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Ohio’s 2018 Track Champions

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  • Ohio’s 2018 Track Champions

    Compiled a list of track champions from around the state this year. Each and every track should be represented here in this list if I did it correctly. A few tracks, namely Mansfield and Muskingum county do not crown any track champions as they are special event only facilities. I’m unsure as to if Midway Speedway is going to crown champions or not.

    Quite a few tracks who ran partial seasons are also not included. Deerfield Speedway, Jackson County Speedway, Legendary Hilltop Speedway, and 250 Speedway are a few of those who were unable to finish the season.

    This list will be updated as the tracks’ championships are claimed. I’ll bump the thread when this is done.

    Its listed with the northwest Ohio tracks first, northeast tracks second, and southern Ohio tracks last.

    Track Champions

    Attica Raceway Park

    •410 Sprints - Stuart Brubaker

    •Late Models - Ryan Markham

    •305 Sprints - Paul Weaver

    Fremont Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Craig Mintz

    •305 Sprints - John Ivy

    •Limited Late Models - Dustin Keegan

    •Dirt Trucks - Keith Sorg

    Oakshade Raceway

    •Late Models - Devin Shiels

    •Sportsman - Matthew Chapman

    •Bombers - Jeff Foks Jr.

    •Compacts - Joe Elliot

    Limaland Motorsports Park

    •Modifieds - Ryan Sutter

    •Thunderstocks - Daniel Sanchez

    Waynesfield Raceway Park

    •Non Wing Sprints - Dallas Hewitt

    •Modifieds - Brent Hole

    •Mini Sprints - Brad Strunk

    •Tough Trucks - Chris Hicks

    •Compacts - Robbie Tuttle

    Eldora Speedway

    •Late Models - Devin Gilpin

    •Modifieds - Jonathan Taylor

    •Stocks - Gary Rahe Jr.

    Wayne County Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Jordan Ryan

    •Late Models - Ryan Markham

    •Super Stocks - Bob Daugherty

    •Mini Stocks - Jordan James

    Hilltop Speedway

    •Late Models - JR Gentry

    •Modifieds - Jimmy Smith

    •Street Stocks - Kevin Potts

    •Modlites - Jimmy Smith

    •Mini Stocks - Wes Staley

    •Trucks - Rolly Heyder

    Sharon Speedway

    •Econo Mods - Jacob Eucker

    •Sportsman Mods - Garrett Krummert

    •Stock Cars - Christopher McGuire

    Raceway 7

    •Crate Late Models - Darrell Bossard

    •E-Mods - Troy Johnson

    •Street Stocks - Paul Schreckengost

    •Econo Mods - Eric Reinwald

    •Mini Stocks - Dillon Speer

    Portsmouth Raceway Park

    •Late Models - Eddie Carrier Jr

    •Modifieds - Anthony Slusher

    •Limited Late Models - Matt Melvin

    •Sport Mods - Luke Jordan

    Atomic Speedway

    •410 Sprints - Danny Smith

    •Late Models - Mark Frazier

    •Modifieds - Brian Whiteman

    •Sport Mods - Bob Crace

    •305 Sprints - Justin Clark

    •Compacts - Darrell Newman

    Brushcreek Motorsports Complex

    •Modifieds - Dave Jamison

    •Sport Mods - Caleb Ratliff

    •Enduros - Kendall Purdy

    Moler Raceway Park

    •Late Models - Robbie Hensley

    •Modifieds - Jimmy Lennex Jr

    •Sport Mods - Matt Watson

    •Crazy Compacts - Brandon Stephens

    35 Raceway Park

    •Modifieds - Billy Hall

    •Modlites - Dylan Rittenhouse

    •Sport Mods - Nick Snell

    •V8 Sportsman - Eric Kinney II

    •4 cyl Stocks - Eric McIntyre

    •Crazy Compacts - Tim Bowles

    •Hobby Stocks - Tim Howard
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    Lots of updates to this, PRP, 35 raceway, most of atomic's even though their championship race is the 6th due to large leads in most divisions.
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      All Done! All of the track Champions in Ohio have now been crowned.
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        Pretty damn pathetic for Limaland if ya ask me. Guess they can't have Nascar sprints, LOL