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Weekend Outlook 5/17-5/18

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    John Ivy????? Hell yeah. Good to see somebody put him in a 410 again. He can wheel anything. Hopefully he can get comfortable in the car and show some good results for the Kiser racing team. I don’t think it will take long if he is given the chance.


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      Fremont recap is done! What a great night!

      It was a warm, sunny, 80 degree day at the Track That Action built. 35 410’s, 26 305’s and 29 trucks checked in at Fremont for the night. Notables include Friday’s winner from Attica, Jac Haudenschild, Greg Wilson, Skyler Gee, Spencer Bayston, Tyler Gunn, Paige Polyak, Dale Blaney, Joey Saldana, and Bill Balog. John Ivy was back in the Kiser 23x 410 as well.

      410 hotlaps: Group one was led by Buddy Kofoid, at a 13.738. Group two saw Lady Lightning Paige Polyak on top at a 13.669. Group three had Caleb Griffith with a 13.769 and group four was led by Fremont first timer Skyler Gee.

      410 Qualifying: Drivers had one lap to get it done, and had to avoid a rut in three and four. If you wanted to be fast, you either had to hammer the top, or hit the rut and hope for the best.

      Justin Peck went our third to last, but that didn’t stop him from setting QuickTime at a 13.424

      Craig Mintz: 13.515

      Jac Haudenschild: 13.554

      Dale Blaney: 13.619

      Paige Polyak: 13.637

      Joey Saldana: 13.647

      Broc Martin: 13.660

      Cap Henry: 13.699

      Travis Philo: 13.703

      Nate Dussel: 13.709 were your top ten qualifiers. The track started to come back around about halfway thru, when Mintz, Blaney and Jac made their runs and came back again when Dussel, Balog, Gee and Peck set their times.

      305 hotlaps/qualifying:

      Jamie Miller went out late and set his QuickTime overall with a 14.335

      Jason Keckler: 14.415

      Alvin Roepke: 14.503

      Jerry Dahms: 14.645

      Tyler Street: 14.672 were your top five!

      410 Heat 1: Who will assert their dominance as the best #5? Reed and Philo were up front followed by Polyak and Peck. Polyak hit an infield tire coming to the initial start. Reed reassumed the lead on the restart over Philo and Peck and the son and father duo, Trey and Dean Jacobs. Reed started running away and Helms got by Dean Jacobs for P5. Jacobs must’ve had mechanical issues, because he slowed way down coming to the checkers. Helms almost caught Trey Jacobs for fourth, but fell just short of that final transfer. 5R, 5T, 5X, 3J, 97, 9,14.

      410 Heat 2: Foos and Dussel took the field to green, but the caution immediately came out as Ryan Broughton spun in turn two. Bill Balog on the restart had a big bike and fell to last. The track was super rough in the corners and that was throwing the cars everywhere. It was definitely cowboy up. Balog eventually made it back up to 6th. Foos wins, Dussel, Saldana, Mintz transferred, Wilson, Balog, Broughton, Stambaugh and Ivy rounded out the field.

      410 Heat 3: I can’t even describe all the excitement in this heat. It was like the last seven laps of the 410 Feature in Attica last night. Skyler Gee slid leader Chris Andrews, but the start was called back. On the second start, Jac was ripping the Haud line and and took the lead momentarily, but Brian Smith blew a tire and brought out another caution. The third start was the charm. Andrews held on for a little bit, but Gee and Haud were coming for him. From lap four to the checkers, it was a three car battle for the win. Gee took the lead on lap five, but slid high in turn two, turning the lead back over to Andrews. Jac kept showing his nose down low the last few laps but just couldn’t get there. Gee and Andrews were side by side the entire last lap, and Gee nipped Andrews for the win, Jac was third, Martin, Gunn, Griffith, Michael and Lay rounded out the field.

      410 Heat 4: Lee Jacobs jumped the initial start and it was Bayston who made some moves on the restart, gaining three positions and got up to third before biking it bigtime. Jacobs biked out of second and gave second to Henry. It all came apart though on lap three, as Henry spun, and collected Bayston and Brubaker along the way, putting Henry and Brubaker upside down. Bayston was able to rejoin for a six car shootout. Buddy Kofoid ran away with this heat, winning big over Jacobs, Blaney, Bayston, Ivy and Neill.

      305 Heat 1: Shawn Valenti and Seth Schnieder we’re going to find out how long they could hold off Jamie Miller. After a short battle, Schnieder took the lead from Valenti and on lap two, Valenti surrendered second to Miller. Miller was on the charge for the lead now and caught and passed Schnieder on lap 5. Miller wins, 36, 7, Dahms, Kingseed, Lucius, Keegan and Reihl rounded out your field.

      305 Heat 2: Brandon Moore held the lead early over Luke Griffith and Tyler Street. Street was challenging Griffith for second while Griffith was making it interesting for the lead. Griffith was faster in three and four, but Moore could pull away down the backstretch. Moore holds on over Griffith, Street, Capodice, who made a nice late race charge, Keckler, Peters, Sabo and Mingus.

      305 Heat 3: It’s a rematch of last nights 305 feature with McGrath and Ivy on the front row. They didn’t disappoint either! McGrath took the early lead but Ivy was keeping him honest. McGrath was running the bottom and Ivy was up top, just going at it for the first four laps. Adams stopped on track, bringing out the caution. McGrath did exactly what he did at Attica on the restart and caught them snoozing to get a big lead, but Adams stopped again with mechanical issues ending his race. McGrath did the same thing on this restart, but Ivy kept him a little closer, meanwhile, Roepke and Clark were battling hard for fifth, swapping the position multiple times before it was all said and done. McGrath and Ivy were side by side coming to the white flag! McGrath edges out Ivy and gets a little revenge for last night. Weaver, Clark, Roepke, Verda and Ziebold rounded out the heat race action.

      410 BMain1: Helms, Wilson, Dean Jacobs, Balog and Wilson were your top five starters. Helms led early while Balog worked his way up to second. Balog was making a case for the lead on lap four, but biked it again in one and two and lost all his ground. Helms and Balog transferred, Jacobs, Broughton, Stambaugh, and Wilson did not transfer, Neumiester, Greg Wilson and John Ivy DNF’d.

      410 BMain2: Gunn, Kelsey Ivy, Griffith, Neill, and Michael were your other top five starters. It was almost disaster for Gunn and Kelsey Ivy on lap two as Gunn Biked it and Kelsey got in the back of him. Ivy took the lead, but was going to have to hold off a charging Caleb Griffith and Cap Henry. Kelsey conceded the lead to Griffith on lap four, and managed to barely hang on to the last transfer spot over Henry. Gunn, Michael, Lay and Neill did not transfer.

      305 BMain Finish: Peters, Verda, Sabo, Mingus, and Lucius transfer

      410 Feature:
      Nate Dussel Travis Philo
      Joey Saldana Dale Blaney
      Jac Haudenschild Justin Peck
      Byron Reed DJ Foos
      Skyler Gee Buddy Kofoid

      Philo and Dussel game together briefly on the start, demoting Dussel to fourth. Blaney was second and Justin Peck was third when Jac started to spin out of turn two, collecting Reed who collected Trey Jacobs, sending Jacobs into a single barrel roll, landing on all fours. Philo held the lead on the restart. Peck was challenging Blaney for second and Buddy Kofoid worked his way up to fifth. Peck got by Blaney and started to catch Philo for the lead on lap 8. Kofoid kept charging up and was all over Saldana for fourth and Blaney for third. By lap 13, Kofoid got by Blaney for third. On lap 15, the 5X showed the 5T his nose but couldn’t make it happen. And here. Came. Buddy. Third on lap 18. Second on lap 20. First on lap 21. Peck got by Philo for second and the race was on. Buddy was in some traffic and Peck was making it verrrrry interesting! BUT, Buddy held him off after last nights heartbreak and picks up a much deserved victory for the Neumeister crew! Peck, Philo, Saldana, Dussel, Blaney, Griffith, Foos, Mintz, and Gee were your top ten. What a win for Buddy, a long time coming and the first of many here. This kid is gonna be big folks.

      305 Feature: it was Mimmy McGrath Jr. on pole with the 11G of Luke Griffith beside him. Unfortunately, soon after the start, the 5JR had mechanical issues and eventually fell back to the back of the pack. This gave Griffith the lead until about lap ten, when that white 1W of Paul Weaver caught up to him in traffic. They both biked it big time in three and four. The 11G slid up and that allowed Weaver to get underneath and get the lead. The 11G fought back though and retook the lead on lap 12! Lap 13 rolled around and they swapped the lead again when a caution came out of a spinning Seth Schnieder and Kevin Mingus. Alvin Roepke has worked his way to sixth from 15th at this point. Weaver rocketed our to a big lead on the restart and Jamie Miller got by Griffith for second as well. I thought the 26 of Miller could make it interesting at the end when Weaver was in heavy traffic, but Weaver was too good and wins another feature in Fremont, followed by Miller, Griffith, Street, Ivy, Roepke, Peters, Moore, Clark, and Valenti as your top ten.

      Overall I was impressed with Fremont again. Two weeks and two different tracks. Tonight was cowboy up for awhile, and after the 410 heats, lengthy track work was done in the corners to smoothen them out and that did the trick. Great racing ensued, even though the racing before the track work wasn’t bad whatsoever. Track prep was needed throughout the night, which prolonged the night a bit. The trucks even put on good races. As for the trucks, again I didn’t cover them because I don’t know anything about them, so I wouldn’t be able to give a quality report on them. A big weekend next weekend with the all stars invading and the Outlaw show Memorial Day at Lawerenceburg!


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        It's a good thing the racing was good, because watching a tractor most of the night was pretty boring. Someone needs to tell that track crew to get their heads of the rearends because on more than one occasion they were throwing the green flag with either a vehicle crossing the track or people walking across it.


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          I talked with a long standing official and he mentioned night 1 reminded him of the Ford era, night 2 probably makes folks recall farmer era. Best thing is 2 nights & 2 totally different surface which will make racing interesting again locally.
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            "As for the trucks, again I didn’t cover them because I don’t know anything about them, so I wouldn’t be able to give a quality report on them."

            That is an easy one to report on. Shawn Valenti dominated in the 7B as he usually does. Kent Brewer in the 8KB appeared to have a fast truck, but not fast enough. There was also 29 or 30 trucks there I think. A great showing for the truck division.


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              I appreciate the positive feedback everyone! Starting with Fremont’s recap, will also be posting my recaps on their website! So hopefully my recaps will be able to reach a bigger audience now!

              And Blaniac, that’s probably exactly what my recap would’ve been. I know Valenti can do horrible horrible things to the field in a truck, but that’s about the extent of what I know. I’m hoping that sooner rather than later I can get a better idea of who is in what truck and start learning more about them so that I can recap them as well.

              And another little side note: my buddy and I are starting a podcast and our first couple weeks are going to be dedicated to the SCWC. I’ve been doing my homework on this event and the drivers preregistered in order to deliver a quality podcast as well. I’m hoping the first big podcast will go online around Thursday or Friday. So check us out if you want, we’ll try to get interviews with drivers, teams, Cody Sommer, fans, as well as recap the nights events. We’re on Twitter as @OhioDirt and our intro podcast can be found at:

              Sprint Dudes recap link:

              Small steps towards big things folks (I hope!)
              thanks for being supportive of my recaps, Pitgaters!


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                The recaps are awesome reading.Thank you for your time and effort.


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                  Hord. go to Mansfield web site. Visitor Info. Media credentials, Explain what you are doing and you should be able to get Media credentials.


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                    Originally posted by RRacer70 View Post
                    Hord. go to Mansfield web site. Visitor Info. Media credentials, Explain what you are doing and you should be able to get Media credentials.
                    Got that done Friday!


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                      Sprintdudes might give you a press pass.