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Deerfield Speedway Resurrection Needs Help

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  • Deerfield Speedway Resurrection Needs Help

    Deerfield has been closed the last few years and finally the foreclosure got settled in the courts. Jim Good a long time fellow racer of the track now has it and is set on resurrecting the place. Ive seen it rescently and its more of a resurrection then a reopening. A lot has been destroyed or vandalized under the previous owner and its going to be a work in progress. Anyone on here has sponsorship ideas or would like to help bring the place back to the family track it was previously he is holding a meeting Saturday night February 29th @ 6pm Suffield Town Hall 1262 Waterloo rd. Mogadore OH 44260. I know for a fact they need bleachers, a tractors sheep foot, tow truck, gravel, storage sheds, and help cleaning the grounds. The entire pits got destroyed when the previous owner logged the perimeter woods out but never finished the job. Im going to volunteer my time and do everything I can to help. If anyone on here can help or even has leads on bleachers and other track equipment message me on here or add Jim Good on facebook. Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting. Thanks!