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Weekend Outlook 7/10-7/14

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  • Weekend Outlook 7/10-7/14

    Weekend Highlights

    - It's finally here! The month of money has arrived and kicks off at Attica Raceway Park with the 30th Annual Brad Doty Classic! Always one of the most anticipated dates on the World of Outlaws calendar, the Brad Doty Classic typically has one of the highest car counts of the WoO schedule and is stacked from top to bottom with national, regional, and locally grown talent. Last year, David Gravel took his 10th win of the Outlaws season at Attica and is certainly looking to try to defend his title. Or, will a local rise to the top and defeat the outlaws this year as Alvin Roepke once did at Limaland. The event has a raindate on July 11th if needed and reserved seats are being sold! This is a can't miss race that I'm excited to be attending for the first time.

    -The WoO continues their march through Ohio with a 3 day event for the Kings Royal at Eldora Speedway. New this year regarding the format, the prelim winners from Thursday and Friday can pick their spot in the all important qualifying that lines up the Kings Royal on Saturday for the big $50k to win show. Donny Schatz became the first repeat winner last year in front of a record breaking crowd in a convincing fashion. Ohio locals Cole Duncan and Lee Jacobs showed strong with a 4th and 6th place run respectively opening the eyes of fans across the country. One of the marquee events of the World of Outlaws tour and certainly worth every penny for not only the races, but the event surrounding it.

    -The Trumbull County Fair is open for business and the former Expo Speedway roars back to life for two days as it has the past few years. July 11th features Late Models and Rush Sportsman Modifieds (the eastern kind). July 12th features the Big Block Modifieds and the Rush Sportsman Modifieds for a second show. If you're interested in either checking off a new track, filling in the day between the Doty and Kings Royal weekend, or just want to see a race on a Wednesday in Thursday this Northeast Ohio fair race may be just the spice for you.

    -The Summer Nationals Hell tour comes to a close this weekend in Ohio at the Oakshade Raceway in Wauseon, OH. The grueling tour finally comes to an end and promises to be the best fendered action in the state this weekend with a HUGE car count for only $12 each night! Gotta get there early to save your seat as the fan count should be just as good as the car count is. Friday Night is a $5k to win race and Saturday is the Birthday Race for $10k to win, as well as the crowning of the Helltour champion.

    My Weekend Plans
    There is a chance my "weekend" plans may kick off tonight on an impromptu visit to Kokomo Speedway for the Kokomo Klassic $2k win Non Wing show. It's a track I've wanted to go to for a while and this looks like it might be a good opportunity to make it there with being off work tomorrow. I have tickets reserved and ready to go to my first Brad Doty Classic at ARP! Very excited for this event and to get to see it firsthand. I took a vacation day on Wednesday to recover from the excitement on Tuesday night, or if it does get pushed back to Wednesday I'll still be able to just go there and drive back after for work Thursday morning. Friday I'm planning on visiting Gas City for the first time for a regular racing event headlined by the non wing sprints. Again, another track I've been wanting to get to and with Attica off Friday it makes perfect sense to go this week. Lastly, Saturday I plan on rounding off the weekend at Oakshade for the Helltour finale Birthday Bash race. It's the second closest track to where I'm at now and planning to pay my first visit to the track with their biggest event.

    Long Story short, will be at a bare minimum of 1 new track this weekend/week with Oakshade pretty much a lock. The longer drives make Kokomo and Gas City dependent on other factors, but looking forward to this week have been without a race for 2 weekends (nevermind that I was at Mansfield Sunday that didn't count ).
    • July 10th
      • Attica Raceway Park – WoO Sprints Brad Doty Classic
    • July 11th
      • Trumbull County Fairground – Late Models, RUSH Sportsman Modifieds
    • July 12th
      • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints
      • Trumbull County Fairground – Big Block Modifieds, RUSH Sportsman Modifieds
    • July 13th
      • Deerfield Speedway – Non Wing Sprints, Jr. Sportsman, Modlites, 600 Micros
      • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints
      • Hilltop Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Modlites, Trucks, Compacts, Wedges
      • Jackson Co. Speedway – Steel Block Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts, Enduro
      • Limaland Motorsports Park – FAST 305 Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Moler Raceway Park – OTSCS 305 sprints, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models Helltour Summer Nationals, Modifieds
      • Raceway 7 – Crate Late Models, E-Modifieds, Stocks, Econo Modifieds, Compacts
      • 250 Speedway – Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts, Wedges
    • July 14th
      • Atomic Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Deerfield Speedway – 270 Micros, 600 Micros, Chargers, Classics, Compacts
      • Eldora Speedway – WoO Sprints Kings Royal
      • Midway Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Sport Modifieds, Compacts
      • Oakshade Raceway – Late Model Helltour Summer Nationals, Modifieds
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Modifieds
      • Wayne County Speedway – Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Modifieds, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, 4cyl Stocks, Enduro

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    Mercer has Summer Nationals this Friday and Saturday. Only running 3 divisions Saturday with $3500 to win 410s, $888 modlites, and open stocks. Should have a great car counts in all divisions.


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      Should be a lot of sprints with all the tracks not running them cause of KR. WCS not running them and those guys dont go run KR so if half of them went would really add to the car count. I think 35 cars at least.


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        I'm planning on making my first trip to Oakshade on Friday. Great car counts as you suggested for $12. The rest of the weekend is shot for me. My wife leaves early Saturday to take off for the weekend.

        Michigan has some sprints this weekend for teams and fans looking to avoid Eldora. SoD is doing a double weekend. Hartford on Friday and Crystal on Saturday. Hartford is pairing non wing sprints with SoD. I-96 is running unsanctioned sprints with no tire rule on Friday. 3000 to win 1500 to second and 300 to start.

        Good luck to my buddy, Ryan Ruhl as him and the 71H head to Ohio for the Doty and KR!
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          Looking like a pretty good field at Mercer Saturday. Mintz, Palker, Brubaker, and Ryan have told the track the intend to run as well as the western pa regulars.


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            Wound up going to limaland tonight for the me first time. Crowd is very sparse right now about 15 minutes before hotlaps. Hoping crowd fills in a bit but for obvious reasons most people will be at eldora tonight. I would be too if it wasn’t another 50 minutes away and triple the cost.
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              Seen results and my oh my have car counts decreased on their staple divisions. Such a shame. Guess the "if you don't like it, don't come back" attitude from frickey finally showin up in car counts


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                Honestly car counts weren’t fantastic (14 305s 18 modifieds, 13 stocks) but the racing was fantastic. The mods and stocks put on a hell of a show in both features. Sprint nets were pretty huggy towards bottom but when guys tried the middle or top they usually gained ground. Both stock and mod features came down to the final lap.
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                  Royal weekend probly the worst time to go-to limaland because many competitors are at eldora to participate or watch. Try to make it back on an nra night you will see them come off the bottum. Glad to see you finally made it there .


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                    Mercer was beautiful last night. Track was great and the show moved along quickly. 35+ 410s cars committed and 40+ mod lites. Had 23 open stocks last night. Happy this place came back to life even it if just twice this year.Hopefully the fans show up tonight because the cars sure are coming.


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                      Sounds like Saturday night at Mercer was a great show to go to. Pictures showed the place overflowing with fans.
                      Amazing car count in the sprints plus other classes.
                      Glad to see Jordan Ryan get his first 410 win.
                      From what I heard and read, it sounds like a lot of the WCS regulars put on a great show. I want to see a write up with all the names.
                      Be great if Mercer can do a few shows like this again.
                      I have always enjoyed that track.
                      So glad the cars and fans went and supported it.


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                        It was one of the best weekends ive had this year if not thee best. WCS took the top 4 in Jordan Ryan winning, 57x Palker second, 3j Trey Jacobs, and 19 Mitch harble 4th. Adam Kekich was up to 3rd but got tangled with a lapped car and flipped. The mod lites showed up and had a tribute race for the former track champion there that passed over the winter. Going unnoticed is the car counts Friday were really good too with 20+ in all 3 divisions. There was rumors swirling Friday that they are going to run little guy nationals this year especially since they approached us 270 micro guys and asked us about it. I love racing that track. I never do well there but its a blast. I think they will announce Little Guy Nationals or an Fall event similar to it in the next couple weeks. Might not be a true little guy nats since the 305 division is kind of dead over there and one of them made the feature Saturday running with the 410s. Id think the 410s will be on the card for #1 bova runs a 410 and #2 they put butts in the seats and wont need to rely on the pit gate to make ends meet. Announcement will come out when ever they get done counting the money from this weekend. They sold everything at the concession stands and I mean everything. They even cleared the nearby stores going to get more. Im happy it came back to life in a big way. Also heard that the Bova's are thinking about leasing the track next year but one step at a time.