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Weekend Outlook 10/18-10/20

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  • Weekend Outlook 10/18-10/20

    Weekend Outlook
    -The 38th Annual Dirt Track World Championship at Portsmouth Raceway Park kicks off tonight with a full show for the UMP Modifieds and practice for the Lucas Oil Late Models. The Friday and Saturday events will be for both the Lucas Oil Late Models and the Modifieds. If you're planning on attending the event, be wary of the way their ticket pricing is set up. You CANNOT buy a single day for the Thursday or Friday show. If you buy a ticket for Thursday it's for Th/Fri/Sat and GA is $60, if you get it on Friday it's still $60, if you get it on Saturday only it's $50. It's a big part of the reason I didn't go to watch the Thursday race last year when I was still in Dayton. I hate when tracks do this (think PPMS does it for their Lucas show too). Keeps me from the track. That being said, the racing at PRP is fantastic and hopefully the cool temps and $$$ doesn't scare anyone off from attending the show. I just think everyone should be informed before they travel there to find that out.

    -Hilltop Speedway added a date for some of their undercard divisions and is a much shorter drive for any of us who wanna catch one more show before the winter weather fully sets in.

    Weekend Plan
    -Working Friday night and Saturday night. No racing for me. Will try to watch what I can on Dirtvision before I head off to work since I've got the fast pass to end out the season (unfortunately this doesn't include World Finals). I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled next weekend so I'll be watching the Tusky 50 on Dirtvision.
    • October 18th
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Modifieds, Lucas Oil Late Models Practice – DTWC
    • October 19th
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Lucas Oil Late Models, Modifieds – DTWC
    • October 20th
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Lucas Oil Late Models, Modifieds – DTWC
      • Hilltop Speedway – Stocks, Modlites, Compacts, Enduros

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    Hilltop opening gates at 11am Heats at 1pm.
    Looks like they are trying to get everyone out before dark.
    You can see races first if you have no enduro interest.
    Mini stocks also have special feature for those with no feature wins.
    This is a copy of the WCS race they run for sprints and lates so should drum up some interest.
    Modlites run really well at Hilltop and they get over 30 of them.
    Track prep has been really good at last 3 races there.

    DTWC dont like the ticket pricing. I think they would lose money cause some folks cant go all 3 days.

    Weather does not sound great for either place.

    Hopefully it was dry enough earlier so those camping or parking at DTWC are not in a real mess.


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      DTWC will be broadcast live on Lucas Oil Racing TV.


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        What is pricing for Lucas Oil Racing TV


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          Wayne County Speedway has done a Never Ever Won (NEW) for all the class' the last couple of years. (Sprints, Late Models, Super Stocks and Mini Stocks)


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            Looks like $99.95 @ year or $6.99 @ month.


            Just Saturday is being broadcast.


            They run a lot of the races for Lucas Oil Dirt Late Models.


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              Saw you need to get the 99.95 to see DTWC.


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                Anybody going to Portsmouth should eat at the Scioto Ribber. They serve real wood fired BBQ, with great sauce in a very casual atmosphere. I went to the DTWC in 2016 (or maybe 2015) and rooted for Drown and Markham. I'm pretty sure Markham isn't racing at the DTWC this year because he is selling both cars. I predict Markham Racing will switch to Kriptonite in 2019. Thanks for the season of Weekend Outlooks, GT.


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                  Saw Hilltop is cancelled for today and plan on running race tomorrow Sunday at starting gates open 11 am.


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                    Hilltop in Millersburg is still racing today for the die hards.
                    Only in the 40s.


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                      Originally posted by RRacer70 View Post
                      Hilltop in Millersburg is still racing today for the die hards.
                      Only in the 40s.
                      I hope they get an okay crowd turnout but with the cold and during prime football season game time I doubt it. Hopefully it’s a good show and they end the year on a good note.
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                        Actually I'm surprised they did not cancel especially since they postponed the DTWC until today.

                        Speaking of DTWC I heard a lot of people disgusted with how they could have got the race in but wasted lots of time and ran other features before the DTWC.
                        People had to leave and could not be there today.