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    Why do so many fans leave Attica as soon as the 410 feature concludes? Why aren't they interested enough in the 305's to watch the feature? Ditto for the latemodels. Would a features only format be acceptable to the fans currently leaving ARP before the show is complete?

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    Originally posted by racemak View Post
    Why do so many fans leave Attica as soon as the 410 feature concludes? Why aren't they interested enough in the 305's to watch the feature? Ditto for the latemodels. Would a features only format be acceptable to the fans currently leaving ARP before the show is complete?
    My top 10 reasons why fans leave early and I am sure others can add many other reasons.

    1) They have young families and already likely spent 4-5 hours at the track and believe that is enough time especially if they have small children.
    2) Some parents today believe their children need to get to bed at a reasonable time and sleeping the car isn't the best and their children get cranky otherwise.
    3) NOT all fans live only 15-20 minutes away so they want to get home in a timely manner.
    4) Some fans simply want to beat the rush and leave the track before others.
    5) Not sure why it bothers some fans so much what others do or don't do?
    6) Other fans simply like 410 sprint car racing and don't want to stick around for other events.
    7) Fans usually have worked a full day on Friday so likely have been up early such in my case where I get up at 5:00am and simply want to get home some nights after long day.
    8) If it bothers you so much why not start asking people where are they going or asking why are you leaving?
    9) Not all fans like every single racing divisions and don't like late models or 305's.
    10) Some people work on Saturday so they need to get home to get a little bit of sleep. Not all people have a 9-5 job, just work during the week, or retired.

    Bottom line: Doesn't really matter why fans leave early or not because the track already has their money and likely they had a reasonable good time or felt they spent their entertainment dollars wisely or they likely wouldn't be back or leave so early. Again not sure why it bothers some fans so much on these type of details because not all fans are the same so some feel comfortable leaving early. No different than some fans not getting to the track or going inside until heat races starts where other fans have to see every single lap which includes seeing push trucks going around the track running the track in before even hot laps.

    I am sure Attica appreciates fans coming to the races and spending their hard earned entertainment dollars at their track and don't really care when fans leave as long as they leave happy and plan on joining them again.
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      Wow. For something you say doesn't matter, you are certainly spewed out long post on the subject. Here's your next assignment. In 1000 words or less; are the events at Attica too long?


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        Number 3 and 7 apply to me.75 minute drive home is not fun after working all day.


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          2,6 & 7 for me. 3 hr ride home.


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            Originally posted by racemak View Post
            Wow. For something you say doesn't matter, you are certainly spewed out long post on the subject. Here's your next assignment. In 1000 words or less; are the events at Attica too long?
            I said "doesn't really matter" why fans leave because track already has money.

            Why are you so mad because I gave many reasons why fans leave a race track? Didn't you ask why fans do or you just upset because somebody blew your topic out of the water on why fans leave a track!

            I personally don't care if fans leave or not because it doesn't effect me like it must you because you have brought it up a lot since I arrived on here. I have been known to leave a race early at times as well because of the drive, divisions, work, being tired, etc... I have went to many tracks where right after the 410 race was over I bolted to get on the road so I didn't have to wait another 30 minutes to leave after (1-3 more divisions are to be run) because I had 2 1/2 hour plus drive home depending on the track I attended to the Toledo area and it was already late.

            Sorry that you don't like my post or examples of why fans leave, but you asked why fans leave and I gave you several examples of why fans might leave!

            To answer your last question about Attica for me they aren't, but for others they might be especially if your talking about races getting over with after the 10:00pm or later on a Friday night because read the top 10 list again or if you didn't already and that might apply once again for you with these questions! Not everybody wants to be at a race track all night long especially if they are a worked all day, a family with young kids, or simply don't want to be driving home in the middle of the night and don't live 15-20 minutes away. I like others drive over an hour to Attica to watch races so not everybody is local as you must be or think everybody is that comes to Attica.

            Doesn't make race fans less of a fan because they decide they no longer want to be at the race track. Just be happy that they came and helped support the teams, drivers, and race track!
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              Notice at Wayne County.
              After 410s part of crowd leaves.
              After 410s and late models half the crowd leaves
              After 410s, late models, super stocks, 90% leave
              10% stay and watch the mini stocks.

              I have left tracks after the 2 main events cause of having to go to work or having to be home early cause of seniors.
              I have left early when having small children.
              I have left early because of long drive.
              I have left early cause the show was incredibly boring and horribly managed.

              I leave Attica after 410s and late models cause of long drive and same with Fremont for 410s only.


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                Nothing posted here has ever angered me. My tendancy to sarcasm can be rage inducing to some people. The following is really more of a promotor's responsiblity, but here goes. To all the racefans who take time from their busy day to attend the races, thankyou.
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                  The world is in a state of constant change , but many ( particularly race tracks ) do not acknowledge that. Years ago, Attica, during the Eric Phillips regime and later with Gene Frankhart, the entire show ended around 10 to 10.15 PM ( fact, not fake news ). During those years, there was not a noticeable exodus before the show was completed. In fairness, however, in those days the order of events varied from week to week, so every division had to take their turn at being last. Also, I may be wrong but I believe the races started at 7.30 sharp. Personally, I would rather be “ entertained “ fairly rapidly rather than slowly and drawn out, so I attend tracks who run the show off quickly, particularly if I have a one way drive of 1 1/2 hours or more. Summary, the older crowd who attend races don’t want to be arriving home after midnight, and the younger crowd like things more quickly. Most of the stick and ball sports have now undertaken ongoing measures to speed up their games , as the same concerns pertain to stick and ball. Several years ago, I finally realized that some things will never change, so I have altered the extent of my support of several hobbies, including race attendance. Not crticizing here, just responding to the question with my opinion.


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                    I stay about half the time and leave the other half. Depends on how the event itself is going. If there are a lot of single car spins or senseless cautions then I'll leave after the 410s since that is the class I care about the most.

                    Usually I'll have my now 3yr old son with me and while I don't mind having him up late on a race night some times there are limits. Other times he falls asleep during or after the 410 feature so I'll pack up then and leave (and thanks to any on here who may have helped me do that in the past). Add a 2+ hour drive home and already being up since 4am, it can make for a long day.

                    Sometimes I get the feeling on here that a lot of people just assume that everyone is lives within a 30min drive of the tracks. That's why some of us say we only go to all star/Outlaw races because it's the best bang for our buck. It's not that we hate or not care about local racers or tracks. I now know of 5 others that go to all Ohio tracks and we all live in Columbus, we all have kids, and all work full time jobs. We like late models and 305s but sometimes they have to wait till next time


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                      Usually if I’m going to Fremont or Attica I stay for all of the events because I’m within an hour and they are usually done from 11p-12a. Wayne county I usually stay for Sprints, Late Models, super Stocks but mini’s Depend on who I’m with and how quickly they ran threw the program. Other tracks which are further from me depends on the supports and amount of cautions and the time I’m getting home. For instance I left Montpelier after first division both times because they ran very late and first time had 2+hr drive back for work next day and the second I was with my fiancé who has issues breathing with the fumes at tracks.
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                        For me, I’ve always worked 7:30am-5ish on Friday’s and would work as early as 5:45am Saturday morning. So work is the main factor for me. I love Attica as much as the next guy, but when you’ve had a long day and have another 10 hour day Saturday, I try to maximize my sleep time. I’ll stay for as much as the show as I feel I can. Sometimes I leave after the 410 feature, sometimes it’s two cautions into the next feature. Since WCS was brought up, I will say that I’ll stay for the entire show there. Seems like every class puts on a good race, no parking lot jam, and only an hour drive home for me.
                        Bottom line is, if I leave the races early, I never feel like I didn’t get my monies worth.


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                          11. when you run out of beer


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                            Those leaving after sprints usually miss the best racing of night.


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                              # 12 Jacking Around especially when it's cold