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  • Lernerville Silver Cup

    Went to Lernerville last night for the Silver Cup. Third time I have gone & each time has been great. Saw the last time when they ran the the twin features & actually prefer that more but the 40 lap feature has been good too.

    Needed to sign a waiver prior to entering & have temp checked. I believe you needed to wear a mask before entering but could take it off I guess once inside. I had one on to begin with so had no issues. Was able to find a spot away from people and looked like most people were staying separated. The track is very nice and has a great setup concession wise & vendors.

    Heat races were spread out after about 3-4 laps but, i don't go for the heat races. The local western PA contingent was pretty well represented. No too many posse or All Star cars but 39cars for a weekday show during this season is pretty good. Especially having PA & Ohio speedweek on top of each other then having 3 all star races in central PA with 3more coming up.

    Feature time came up and although a lot of cautions happened at the beginning, it was worth it. Great battles for the lead with Sweet & Schatz, Larson fell back a couple times on restarts but was able to move back up. PPM was strong on restarts but Sweet & Larson were able to get back by him. 3 car battle for the win, looked like the handle on Sweet car went away and Schatz got by in turn 1&2. Both Sweet & Larson drove it hard into 3&4 but couldn't get by. Was conflicted being a Sweet fan, was disappointed fan wise but racing wise, was one of the best finishes I've seen in person in a while.

    Great night of racing, if you haven't been to Lernerville it really is a great track. My buddy a few years ago after Kings Royal did Lernerville, Lincoln, and then Williams Grove & said it's a great week. Next race up planning on going to Fremont on Saturday then Attica for the Outlaws the following Friday

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    Watched on DirTVision and was a exciting feature after it got going after all the yellows.

    Been to Lernerville before and agree with you on the track facilities. We first started going there when the all-stars was there on a Friday night and then went to Sharon for the 2-day Sharon Nationals which was on the old big track back in the day.


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      Lernerville is a great track to go to. Used to go for all the WoO shows there.
      Had the pleasure of meeting Don Martin a few times.