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if anyone needs a transponder rental for this weekend (7-13 & 7-14)

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  • if anyone needs a transponder rental for this weekend (7-13 & 7-14)

    Attention Attica and Fremont regulars, since the tracks are dark this weekend (7-13 & 7-14) you may be going elsewhere to race. I'm hearing that some of tracks around are charging $20 of more for transponder rental. If the track you are going to uses the yellow (Westhold) transponder then I can rent you one for $10 for the entire weekend. Stop in at Computer Man, 200 E. State St. Fremont, before noon on Friday. I will need a deposit ($150 cash, drivers license, OR a Credit Card)

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    That is a good deal.
    I did see somewhere it was $20.
    Nice you can do that for the drivers.
    My question is why dont drivers buy their own instead of renting weekly?


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      Lernerville and Mercer both use the RED transponders and charge $25 per night.


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        WCS is $10 and they rent out the AMB red.
        Their system reads both Red AMB and Yellow Westhold.
        Surprised more tracks dont go to being able to read both brands.