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Weekend Outlook 5/17-5/18

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  • Weekend Outlook 5/17-5/18

    Weekend Highlights

    -The World of Outlaws Late Model Series swings into the buckeye state with a doubleheader weekend. Kicking off Friday at Muskingum County Speedway which will also serve as the Zanesville oval's season opener after their first attempt was washed out. Tickets are $25 (GA) at Musk. Co. and racing is slated to start at 7. The many support divisions are listed below. The WoOLMS will then travel north to Wayne County Speedway for Saturday. The $10k to win show follows up a strong field of Late models in the previous week as the locals look to fend off some of the nation's best late model drivers and defend the home turf. Admittance for Saturday's event has a GA of $30 and will have double feature in the super stocks and mini stocks (due to rain last saturday).

    -The Attica Fremont Championship Series will have it's first $4k to win weekend after the first attempt was squandered thanks to mother nature. The 410 sprints will battle for $4k each night at Attica on Friday and Fremont on Saturday. Friday is also host to the Eric Phillips Memorial race at Attica. The AFCS 305 sprints will also be in action both nights, paying $1k to win on Saturday at Fremont. Fremont also has dollar hot dog night and an autograph session with many of the drivers prior to the evenings events.

    - Family night at Eldora with the NRA 360s as the headliner for only $8 should be an event well worth the cost as well. The OVSCA returns to Atomic, and some other tracks are on takes 2-3-4 of their season opener due to rain.

    Weekend Plans

    - I'm very much considering making the haul up to I-96 Friday for the ASCS National 360 tour co-sanctioned with the GLSS 360s. The american ethanol modified series is also on the cards and the 3 hour drive to see a series who very rarely comes to this area of the country really appeals to me. Would like to see Bergman, Hafertepe, Hahn, White, etc. race. There were in the mid-30s of cars with only GLSS there last weekend. However, staying close to home to Attica for the Phillips' race is also appealing as I know it's a good show and is 2 hours less of a drive either way. Saturday I plan on going to Fremont with Eldora as a backup plan should.
    • May 17th
      • Attica Raceway Park – AFCS 410 Sprints, Att./WCS Late Models, AFCS 305 Sprints ($4k to win 410s – Eric Phillips)
      • Limaland Motorsports Complex – Non Wing Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks
      • Moler Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods, Compacts, Legends, Enduro
      • Muskingum Co. Speedway – WoO Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts
      • Raceway 7 – RUSH Late Models, E-Mods, Street Stocks, Compacts, Econo-Mods
    • May 18th
      • Atomic Speedway – OVSCA 410 Sprints, Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods
      • Brushcreek Motorsports Complex – Modifieds, Sport Mods, Legends, Enduro (Double features – Straight up & Full invert)
      • Eldora Speedway – NRA 360 Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks ($8 GA & Fireworks)
      • Fremont Speedway – AFCS 410 Sprints, AFCS 305 Sprints, Trucks ($4k to win 410s, $1k to win 305s)
      • Midway Speedway – Late Models, Steel Block Late Models, Modifieds, Sport Mods, Modlites, Compacts, Wedges
      • Oakshade Raceway – Late Models, Sportsman, Stocks, Compacts
      • Portsmouth Raceway Park – Late Models, Modifieds, Limited Late Models, Sport Mods
      • Sharon Speedway – 410 Sprints, Stock Cars, RUSH Sportsman Mods, Econo-Mods
      • Wayne Co. Speedway – WoO Late Models, Stocks, Compacts
      • 35 Raceway Park – Modifieds, Sport Mods, Modlites, Stocks, Compacts, V8 Sportsman, 4cyl Stocks

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    Sorry to see 5 support classes for the WoO late model show at Muskingum that makes it too late of a night for me with a 2 hr drive. The late model part of the show should be really good there. So a total of 6 classes for that night might make a long night.

    Not sure why Hilltop has not been on the list. They are running a modified special plus regular classes less the late models.

    Hilltop announced they are off next Friday the 24th which would seem to be the best time to hold a race.

    Hard to believe I have only seen 2 races so far this year.


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      Almost forgot


      I look forward to using this.


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        Interesting Musk is 45 for pits, WCS is 40 for pits
        Have they charged this much before for the WoO show?


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          Stands cheaper so using back gate money to pay purse?


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            Originally posted by RRacer70 View Post
            Interesting Musk is 45 for pits, WCS is 40 for pits
            Have they charged this much before for the WoO show?
            There season opener was advertised as $35 so they raised it $10 a pop. Not like they pay for points if you’re an undercard driver than can go elsewhere it’d make sense too.
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              There needs to be a warning sign at the front gate for any track with multiple support classes similar to the one before an adult themed TV show.

              ** WARNING: This race event contains 5 support divisions. The racing you see tonight may contain extended delays and multiple cautions. This racing event is not intended for viewers with young children or people who value time. Please be advised.


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                The 410's are back at Attica and Fremont. Yeehaw! An AFCS double header. Due to flawed thinking, I have forgotten to say thank you for awhile. Not today. Thanks, GT.


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                  Should be big crowds at Attica and Fremont this weekend.


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                    All-Stars Rained out entire weekend in Wisconsin, Attica, Fremont may pick up a few more cars for AFCS races.
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                      Hilltop is cancelled for tonight from overnight rains.


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                        Saw Muskingum was rained out and race will be run this Sunday.


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                          Attica Recap!

                          Mother nature threatened all day, but couldn’t quite mess up what turned out to be a fantastic evening of racing at Attica Raceway Park. I hadn’t been to ARP in over a month, so it was great getting back to my home track. With the All Stars raining out in Wisconsin, we had some invaders. Names like Greg Wilson, Spencer Bayston, Dale Blaney, Syler Gee, Joey Saldana, Jac Haudenschild, and some guy named Tony Stewart showed up too. Those were just some of the 39 410’s that showed up. Needless to say, it was a very stout field.

                          305 Hot laps: Jamie Miller was fastest in group one, turning a 13.881, good enough for quicktime overall. Kyle Peters was fastest in the second group, with a 14.163 and Luke Griffith took the top time in group three, clocking in at 14.130.

                          410 Hotlaps/Qualifying: In heat one, it was the Wild Child taking the quickest time, with a 12.869, heat two was Stuart Brubaker, going with a 12.971, and then the track started to get really fast. Spencer Bayston went out and laid down a 12.732, and not to be outdone, Michael “Buddy” Kofoid topped Bayston in group four with a 12.710, good enough for quicktime overall. Qualifying was rounded out with the group five honors going to Justin Peck, with a 12.858

                          Late Model Hot laps: Doug Drown was quickest overall with a 14.916, second quick was Rusty Schlenk with a 14.942, and Mike Bores was third quick with a 14.967.

                          410 Heat 1: It was Broc Martin and Jess Stiger leading the field to green in this one. Martin took the early lead and never looked back to see who was in second. Stiger held second for a lap until Craig Mintz, making his season debut, got past Stiger on lap 2 for second place. This led to the first of many ferocious battles this evening. Stiger was doing everything he could to hold off the Wild Child for the third and final transfer starting on lap three, but Haudenschild got that coveted transfer spot, which put him in the redraw thanks to his qualifying time. Stiger was fourth, Henry fifth, Smith sixth, Ivy and Neill to round out heat one.

                          410 Heat 2: The Jay Kiser backup car, 23x, made an appearance, driven by none other than former 410 and 305 track champion John Ivy! The 23x and 9x piloted by Ricky Peterson paced the field and it was Ivy who took the lead, but Skylar Gee was coming quick, getting around Peterson on the start, and eventually threw a slider at Ivy that Ivy couldn’t defend, giving up the race lead to Gee on lap two. Gee went on to win the heat, Ivy, and Peterson transferred out, followed by Brubaker, Boston Mead, Chad Wilson, Steve Butler, and Bryan Nuckles. I think it is worth noting that this heat had so much diversity in it. A 410 newcomer and wily veteran on the front row, an all star and defending track champion on the second row, a Michigander and non wing racer on the third row, and a Wayne County regular and pavement specialist on the fourth row.

                          410 Heat 3: The Brownsburg Bullet Joey Saldana and Brian Lay were on the front row of this heat. The front three stayed the same all race, but that didn’t stop Spencer Bayston and Byron Reed from waging war with one another for a good chunk of the race. Reed got by Bayston, then Bayston got back by Reed and so on and so forth until about lap four when Bayston made a pass that stuck. Saldana ran away with heat three, followed by Lay, Stambaugh, Bayston, Reed, Michael, Broughton and Olsen

                          410 Heat 4: Travis Philo and the Low Rider Dale Blaney took the green flag but the caution came right back out as Caleb Helms spun in turn one. Philo held on to the lead on the restart, but it was Tony Stewart who was able to get by Blaney for second place, while the 11’s of Blaney and Kofoid were locked in a battle to determine the better 11. Kofoid got around Blaney and set his sights on Stewart but ran out of time. 5T, 14, 11N, 11, 81, 1, 97, 21N.

                          410 Heat 5: The final heat saw Caleb Griffith and DJ Foos pace the field. It was Foos who made his way to the front early over Griffith and Andrews. Andrews took second from Griffith on lap 2 while the W20 of Greg Wilson had made his way up to fourth. Wilson, Griffith, and Justin Peck were all locked in a good battle for that third and final transfer spot and it was close! The 5x seemed to get stronger throughout the heat but couldn’t capitalize on it. Foos wins, followed by Andrews, Griffith, Wilson, Peck, Jacobs, and Malcuit.

                          305 Heat 1: It was the 3x and 77i on the front row, but the 77i of Ivy got shuffled back a bit on the start. Matt Lucius assumed the lead on lap two after he came together with the 3x, sending the 3x off the track. Soon enough, Jamie Miller made his presence known and got Lucius for the lead on lap three and that was all she wrote. Tyler Street and Ivy also got by Lucius. Capodice finished fifth and got the final transfer spot. It is worth noting that those in attendance tonight saw a unicorn in this heat… Paul Weaver failed to transfer out of his heat and would have to go to the B main.

                          305 Heat 2: Rookie Kasey Ziebold and Kyle Peters were at the front. Ziebold didn’t stay there long though. Peters assumed the lead and ran away with it over Rall, Kingseed Jr, McGrath Jr, Mingus, Sabo, Ziebold, Lusk, and Burkin. Burkin had a really nice race going, running in third until lap seven, when his car decided it had had enough and blew up big time on the backstretch.

                          305 Heat 3: The final 305 heat saw Shawn Valenti and Brewer up top. But it was the 11G of Luke Griffith who stole the show, going from sixth to second on the first lap! Valenti ended up winning the heat, followed by Griffith, Clark, Schnieder, Adams, Dahms, and Verda.

                          Late Model Heat 1: This was the Missler and Irey show. That’s all I cared to watch this heat race. They literally battled for the lead the entire race. I think they spent more time side by side than single file. It was a very very entertaining battle that saw Missler come out victorious over Irey, Shiels, and Warnick as your transfers.

                          Late Model Heat 2: Although not as entertaining as the first heat, we did see Mike Bores go from fourth to first in a very short amount of time and ended up taking the heat race win over Kester, Bellman, and Haynes.

                          Late Model Heat 3: Heat three saw two heavyweights in Ryan Markham, and Rusty Schlenk starting near the back. By lap two, Markham and Schlenk were second and third and by lap five there was a three car battle for the lead. Bob Mayes held on as long as he could, but he was no match for Markham or Schlenk, who took the top two spots, followed by Mayes, Playter and Potts.

                          Late Model Heat 4: Minus a caution on lap two, this was the Doug Drown show. Doug paced the field to green and paced them to the checkers where he won by a landslide over Watson, Brewer, and Ward.

                          410 Bmain1: Jess Stiger was your leader early on over Bayston and Wilson until lap two, when Lee Jacobs went off track and stopped on lap three. Stiger put up a great fight to Bayston for the lead, but eventually Bayston got around on lap four. Wilson and Brian Smith also got around Stiger. Those four were your four transfers into the feature. TJ Michael just missed out on a transfer spot.

                          410 Bmain2: We saw defending track champion Stuart Brubaker and the Low Rider on the gas early four the second and final B main. Those two battled for the lead for half the race, but it was Brubaker who got the better of Blaney in what could have been a good feature field itself. Brubaker, Blaney, Henry, and Reed transferred. Justin Peck was left on the outside looking in.

                          305 and Late Model B mains: Bathroom/candy/pit walk break!

                          410 Feature:
                          Jac Haudenschild Buddy Kofoid
                          Chris Andrews John Ivy
                          Craig Mintz Joey Saldana
                          DJ Foos Tony Stewart
                          Travis Philo Brian Lay

                          (Do you like the column version of the top ten starters? Let me know!)

                          Seasoned veteran vs. Young California hotshoe on the front row. What a doozy of a race this would turn out to be. The green flag dropped and it was Haud who took the early lead, but an early caution followed as Caleb Griffith went off the high side of turns one and two, did a couple 360’s, but kept his car going. On the ensuing restart, it was Craig Mintz overtaking Andrews and Ivy for third place while Jac and Buddy were about to engage in battle for the race lead. Buddy slid Jac on lap three and commandeered the lead. On lap ten, it was the 11N out front, 3, 09,6,and 25M as your top five. Soon enough, Buddy was in traffic and Mintz had caught and passed Haud for second, but Haud didn’t give up and took second right back from Mintz. They traded second place from lap 12-16 while Buddy was getting a hands on lesson in negotiating lap traffic. By lap 15, Joey Saldana was making his presence known and was making a run at Haud in third. A couple laps later and Saldana was by Haud and was looking dang fast and dangerous by lap 19 when he got by Mintz for second. Lap 22; heartbreak for Buddy. It looked like something was wrong mechanically, but I’m not really sure what happened. All I know is that Buddy slowed way up and fell back to fourth which gave Joey Saldana the lead! There was a seven lap shootout after a Skyler Gee spin. Boy what a seven laps it was. Jac was running the Haudline, while engaged in a fierce battle with Mintz and Saldana for first! Jac and Joey were nose to tail coming to two to go and by the white flag, Jac and Joey were side by side for the lead! It all came down to the final couple of corners, and that’s where Jac eeked out a win over Joey and Buddy, who rebounded to third. Mintz, Andrews, Henry (from the b main!), Wilson (from the b main!), Stewart, Blaney, and Foos rounded out your top ten.

                          Late Model Feature: Not to be outdone by the 410’s, the late models put on a classic race as well! It started with Mike Bores taking the green flag over Shiels. Heavy hitters like Drown, Markham, and Schlenk started 8th, 10th, and 11th respectively. That would make this race interesting. After a restart on lap 6, Bores still held the lead but Doug Drown was charging towards the front, as was Schlenk. By lap 13, Drown was second and Schlenk just passed Irey for fourth. Drown took the lead with a big move on lap 13 and started sneaking away. Schlenk knew that he had to keep Drown in his sights, so he started making moves for second by lap 16. Then it was on: Drown vs. Schlenk. Drown was running the bottom, and Schlenk up top, with lap cars everywhere. I couldn’t tell you how many times Schlenk showed Drown his nose over the last nine laps, but it seemed like every time his CJ1 got a run, he would get slowed up by traffic and Drown would skirt away again. Eventually, Drown picked up his 26th Attica win, putting him at the top of the all time late model wins list. Schlenk second, Shiels, Bores, Missler, Irey, Markham, Warnick, Chance, and Bellman rounded out the top 10.

                          305 Feature: Now it was time for the 305’s to give us a show! Jimmy McGrath Jr and Shawn Valenti redrew the front row, again with a lot of fast cars in the middle/rear of the field. Jamie Miller mad a rare mistake and drove off track on the initial start, bringing out the caution and sending him to the rear. McGrath took the lead off the restart over Valenti and Lucius. Valenti made a run at the lead at lap three but McGrath held off this attack. Meanwhile, John Ivy was working his way up the field, already to fourth from the seventh starting spot. Ivy was making like a cow and moooooving on up the field, getting third by lap 8. A Seth Schnieder spin on lap nine brought out the caution and let John Ivy get closer to his prey. McGrath got a great restart, as did Ivy, advancing to the second position, and started his charge for the lead. Ivy had caught up to McGrath, when Dustin Rall and last weeks winner Kyle Capodice got together, tipping Capodice over. Capodice ended up pushing back off. McGrath again got a great restart, catching the pack snoozing, but Ivy caught back up with three to go. Cue the “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining. Ivy slid McGrath for the lead on lap 22 and sailed away with the win. Valenti rounded out your podium, Street, Weaver (from the b), Clark, Peters, Griffith, Moore, and Miller were your top ten.

                          Another solid night in the books at “Ohio’s Finest Racing” which certainly lived up to its name. Hats off to the entire ARP crew for an efficient show that had lots of quality cars and races. The fans came out to support, even though it was a little chilly and the breeze was blowing into the stands. As always, I’m looking forward to the next friday night spent in Attica, hopefully next Friday with the All Stars!


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                            Great Recap for those of us who could not be there. Sounds like it will be remembered as one of the better races of the season.


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                              Great job! You write much too well for you work to appear on PitGate exclusively.