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Weekend Outlook 6/1-6/3

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  • Weekend Outlook 6/1-6/3

    Weekend Highlights
    - Although not in Ohio, Indiana Midget week starts tomorrow on Tuesday and concludes Sunday at Kokomo. Many, if not all, of the tracks on the schedule usually run non wings as a support class and from what I've seen in past couple years a lot of the drivers will pull double duty and race in both divisions. The schedule for midget week is as follows for any interested parties. I'm fairly intrigued by these races but wish the Gas City and Montpelier races were later in the week so I'd be able to attend.
    (I) May 29 Montpelier, IN Montpelier Motor Speedway
    (I) May 30 Gas City, IN Gas City I-69 Speedway
    (I) May 31 Putnamville, IN Lincoln Park Speedway
    (I) Jun 01 Bloomington, IN Bloomington Speedway
    (I) Jun 02 Lawrenceburg, IN Lawrenceburg Speedway
    (I) Jun 03 Kokomo, IN Kokomo Speedway
    - Deerfield Speedway is debuting the Non Wing Sprint cars this week on Friday at the tiny northeast bullring. They are running a handful of events at the track this year and could be a new semi-weekly track for nonwings in the state of Ohio which is great in my opinion. Hoping all goes well and they can pull some of the RUSH Sprints over as well. With Waynesfield taking the week off of the sprints this could be a very good start to the non wing experiment at Deerfield, although they may also go to Indiana which is closer for most of them.

    -Sharon Speedway is hosting one of the Super Series events featuring the Winged Sprints. What makes this the most interesting sprint event of the weekend in Ohio is that the all stars are racing in Western PA that weekend. Lernerville on Friday night and Bedford on Sunday. Saturday being an open date for the All Stars could see quite a few invaders with the track being so close by to where the All Stars are this weekend. Some may go play at Port or Lincoln or elsewhere in Ohio but I would not be surprised to see at least 5-6 All stars at Sharon on Saturday. GA is $13 so could be a great bang for the buck if my hunch is right.

    -Sprints on Saturday - There are FOUR tracks running 410 winged sprints on Saturday within the state of Ohio on Saturday. Fremont runs the FAST series. Wayne County & Atomic have their weekly program slated for action, and Sharon has one of their "Super Series" events featuring the sprint cars this weekend. Will be interesting to see with no major sanctions at play how many cars we'll see at each track this weekend. Sprints On Dirt in MI is also off this weekend so may see a handful pop in as well.

    -Friday up in Michigan I-96 Speedway hosts the World of Outlaws for their only Michigan Appearance of the year. Although the counts are typically not the best in MI for the WoO weekends, this event could be an intriguing one to go to. It's not too far for Northwest OH (2 hr 45 from BG) so might be worth the trip. Although you'll probably see Schatz win and wonder why ya bothered driving hours to see what you knew was going to happen. The price for GA day of is $39 and Pit Pass is $40. Don't really see the logic with that one but it's put on by SLS promotions so not gonna question it I guess.

    Weekend Plans
    Well, my plans are anything and nothing right now. I'm considering hauling to Indiana after work tomorrow or the next day to montpelier or gas city but it's two hours away, and even if they are done at 11 I won't be back until one am, and I have to wake up at 5:40 AM for work in a hospital lab. Being that drowsy the next day just doesn't seem like a great plan in a hospital for some reason. I'm also considering if I don't go to go to Attica or Fremont like my typical plan. Or try out somewhere new like Oakshade or Limaland.

    Also as an update to last week, after seeing the forecast last week I switched plans and stopped at Attica on the way down to Loudonville and boy did I make the right decision there. We got drenched at Loudonville and I saw Wayne County and Midway both cancelled. Shame but it happens. Having some beverages on the river while rafting made for a very fun Sunday as well
    • June 1st
      • Attica Raceway Park – FAST 410 Sprints, Att/WCS Late Models, 305 Sprints
      • Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Trucks, Compacts, Wedges
      • Jackson Co. Speedway – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Enduro
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Modlites, Mini Late Models
      • Limaland Motorsports Park – NRA 360 Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Moler Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Raceway 7 – Crate Late Models, E-Modifieds, Stocks, Econo Modifieds, Compacts
    • June 2nd
      • Atomic Speedway – 410 Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds
      • Brushcreek Motorsports Complex – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Legends, Enduro
      • Deerfield Speedway – Non Wing Sprints, Jr. Sprints, Jr. Sportsman, 270 Micros, Modlites, 600 Micros, Chargers, Classics, Compacts
      • Fremont Speedway – FAST 410 Sprints, 305 Sprints, Trucks, Crate Late Models, Vintage Cars
      • Muskingum Co. Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Compacts
      • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models, Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Modifieds
      • Sharon Speedway – 410 Sprints, RUSH Modifieds, Econo Modifieds, RUSH Non Wing Sprints
      • Waynesfield Raceway Park – Modifieds, Mini Sprints, Trucks, Compacts
      • Wayne County Speedway – 410 Sprints, Late Models, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro
    • June 3rd
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Enduro

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    Staying home the next couple weekends to save up and go to as many speed week shows as possible. Went to Attica this past Friday & Waynesfield on Sunday. Both shows were great and i finally made my first visit to Waynesfield. Facility could use some updates here and there but the track & racing was great.

    Depending on where you live, Lernerville is hosting the All Stars on Friday. I have gone to two silver cups back in 15 & 16 and both were great shows. The track was well prepared and the racing was great


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      I also considered making a quick run to Montpelier tonight after work. They do have an 11:00 curfew so there is a good chance you can get on our way home by 1:00.

      I will be at I-96 on Friday. It is the best place in Michigan to watch WoO. Fast track and they are one of the few track in Michigan with consistently good track prep. Schatz doesn't usually run real well there. He did win maybe 5 years ago. The last time I went Sweet through a questionable slider on him for the lead and he had to get on the brakes to avoid running over Sweet. Sweet actually did the same thing to my buddy, Ryan Ruhl, when he lapped him. Unfortunately, instead of hitting the brakes Ruhl tried to go high to avoid him and ended up flipping. Sweet went on to win. Gravel won 2 years ago, the last time the WoO were there.

      I hope they can get 30 cars. GLSS and SoD are off. Ruhl, Daggett, Ridenour, Tuennasan and a few other Michigan guys with 410s should be there. Will be interesting to see if any IRA guys come over since they are running over there the the following night. Midget week will take away a few of the Indiana guys who throw on the wing but there are still a few others who come up.


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        Deerfield has a great plan/idea. anyone attending should know that they are trying to overhaul the entire facility while still racing at the same time. I was at the rainout Saturday and I don't want to bash or say anything negative but I can say things will be great once its done. Until then don't expect much but a seat and a track right now. I made my first ever trip to Waynesfield as well and really liked that place. seats were tight but everthing else was good. This weekend plans are Lernerville for allstars and check out the new rush wingless division and Deerfield Saturday.


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          So I ended up making the 2 hr jog after work last night to Montpelier. I can say I certainly enjoyed the races and the track. Very elbows up and midgets put on a whale of a show all night. I unfortunately had to leave after the first feature with the midgets (ended at 10:38). Travk definitely encourages sliders and had 2 grooves all night. Larson broke track record in qualifying for midgets.

          The heat races were great in midgets. Then they dumped a bit too much water on travk before sprints and caused 10-15 minute delay. First sprint race was single lane due to this but the other two heats were entertaining. Mod gears were good and had quite a mix of drivers. Tony Anderson a Lima regular, Randy lines from southern Indiana, frank paladino an Eldora regular to name a few of the better ones I recognized. There was a 24 by the name of Anderson who had won a couple races in area this year who looked to be the man to beat in his heat. The most astounding thing to me is one of the modified drivers, guy from Ohio last name smith in a yellow 7, flipped HARD over the cushion in turns 1-2. Have t seen a mod flop like that before.

          Car counts were good in all divisions, especially for a Tuesday show. 36 midgets, 21 sprints, and 20 modifiers signed in. And the stands were packed. Very small stands is one drawback to the place, need to be about 5 rows up to really be able to see the frontstretch well and only 7-9 rows in each set of stands. Facilities were older and could use a coat of paint but new bathroom facility was very nice.

          They have some boss non wing and a couple winged sprint shows later on I’d be interested. If ethanol late models run there again I’d love to see that. May go for their big modified race later in year too.

          Overall a a good experience and will likely be back there at some point in the future.
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            Sounds like Montpelier was a new track for you. What is your track count? Weekly Area Auto Racing News columnist, Guy Smith, has been to over 1400 tracks. When you get to 100 you can join his track chasers club. I have not been to Montpelier. Thanks to your post, I might go some day.


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              Originally posted by racemak View Post
              Sounds like Montpelier was a new track for you. What is your track count? Weekly Area Auto Racing News columnist, Guy Smith, has been to over 1400 tracks. When you get to 100 you can join his track chasers club. I have not been to Montpelier. Thanks to your post, I might go some day.
              Yes montpelier was a new one. First time I've been in that part of Indiana at all actually. Lets see... Attica, Fremont, Wayne County, Millstream, Mansfield, Lawrenceburg, Route 44, Atomic, Eldora, Portsmouth, Route 44, and Montpelier in that order. So a total of 12 tracks. If you want to get technical, as a child I went to Martinsville and pavement Mansfield for ISMA back in the day. Also had been to Norwalk for drags and unsure but maybe Pacemaker over by columbus when my dad bracket raced but I dont recall.
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                Wayne County last night had some surprise visitors of Jac Haudenschild, Andrew Palker and Max Stambaugh.
                24 sprints signed in.
                Started off cloudy and track wet and sun came out and windy so we had dust for start but then it was a good track for features.

                Sprint and Late model feature very good. Brad Haudenscild, Trey Jacobs and Jac Haudenschild putting on a show for first with Jamie Myers and Jordan Ryan on the move. Danny Mumaw had pitted for flat tire and was working up. They went thru lapped traffic and one car did not hold position and clipped Brad and he had to pit for tire then he was working up. Jac made a move on restart and took the lead winning. He came from 9th.

                Late model feature had B A Malcuit charging the lead. Well run battle for first with Malcuit, Ryan Markham, Cody Scott and Doug Drown going 3 wide at times. Markham took the lead and a last lap pass had Cody Scott winning.

                Those 2 races were worth the price of admission.
                A good size crowd was on hand. There was 100 cars across 4 classes. It was only the tracks 4th race of the season. I enjoyed my night there. They had a benefit for a boy who was drowned in the flood and race bingo and raffles which was nice to see them support a commumity.


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                  We didn't know Jac was there until we were in our seats. Glad I went to WCS even though I had planned to go to Fremont. I'll bet Mike Bores wishes he'd stayed home. Track got better and faster as the night progressed. Nice run for Jordan Ryan with a very solid 5th. A feature win is in his future. Brad Haud really runs WCS well. Had he not hit the thrn 2 guard rail, he would have won. LM feature finish was exciting. Congrats to Cody Scott. I never thought he would catch Markham, but he did.


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                    You never see a bad race at WCS. I was on the fence Saturday on where to go after Deerfield cancelled. Twitter swayed my decision to go to Sharon over WCS. Turned out to be great shows at both places last night. I didn't get to see the new rush non-wing sprints Friday at Lernerville since I went to Attica due to the forecast. Sharon had a good crowd for the Sprint Series. 31 410s, 30 rush modifieds,20 economods, and 13 rush non wings. Chad Kemenah was clearly the car to beat after seeing him in the heat race. Started 5th in the feature and was out front in no time. Only car that had something for him was Parker Price and he was the only car making the high side work. He got spun out going for 4th or 3rd. Went to the tail and charged back up to 4th. Makes you wonder what could of been if he didn't have to go back or if it was a longer race. The Allstars that showed up to Sharon got some critical set up information headed into speedweek. The track is consistently the same with that new dirt so be on the lookout for Kemenah, PPM,Bowser, Blaney, and Shaffer come speedweek.


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                      I was able to get to Attica Friday as well. Was a good show there that night. Glad to see Cap finally pick up the win after being the bridesmaid a couple of times this year. That was a pretty good 410 race with lots of passing and multiple grooves. The Lates big highlight was watching markham and Schlenk battle their way through the pack and end up taking each other out to start the process all over again. Shiels off the front row made for a relatively easy win for him although there was some challenge towards the middle. He's become the man to beat at Attica now. Jamie Miller finally picked up a win I saw for a long time coming with that car. He's looked on a rail all year and finally was able to make it work. Think he came from the 3rd row too.

                      Met a guy from up in Michigan who came down alone and sat with him and talked and had a good time.

                      Planning on 3 shows for speedweek...
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                        Took in the WOO at I-96 Friday and had 30 cars in the house. Very good turnout of fans and great weather. Had a big tailgate pre-race and fun with the racing family. The WOO the following night-Sat. in WI did not draw 30 cars so way to go Michigan drivers in helping support.
                        We did have to battle a stiff breeze that unfortunately was blowing into the stands so not ideal conditions. However, as many of us dirt fans know, have the goggles/glasses on hand just in case and this was one of those nights.


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                          Racemak, yes Jordan Ryan is a smooth driver. I hope to see him get a win this year at WCS.
                          Not knocking Sharon as I like going to that track but running the 2 classes of modifieds with the 410s and non wings was not a draw for me. I am just not much of a modified fan but did enjoy watching Lou Blaney wheel one.
                          I do like WCS and Attica for having both sprints and late models as I enjoy those 2 classes so that is a plus in my book for attracting me to the race.
                          There are several drivers that I think are close to getting a career first win and hope they do. WCS has really had a mix of winners and that is great for the support.
                          I always have a good time at WCS even though the behavior of a few folks in the grandstands is just crazy with refusing to obey the rules.


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                            what happened in the grandstands? most of their issues left with the mini wedge parents fighting and carrying on.


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                              I went to Lernerville and Sharon this weekend. Reutzel and Kemenah may have won the races, but Parker Price Miller won my heart. Dude was doing grown man **** on the extreme outside both nights.