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Legendary Hilltop Shuts Its Gates

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  • Legendary Hilltop Shuts Its Gates

    The inevitable finally happened at the Marietta, OH 1/4 mi. Legendary Hilltop will be no more after a final enduro race on June 8th. From what I gather on Facebook, the track and adjoining junkyard were owned by the same people and all of the land sold to a trucking/pipeline company. From following along on facebook at that track while doing results, it seems they never got fantastic car counts but did occasionally pull in some pretty good drivers. Tyler and Freddy Carpenter were frequent winners there in the Late Model ranks.

    This is one track I feel never was able to grasp the social media aspect of promotion. Sometimes the only reason I ever had any results from this track was OVDTR promoting the track and other SE Ohio/WV tracks. If they didn't say who won sometimes there is times I would never have known. They were better this year, at least posting the picture of the car and winner after races.

    Regardless, sad to see another track close. Ironically, as Jackson Co reopened on Fridays another southern Ohio track closes that ran on Fridays. Legendary hilltop hosted some OVSCA events the past two years. Nathan Skaggs won the first four contested in 2017. Andre Layfield won the OVSCA feature during this year, the last week of Legendary Hilltop's regular Friday night racing.

    The Quote below is from their facebook page:

    With heavy hearts we officially announce we will not be finishing the rest of our racing season and the gates of Legendary Hilltop Speedway will be closed indefinitely. Due to circumstances out of our control, the final race ever to be ran at Legendary Hilltop will be an Enduro race on July 8th. We are aware of the many rumors circling the racing world and regret to inform you that we can not put all to rest, just understand that if we could keep the track, we would. We would like to thank all race fans, drivers, and workers who have helped support us throughout these 6 years. Your love and support has been unmatched and we are forever grateful to have such an amazing race family. We would like to also thank the Weppler family, for without their years of hard work and dedication in bringing the track back from the dead, many great memories would be lost. With years of history and great stories this track has brought, we ask that you leave your favorite memory with us, whether it is from before or after the tracks restoration. We ask that you all join us July 8th for our Enduro race to see racing at Legendary Hilltop Speedway one last time.
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    It's a neat little track. Sorry to see it close for good.