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Question about Mansfield big late model event

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  • Question about Mansfield big late model event

    I know they tried this earlier in the year as well, but what is the deal for only selling reserved tickets online? I understand they are trying to get people to buy the more expensive tickets and reserve their spot, but why not sell general admission tickets as well.

    They have had problems in the past at the ticket booth of having long lines (if people remember opening night back to dirt) and you would think this would be one way to help out the ticket sellers?

    Just curious because not sure I know of any other track that does this or thinking behind it? You would think you would want every-bodies money whoever wants to give it to you ahead of the race along with being able to know how much money your bringing in ahead of the big event.

    Planning on going to at least the Saturday show and possibly the Friday show.
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    Think I heard they use a service and the online deal lets you pick the location and marks it off.
    I think it imitates the gateway race.
    You can only buy regular tickets, upgrades and pitpasses race day as it seemed they did not sell reserved at track but I may be wrong.
    Now at the pit entrance you could only buy pit passes and no other tickets.
    This was from scwc procedures.
    I would also guess a good way to generate more income by only offering the higher priced tickets.


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      ok i just got an email from Mansfield on buying tickets.
      You can now buy general admission online. Price was $29 for Thursday and Friday. $39 for Saturday