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    With the Kings Royal fast approaching I have begun considering headed down to see the race again this year. Didn't reserve my seats from last year when I went because was not planning on going back this year at all. Looking at seating charts seems the only good spots left are in the corners. Grandstand seats that are left are singles or so low you can't see the backstretch. Anyone sit in the North turn 4 bleachers before? Pretty good view of backstretch and turn two still if up high enough? Looking primarily into section NA or NB.
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    Used to sit in three and four a lot, good view anywhere out there, even on the grassy area I think.
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      I have sat in turns 3 and 4 where you are talking about many times. I prefer turn 3 in the NM-NO area. It has been a few years since I have been there but I remember having a great view of the cars through 1 and 2, down the backstretch, through 3 and 4 and all the way to the flag stand. You can probably find a higher row over there too. The one negative was a slight blind spot after the flag stand going into 1.


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        I too have sat from one corner to next but was for LM shows and turn 4 always seems to get dirty. I like between 1 & 2 personally cause don't eat as much dirt but has few blind spots but tolerable. Until haulers moved up top your always gonna have this though no matter where sit


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          Never sit in the main grandstand it is like a sauna for the KR. I personally like turn 1.