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    Originally posted by GTigers55 View Post

    I’d guesstimate it will be 52 this year. Was 46 last year with rain threatening.
    With Attica not running for quite awhile I am guessing they will be able to get a good crowd as well along with having these other late model guys showing up Attica should be able to have a quality show and a good gauge what they can attract with paying a higher late model purse.
    2019 Race Counter: 7
    All-Stars: 5
    World of Outlaws: 2
    Tracks: Bubba (3), Volusia (4).
    Rain: 1


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      Limaland cancelled
      raceway 7 cancelled

      Wayne co. Moved racing up to 6
      Brushcreek also moved start time up

      2019 Race Counter: 8
      Attica (3), Butler (1), Fremont (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Wayne Co. (1)


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        Cpol temps wind and dampness keep the crowd down I'd bank since no wings. Attica & Fremont in minority of nation, wings only matter


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          Moler cancelled, atomic moved to hot laps to 3pm
          2019 Race Counter: 8
          Attica (3), Butler (1), Fremont (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Wayne Co. (1)


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            Eldora - Saturday start times moved up. Hot Laps at 5:00PM...
            2019 Race Counter - Total 7 + (rainouts- 7) Attica-2, Eldora-3, Fremont-1, Waynesfield- 1

            2018 Race Counter - Total- 33 + (Rainouts-18) Atomic-2, Attica-7, Eldora-11, Fremont-3, Kokomo-1, Limaland-2, Mansfield- 2, Waynesfield-4, Wayne County-1


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              Very good racing at Attica tonight. 41 AELMT Late Models, 31 305 Sprints, and 22 Dirt Trucks.

              Stemler took a big tumble off a rough cushion in turn two before even starting his first timed lap. He was a okay and able to pull out a backup car for his heat.

              Late Model heats mostly didn’t have terribly much movement. Track was relatively narrow after track was reworked. Stemler came from the tail to finish 5th in his heat nearly missing the transfer.

              Highlight of 305 heats was John Ivy 8th to 4th in half a track in his heat then going into win the heat. Peters dominated his heat as weaver charged up through the back after Mike Keegan held him off for quite a while.

              Late model feature was fantastic. Drown led first 13laps with Ryan Missler in tow. Just as lap traffic came into play a caution flew for a spin by a #42 (guessing an AELMT regular). By this point Satterlee, a former Lucas oil member, had worked himself into third after passing former track champion Devin Shiels. On the ensuing restart Satterlee dispatched of Missler utilizing the high groove and set his sights on Doug drown. As the laps clipped away Missler snuck back into the picture peaking his nose under Satterlee and Drown making it a three wide contest for the lead. Drown jumped the cushion in turn two allowing both cars to pass and Missler to move into the lead. Missler wouldn’t look back, and Satterlee and Drown would swap spots a few times before finishing with Satterlee in the runnerup spot and Drown in third.

              Capodice won after the second place running Kyle Peters dropped out and the leader Jamie Miller pulled off later in the race.

              Shawn Valenti blew the doors off the field for another dirt truck win. The remainder of the field put in s good show with Jimmy McGrath jr, John Brooks, and others putting on s good show in the top 5.

              Very chilly once the sun went down, crowd was fairly sparse as I expected but thankful to see such a great car count yet again.
              2019 Race Counter: 8
              Attica (3), Butler (1), Fremont (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Wayne Co. (1)


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                I went to Eldora friday night and went to WCS tonight after what seemed like a second off season. I didn’t get the chance to do Eldora’s recap yet but I’m hoping to get it up tomorrow. For now though, here’s the recap for WCS!

                It was a partly sunny and 63 degree evening at Wayne County Speedway for some Sprint, late model, super and mini stock racing. Mother Nature was looking like she was going to take the win at Eldora, so I went east in an effort to beat her and eat the best cheeseburgers known to man. 20-21 sprints made the call, and Trevor Baker was fastest (I think) in hotlaps running a 14.923, followed by Tyler Dunn, Dean Jacobs, and Andrew Palker. Race monitor wasn’t up for the first group so Baker may not have actually been quickest.

                24 late models towed out to tune up for the World of Outlaws late model event next Saturday. Names like Markham, Drown, Conley, Missler, and Irey. Doug Drown was fastest in group one at a 17.138.

                Corey Conley clocked in quickest in heat two with a 17.284, and Scott was quickest in group three at a 17.464.

                Seeing as I know nothing about either stock class, I won’t be covering those this evening.

                410 heat 1: Steve butler took an early lead while Brinton Marvel decided to go straight into the wall, but kept it going and made it to the pits. Jordan Ryan and Brian Smith were your top three until Dean Jacobs and Mitch Harble got past Smith. Butler won, Ryan, Jacobs, Harble and Smith were your top 5

                410 heat 2: The bakers of Stuart Bru and Trevor were one two for a while until Brubaker slammed the door on Baker off of a restart after a Ryan Broughton spin on lap 4. Baker did a 360 a few turns later it kept it going and fell back to fourth. Brubaker won, Dunn, Peterson, Baker, and Malcuit rounded out your top five.

                410 heat 3: Troy Kingan was supposed to be on the front row, but he blew parts out of his car during hot laps so he didn’t make the call. Clay Riney and Trey Jacobs or DJ Foos (I can’t remember) paced the field and after Foose took the lead, they pretty much finished where they were after lap one. Foos, Jacobs, Riney, Mumaw and Palker top 5.

                Late model heat 1: Jerry Aber spun on the start after Ryan Markham took the early lead. This set up a massive charge for Doug Drown, going from fourth to first in a couple turns on lap three. Even a couple late restarts couldn’t deter Drown from a heat win over Markham, Malcuit, Bellman and Bee

                LM Heat 2: Last night a winner from Attica Ryan Missler took an early lead over Hornikel and Irey. Cody Scott half spun, but Charlie Duncan corrected him and they both kept going on lap 3.

                Missler ran away with the heat over Irey, Duncan, Hornikel, who blew a fire, and Misel.

                LM Heat 3: The heat that would never end. JR Gentry took the lead early while the 28 did their best Brinton Marvel impression and went straight into the wall in one and two. Austin Good had a terrible heat race, hitting the infield tire on lap 1, and spinning two more times on the restart and on that ensuing restart. Gentry, Matt Aber, and Corey Conley had a nice battle for positions 1-3. Eventually it was Gentry who won, Conley second, Aber, Mott, and Hartong founding out your top 5.

                410 Feature: Tyler Dunn, Foos, Trey Jacobs, Clay Riney, Dean Jacobs, Ricky Peterson, Brubaker, Ryan, Butler, and Harble were your top ten starters. On the initial start it was Foos to the lead followed by Riney, Trey Jacobs, Tyler Dunn and Ricky Peterson but then in turn one, Harble and Malcuit came together and ended their respective races. Tyler Dunn went off out of P4 on lap four but kept it going. Then Trey Jacobs spun out of third on lap seven. The running order was as followed 16F, 38K,2,9,8, 57X from 12th! But the 57x of Palker spun on the restart and collected the 22 of Ryan Broughton. Dean Jacobs made his way by Peterson on the restart for P3 and Jordan Ryan followed suit. Dean then went to work for second place and got by Riney on lap 10 while Peterson got back by Ryan and then Baker started charging forward. While all of this was going on, Foos was sneaking away. Dean gave Riney the old bump and run for second and set his sights on Foos. With five to go and Foos in traffic, Jacobs was right there! Foos got boxed in by lapped traffic and that’s all Jacobs needed to take the lead. A caution on lap 21 set up a four lap shootout which saw Dean sneak away and Peterson come back to exchange sliders with Foos for second. Dean Jacobs won followed by Peterson, Foos, Baker, Ryan, Riney, Dunn, Brubaker, Palker and Mumaw.

                Late model Feature: Missler and Markham led the field to green, while Matt Irey went pitside on the one to go lap. There was a four car pileup in turn one on the initial start. For the first chunk of the race it was Missler vs. Markham. But soon Markham got by Missler and took a charging Doug Drown with him. Under yellow for another Austin Good spin, Markham’s car started smoking. On lap 11, the 14’s of Gentry and Conley got by Missler for third and fourth. But Conley had a tire blow on lap thirteen that ruined his race. From there it was on between Markham, Drown, and Gentry. They gave their all trying to catch Markham, and Drown showed him a nose coming to the white flag. But Markham prevailed over Drown, Gentry, Scott, Missler, Duncan, Hornikel, Malcuit, Mott and Caskey.

                Sprinkles were falling and I believe they couldn’t get the stock features in in time. It was nice seeing the improvements the Flory’s have made to WCS!


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                  Been interesting if Wayne County was another 5 laps or so for the Late Models. The 19 was charging hard there at the end on the top side.


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                    Sorry for the delay on Eldora's recap! Got home around 2am and had to be up to make donuts at work by 630 so I decided to not do the recap when I got home!

                    Mother Nature finally let us go racing and everyone made the call on a cloudy and 52 degree day. 49 Outlaws and 37 USAC sprints showed up and showed out all night long. Notables included Kerry Madsen, CBell, Wild Child, Tim Kaeding, Don Scelzi, Rico, Sammy, and some locals like Ivy, Stiger, Wimmer, Kofoid and Ashford. USAC has all their big names: Bacon, Sunshine, Windom, Ballou, Grant, Boespflug, Darland, KTJ, Leary, along with a lot of BOSS regulars.

                    Hot laps/Qualifying:

                    Brady Bacon won hotlaps for the USAC division at a 15.365. I missed the first flight of USAC because someone forgot his earplugs, so he had to go buy some before his eardrums ruptured while standing along the inside fence in T1&2. So for the second flight, it was Bacon on top again with a 15.347, Carson Short: 15.613, third place (somehow I don’t have the name): 15.644, Ballou: 15.683 and Windom with a 15.692 were your top five.

                    For the Outlaws, Reutzel was quickest in hot laps with a 12.957, just .250 off the track record in practice.

                    In flight one: Shane Stewart laid down a 12.825 to set QT.

                    Schuchart: 12.833

                    Shaffer: 12.848


                    Sammy: 12.861

                    Flight two: PPM went quickest with a 12.881

                    Pittman: 12.947

                    Reutzel: 13.009

                    Ian Madsen: 13.020

                    Macedo: 13.038

                    I was really hoping someone would find that extra tenth to break the track record, but it wasn’t meant to be; even with almost perfect conditions for a NTR.

                    USAC Heat 1: it was Boespflug who went to the early lead while KTJ, Dallas Hewitt, and CJ Leary went three wide for third. Everyone then settled down and it was a calm heat race, Boespflug wins,Buckwalter, Leary, KTJ, and Bilbee were your top five. Boespflug blew a motor coming to the checkers though.

                    USAC Heat 2: It was the People’s Champ Dave Darland who took the lead, but he was going to have to hold off a charging Sunshine Tyler Courtney if he wanted this one. Darland held on until lap six, when Courtney made his way around and went on to win over Stockton, Darland, Hodges and Crabtree.

                    USAC Heat 3: It was Westfall vs. Bacon early on but Bacon cleared him and took Chris Windom with him. Windom was slowly catching Bacon but didn’t have enough tome. Bacon, Windom, Westfall, Grant, Chapple.

                    USAC Heat 4: The 2DI of Dustin Ingle took the early lead but Carson Short mad short work of him. Robert Ballou and Jason McDougal were in a tight battle for second, and Ballou won that battle on lap four. Short won the last heat race, Ballou, McDougal, and Dustin Ingle.

                    Outlaw Heat 1: Stewart vs. Schatz vs. Sweet early on. Stewart squeaked away and let DonDon and Sweet do their thing. Donny was running the middle like it was the Kings Royal and Sweet was searching for the fastest line. Stewart, Schatz, Sweet, Sides, Kinser.

                    Outlaw Heat 2: Sammy was supposed to start front row, but was late to staging, so he started in row two. Schuchart took an early lead over Gravel and Sammy. Gravel always seemed to be catching the 1S but could never quite get there. 1S, 41, 1, 24, 11(Blaney) were your top five.

                    Outlaw Heat 3: Tim Shaffer took the early lead over Allen and Zearfoss. Allen was really working that low side but couldn’t make anything happen. Shaffer, Allen, Zearfoss, Kerry Madsen, and Marks top five.

                    Outlaw Heat 4: This was a pretty quiet heat. PPM wins but hurts a motor, Ian Madsen, Gio, Bayston and Bacon. Madsen did make a run at the end for the lead but to no avail.

                    Outlaw Heat 5: This heat started off with a big move by Macedo to take the lead, splitting two cars in turn two. The first caution of the night came out when Cale Thomas spun in turn four on lap 2. On the restart, CBell and Pittman went at it for second. CBell threw a big slider on Pittman on the last lap to secure second and a spot in the dash.

                    Outlaw Heat 6: Reutzel and Kaeding led the field early, but Kaeding wasn’t happy with second so he went after Reutzel and took the lead on laps two and three. It was smooth sailing from there. Kaeding, Reutzel, Schuerenberg, Conley, and Thomas rounded out the top five.

                    For the outlaw heats, top three transferred, top two to the dash.

                    Outlaw dashes:

                    Dash 1: Schuchart went from fifth to third in one corner! And both of those Shark cars were making the bottom work. DonDon won, 41, 1S, 5, 1A, 49X

                    Dash 2: Tame. Macedo, PPM, Kaeding, CBell, Ian, and Reutzel

                    USAC Semi: Nick Bilbee, Ty Tilton, Carmen Perigo, Issac Chapple, Brian Vanmeveren, and Dustin Smith were your transfers

                    Outlaw Cmain: Marks, Helms, McMahan, Dave Blaney, and Jac were your top five

                    Outlaw Bmain: Cale Thomas took the lead over Kerry Madsen, but Madsen soon made it around Thomas as well as Bayston. Kmadsen, Bayston, Thomas, Rico, Sides, and Kinser transferred. Notable nontransfers included Sheldon, Marks, and Wilson.

                    USAC Feature: Grant, KTJ, Short, Stockton, Bacon, Leary, Courtney, Ballou, Buckwalter, Windom were your top ten starters for what was sure to be a great feature. KTJ took the lead early, and held it until lap two, when Dave Darland had a big flip in turns three and four. Dave took his time getting out, but was OK. KTJ continued to lead on the restart over Short, Grant, and Sunshine who was fast out of the gate. By lap four, Sunshine had caught Stockton for third and they engaged in a quick battle, but Sunshine got around for third and quickly claimed second as well. It was obvious that Sunshine was the fastest car on the track. Sunshine took the lead on lap five. While this was going on, there was a fierce battle for fourth between Leary, Grant, Bacon, Owen, Windom, and Ballou. Ballou retired from the race on lap ten when he stopped on track, and Boespflug also retired at this time. Sunshine took off again with a clear track on the restart. Leary and Bacon were giving KTJ a hard time for second place, and Windom joined that battle for second. Leary got second on lap 18 and Bacon and Windom got by KTJ on lap 19. Sunshine ran away with this one by half a track over Leary, Bacon by a nose over Windom, Short, KTJ, Stockton, Grant, McDougal, and Chapple. It was Courtney’s first win of the year!

                    Outlaw Feature: Donny, Macedo, Gravel, PPM, Schuchart, Kaeding, Stewart, CBell, Allen, and Ian Madsen were your top ten starters. Off the start it was Macedo who held a slight advantage over Ten Time, who was fiercely fighting back. Donny regained the lead quickly and started eeking away from the field. I thought Macedo was about to blow up though, as he had lots of smoke pouring out of his car early on. Donny reached traffic on lap seven, but still held his advantage over Macedo, Gravel, Schuchart, PPM, and Allen. On lap eight, the 1S was all over Gravel for third and eventually got around him, and then his teammate Allen got around PPM on lap 11 to put both Shark cars into the top 5! Donny was doing Donny things and was getting thru traffic like a hot knife in butter. Schuchart got around Macedo for second and then the chase was on starting on lap 12. At the halfway point (lap 15) it was Donny, Logan, Macedo, Gravel, and Allen as your top five. I thought if Logan had any sort of chance, he was going to need a caution. By lap 19, Schuchart had a clear track while Donny was working some traffic and Logan started to reel Donny in. Donny was faster in turns one and two while Logan was faster in turns three and four. Logan gave Donny everything he had, but just couldn’t quite get it done, and on lap 28, there were a few lappers between Donny and Logan, essentially ending the battle for the lead.

                    Donny won, Schuchart, Macedo, Gravel, Allen, CBell, Kaeding, PPM, Gio, and Ian Madsen were your top ten.

                    It ended up being a great night for racing, with a nice, smooth, slick to the cushion surface that produced great racing for the USAC boys all night long. The Outlaws had almost a perfect show in my eyes: bad fast in qualifying, heat races were kinda follow the leader, but by feature time, you could almost run anywhere and be fast. It’s always fun going to the Big E and I’m looking forward to the next trip… along with some toilet water!


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                      For those that haven't been to WCS this year they added a shiny new ticket booth and entrance/exit pattern. Added some new signage for the parking entrance and a sign pointing out that the next right is the parking entrance for travelers. Added some new signage within the track, re-roofed/sided the pavilion over the concession stands as well.
                      2019 Race Counter: 8
                      Attica (3), Butler (1), Fremont (2), Lawrenceburg (1), Wayne Co. (1)