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  • Attica

    What great show.. These all stars are a real deal compared to the last 3 yrs and it shows..Congratulations to Cale Conley.. Joey had it going too.. Good Race.. Lee Jacobs good run for you too.. Now where was the other Baker no.45 .. I thought he was the one that was supposed to run the all stars or is it the Baker that was there .. Confused on this .. Oh well good night of racing!!!

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    #23 is the younger brother of the #45 baker. maybe he had to work or something. idk why he wasn't there tonight but I think his twitter said he was racing wcs and Lawrenceburg this weekend.


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      Trevor hasn’t been running as much it seems since the Mansfield deal. Hasn’t been at Attica last two weeks.

      Also, they decided before the points season started not to run all stars around same time max stambaugh decided not to.
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