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Weekend Outlook 6/29-7/3

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  • Weekend Outlook 6/29-7/3

    Weekend Highlights

    -June 30th marks the inaugural Dean Knittle Memorial paying $10,054 to win for the 410 sprints (unsanctioned) and a total purse of $31,554. The event looks to be one of the biggest non-sanctioned events in the state this year and one I REALLY wanted to be able to attend. Not only is the purse fantastic for the 410 sprints, the 305 sprints will be paying $2554 to win and $100 to start. The 305's are open class but hardcarded racesavers can get bonus money from the OTSCS. If you're in southern Ohio this is an event that should be given support as the payout is fantastic and you can expect the best 410 count in Ohio this weekend at this race.

    -Lucas Oil's annual July 4th weekend swing through Ohio brings many of the best Late Model drivers in the country through the state. Drivers like Bobby Pierce, Kyle Bronson, Mason Ziegler, Scott Bloomquist and many others come in to take on the local Ohio talent at Four very different venues with 4 different crops of local drivers. The weekend kicks off at Portsmouth Raceway Park with a stout field of southern Ohio's finest late model drivers such as the Conley's, Casebolt, Carpenter's and many more battling it out with the invaders for the $12k to win event. The second race takes place Sunday July 1st as the Lucas Oil Late Models visit Mansfield Motor Speedway for their first circle track event since the SCWC in April. The surface is much improved at the 4/10ths mile oval and I'd expect a good crop of locals such as Doug Drown, Ryan Markham, JR Gentry among others to take on the Lucas Oil regulars at Mansfield. A $5k to win Modified race accompanies Sunday's program and can expect a very solid count as well for the high paying support race. Sharon Speedway marks the third event on the Lucas Oil's swing through the buckeye state, and with the surface back in order the racing should feature some great door to door action all night. I'm not too certain on what local or regional competitor's may show at Sharon, but some of the more serious local competitor's may make the trek out for the event. The racing wraps up at the Moran owned Muskingum County Speedway and has a stout field of Central ohio drivers and close enough to both Atomic and Wayne Co to pull in locals from those tracks as well.

    -Waynesfield is hosting their Summer sprint sizzler with the FAST 410s, NRA 360s, FAST 305s, and Mini Sprints all on the card at the small 1/3 mile dirt oval. This event is always one of the most well attended sprint car events and you can expect a MASSIVE car count for all divisions here. The event shapes up to be one of the finest on an action packed weekend and with many people having the 4th off the seating will fill up quickly so make sure to get there early!

    -Raceway 7 in the very northeast tip of Ohio in Conneaut will be hosting a Big Block Modified touring event at their facility, one of the few times in a season that their headliner is something other than a Crate Late Model division. I've never been to the track but the event is one of the big shows at the facility so if you're in the area and you like Big Blocks this would certainly be a good event to check a track off the list.

    -Fremont Speedway is hosting an all sprint car event this weekend featuring the FAST 410s, NRA 360s, and FAST305s. A sprint car lover's dream returns to the track that action built. I'd expect around 70-80 cars between the three divisions and are certain to put on a whale of a show. After seeing the 360's run at Waynesfield I know I'd definitely like to see the NRA at Fremont too. They put on a good show and have some talented drivers in their own right. Another highlight of this event is to see if someone can FINALLY knock Craig Mintz out of the winner's circle at Fremont.

    -Sharon Speedway welcomes back the 410 sprints with another of the super series events. The last all stars show had the best track prep there since they got the new clay last year from what I've read and heard so it sounds like the racing is getting better there each week. RUSH Mods and Econo-Mods are also on the card.

    - Attica returns to racing this week with a discounted General Admission price of only $10. On the card is the FAST 410 sprints, Attica/Oakshade late model challenge series, and the FAST 305 sprints. The night is also Dollar Dog night and 50 cent popcorn. With no other 410 races Friday in Ohio a good car count can be expected as always.

    My weekend Plans
    I got stuck working on thirds from Sunday through Saturday this week all on thirds until our third shift tech finishes training. My holiday rotation this year is July 4th and Christmas and my holiday rotations are on thirds (so the day prior July 3rd and Christmas Eve night) so I won't be able to attend the Summer Sprint Sizzler as I was hoping I'd be able too. Once I'm off of work July 1st I'm heading home to spend time with family and will be going to Mansfield to watch the Lucas Oil show and am extremely excited to see what type of show they can put on now that the surface has really came in. I would've loved to have been able to see the Dean Knittle memorial as well but such is life. I work next weekend too since I traded a coworker but then two weekends off to go get my racing fix!
    • June 29th
      • Attica Raceway Park – FAST 410 Sprints, Att/Oak Late Models, FAST 305 Sprints ($10 GA)
      • Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Trucks, Compacts, Wedges
      • Jackson Co. Speedway – OTSCS 305 Sprints, Modifieds, Compacts, Enduro
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Modlites, Mini Late Models
      • Limaland Motorsports Park – NRA 360 Sprint Speedweek, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Moler Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Legends
      • Raceway 7 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate Late Models, E-Modifieds, Stocks, Econo Modifieds, Compacts
    • June 30th
      • Atomic Speedway – 410 Sprints ($10,054 to win), 305 Sprints, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds
      • Deerfield Speedway – Jr. Sprints, Jr. Sportsman, 270 Micros, Modlites, 600 Micros, Chargers, Classics, Compacts
      • Fremont Speedway – FAST 410 Sprints, NRA 360 Sprint Speedweek, FAST 305 Sprints
      • Midway Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Lucas Oil Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models
      • Oakshade Raceway – Attica/Oakshade Late Models, Sportsmans, Stocks, Compacts
      • Sharon Speedway – 410 Sprints, RUSH Modifieds, Econo Modifieds, Stocks
      • Waynesfield Raceway Park – Non Wing Sprints, Mini Sprints, Trucks
      • Wayne County Speedway – OVSCA Sprints, Late Models, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro
    • July 1st
      • Legendary Hilltop Speedway – Enduro
      • Mansfield Motor Speedway – Lucas Oil Late Models, Modifieds
      • Midway Speedway – Enduro
    • July 2nd
      • Sharon Speedway – Lucas Oil Late Models, RUSH Modifieds
    • July 3rd
      • Brushcreek Motorsports Complex – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Legends, Enduro
      • Muskingum Co. Speedway – Lucas Oil Late Models, Modfiieds, Stocks, Compacts
      • Waynesfield Raceway Park – NRA 360 Sprint Speedweek, FAST 410 Sprints, FAST 305 Sprints, Mini Sprints

    2019 Race Counter: 0

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    Excellent Job as usual GT.
    I really look forward and appreciate your dedication to this.
    Plans are Wayne County Saturday and Mansfield Sunday.
    Work and family keep me close to home. Maybe even try Hilltop on Friday.


    • #3
      Wow $10+ to win at atomic!! Wonder who pops in for that kinda money


      • #4
        305's paying $2554 at Atomic also


        • #5
          I think the real question for Saturday is what will the 410 car counts be with Sharon, Fremont, Atomic and Wayne County all running 410's.

          My guess -
          Sharon - 20 cars (picking up some Lernerville regulars)
          Atomic - 25 cars (big money on the line but not sure where the cars coming from)
          Wayne County - 15 cars (Ovsca purse is not strong, actually less than weekly WCS pay)
          Fremont - 18 cars (Just the regulars)


          • #6
            WCS schedule has $3,000 to win OVSCA


            • #7
              WCS. 23 cars
              Fremont 21
              Sharon 21
              Atomic. 33

              Be fun to see how close we all get.


              • #8
                wcs 19, fremont 20, Sharon 16, atomic 27


                • #9
                  There has been 2 occurences where all 4 tracks have been scheduled to race on the same night. The only one which all four raced was on June 2nd, an off night for all stars in between Lernerville and Bedford. A total of 91 cars entered across the 4 events with Sharon leading the way at 31. Wayne Co had 24, Fremont 21, Atomic 19. The other scheduled night was on May 5th and Atomic's OVSCA show had gotten rained out. Between the 3 remaining tracks, Sharon had 43 cars for their All Star race, Fremont had 26, and Wayne County had 21. A total of 90 cars competed between the three tracks that evening.

                  As for my predictions on the counts this go around, assuming ma nature plays nice I'd expect a few more invaders from Indiana and drivers who don't race weekly in Ohio to sprout up for the $10k+ event at atomic. My grandfather actually knew Dean Knittle, not personally but had talked with him being their from around the same area. Hope the event goes well and this becomes a yearly occurence. They may not pay the best for weekly sprints but they have some good paying shows spruced in there.

                  Atomic: 36
                  Sharon: 25
                  Wayne Co: 22
                  Fremont: 22
                  Total: 105
                  2019 Race Counter: 0


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                    Only able to do the summer sizzler at Waynesfield on the 3rd. Unfortunately, as much as I enjoy going to the races, the wife sometimes does not like the amount of times I go. With Kings Royal week & Knoxville on my horizon, the amount of other shows will probably be limited for me.


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                      Another splendid piece of motorsports journalism, GT. I have been anticipating this weekend at Attica & Fremont since last winter. Last year, Willie's Sales & Service gave me sponsor passes to their night at Fremont. I was there yesterday for chainsaw parts, but I didn't get any free tickets. I might have if I had asked. The folks at Willie's are race fans and great people. Stop and see their display at Fremont this Saturday.


                      • #12
                        I’ll be at Raceway 7 and Stateline for the BRP Tour shows and then Sharon for the Lucas race. Try and squeeze some PA Speedweek on speedshifttv in there as well


                        • #13
                          I'd be surprised if any of the 4 tracks get over 22 actual 410's


                          • #14
                            WCS had 22 sprints signed in.
                            What were other track counts?
                            Andrew Palker took the win Then Jordan Ryan. Danny Mumaw and Dean Jacobs.


                            • #15
                              Looks like 27 at Fremont, 28 at Sharon and 33 at Atomic. Great car counts for Ohio.
                              2019 Race Counter: 0