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Enduro
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Limaland Motorsports Park – Modifieds, Stocks, STAR Modlites
      • Moler Raceway Park – OTSCS 305 Sprints, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Raceway 7 – Crate Late Models, E-Modifieds, Stocks, Econo Modifieds, Compacts
      • 250 Speedway – Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts, Wedges
    • May 12th
      • Atomic Speedway – BOSS Winged Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds
      • Brushcreek Motorsports Complex – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Legends, Enduro
      • Deerfield Speedway – Limited Late Models, Compacts, Enduro
      • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints, USAC Non Wing Sprints
      • Fremont Speedway – AELMS Late Models, 305 Sprints, Trucks
      • Muskingum Co. Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Compacts
      • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models, Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Modifieds
      • Sharon Speedway – FAST 410 Sprints, RUSH Modifieds, Econo Modifieds, Stocks
      • Waynesfield Raceway Park – Modifieds, Modlites, Compacts
      • Wayne County Speedway – OVSCA Sprints, Late Models, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro

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    Leaving work at 3 Friday and heading to Eldora for the weekend with my son. Already told everyone at work that if you try to talk to me after 2:50 I will not reply, and if something hits my desk at 2:49 and takes longer than 11minutes to complete it will not get done till Monday.

    I have been waiting since last July to see a race at Eldora and I'm not missing it this weekend.


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      Torn between Attica and Lernerville on Friday but leaning towards Attica since a friend of mine that's going is a big latemodel fan. Definetly going to WCS Saturday. Last week it was a hard choice between the all sprint show at fremont, allstars at Sharon, and WCS but Fremont is 2.5 hours away and everything sucks at Sharon in my opinion. So its a no brainer this weekend. 3k to win ovsca sprints at WCS since the track was beautiful last weekend and the show went smooth. Plus happy hour is a money saver.


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        Another option is SOD at Butler Saturday. Really interested on how the car counts shake out with Sharon (Fast), Atomic (BossW) and WCS (Ovsca) all paying 3k to win and 300 to start for all those guys not interested in running against the Woo Saturday. I think Sharon gets the biggest field at 30, Atomic and WCS end up with 24 a piece.

        Unfortunately I took a look at the advanced forecast for Saturday and lets just say we might be watching boat races. Hoping the percentages of wet stuff changes but not looking good now.


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          I might venture down to Hilltop after work depending how late my work day runs. Venture because it will be an experience. They are running late models, mod lights, mini stocks and trucks with the show dropping street stock and modifieds. Would like to have seen them drop the trucks too. That is 5 classes which I think is too many for that track to efficiently handle in a timely manner. So I'll really have to think about that.

          Saturday will be WCS and only 4 classes. It should be a well run program. Always some unexpected racing firsts there in a good way. Good parking, decent food for reasonable price and the facility keeps improving.

          Weather around Hilltop and WCS not saying the R word.
          Friday 70s and cloudy.
          Saturday 70s and some windy spells.


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            It's Ohio and now weather forecast calling for the R word Friday and Saturday. Not on the weekend when I might be able to do 2 racing days for once.


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              Attica & Fremont. I like latemodels as much as I like sprints and hope these two Ethanol Series events are successful. Its almost mid-May and Attica has had only 3 races for the 410's. Fremont has only had 2. Kind of disappointing, isn't it? Good thing plenty of 410 races are comming up in the next few weekends.


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                Even tho it doesn't inspire the goosebumps it once did I'll be at eldora both nites if the weather co-operates. And I may do tri-state Sunday.


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                  The Big E tonight only for me. That's about all the Eldora I can handle anymore.


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                    Great work again on the rundown...keep 'em coming!
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                      Not Ohio, but Lernerville had 27 cars. Cale Conley won over Carl Bowser and Brandon Matus


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                        Originally posted by Hot Dog View Post
                        Not Ohio, but Lernerville had 27 cars. Cale Conley won over Carl Bowser and Brandon Matus
                        That's a very solid car count for Western PA in recent years. Glad to see that they're able to get that many. And what's a nice addition as well is many of those same cars should be at Sharon to take on the FAST drivers tonight as well.

                        Saw WoO had 37 cars at Eldora last night too which is on par for night 1. I imagine some of the drivers will go elsewhere Saturday. Locals did solid, saw Jac Haud got 4th and Cole Duncan 5th. There were FOUR WoO drivers who used provisionals...

                        Anyone have some info on the OVSCA show at Hilltop?
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                          Danny mumaw won and trey Jacobs was second. Kelsey ivy looked like she totaled her car. All I seen on twitter.


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                            Originally posted by mudinmybeer View Post
                            Danny mumaw won and trey Jacobs was second. Kelsey ivy looked like she totaled her car. All I seen on twitter.
                            Them and Hilltop are just about the worst I've seen at reporting results...
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