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  • Hilltop Speedway

    Hilltop is starting a weekly FB live on Monday to tell you what is happening that Friday.
    They have really improved this year by only running 4 to 5 classes and getting the shows over in good time.
    The late models have been putting on a good show when I have gone.
    This track is showing they can put on a quick run show this year.

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    Hilltop said on live they are getting cars from some other tracks these last few weekends. Maybe closed track?


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      The last few years I have been making the 2 hour and 15 minute drive to Hilltop quite regularly. The racing there is really good in all divisions.and the track is definitely a driver's track. You never know who is going to show up, they've had Moran, both Carpenters, and Markham race there this season in late models.


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        Yes I had just started going back there last year. Seen 2 shows there this year.
        They have really improved.
        Good racing.


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          Attended races last night.
          A very large crowd on hand for 100+ cars.
          They ran 5 classes. There were over 20 late models which put on an excellent show.
          Track had lost water supply somehow and they had to bring water in from other areas.
          This caused show to start 20 to 30 minutes late.
          They kept show moving and did not take breaks except for a quick track grooming.
          This track has really improved and worth a trip. You just have to check FB to see what classes are running that night if you follow certain ones. They always seem to have late models.
          Racing was competitive in the lates with top 4 really being close.