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    Wouldn't let me edit.

    The sentence races have been well attended was for all tracks in general not any specific track or sanction.


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      The race season actually turned out pretty decent for the way it started. I've got about 20 shows in at 8 tracks including 3 new ones ( Silver Bullet Speedway in Michigan, Volunteer Speedway in Tennessee and 35 Raceway here in Ohio). I also plan on going to weekend on the hill and at least 4 or 5 more shows this season most likely ending with the world finals.


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        RRacer ... well Wayne County could piggy back off the All-Star weekend whether sanctioned or not and likely got several cars because of the previous two night of All-Star racing along with getting a lot of extra fans still thinking that the all-star drivers would show up. I am betting that if they don't kiss and make-up that the All-Stars will be running somewhere else on that date.

        Heck if Ohio isn't careful they are going to lose those key 3-day weekend holiday dates to PA because they are running bigger shows along with 4-days of racing a lot of times.

        Wayne County did seem to be in very good shape so they had that for them which is always a plus nowadays. Question did WC lower their price of admission knowing it wasn't a All-Star race and having to pay the fees that went with it or did they keep the same admission price?

        As for Fremont the FAST series is joining the All-Stars, but will be all-star format from what I heard or would assume so as well.
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          WCS pits was 35 only 5 higher than normal. I thought it was going to be 40 if it had still been all stars.

          Race season has been better than expected for what I've seen.


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            I don't know if we will be seeing big unsanctioned races happening more often after this year. Simply from the standpoint that it would take a lot of cooperation among multiple tracks and the past few years we have seen as many as 5 tracks running at the same time/day. That is even with higher purses at some of those races but we see how some teams stay loyal to certain tracks and bodies. I think the race at WCS a couple weeks ago was more an outlier due to schedules shifting constantly.

            Really what would be better is somehow reducing the lower tiered sanctioning bodies. The model that Attica & Fremont has works well because it's essentially two tracks running consistently on 2 separate days less than an hour away. A lot of people run the two anyway. It would be nice if WCS & Sharon and Atomic & maybe Portsmouth did something similar. It would be better than having Fremont run a show the FAST at a track, then OVSCA at another, then a couple others at other tracks. It seems the teams have to balance their point fund & contingency prizes with some of the higher purse races. The original WCS date was an example, now granted a lot of scheduling changes happened. However, you would have had guys like Henry, Kemenah, Conley, etc have to choose between Fremont & AFSC points for a higher paying race. Again, not a perfect example but it has seemed to happen year after year with a FAST race scheduled with an All Star race. Plus the fans really do not show up. When I see multiple races scheduled like that I save my money for a weekend that doesn't have as many competing events.

            The racing has been great this year. Haven't paid attention too who has been running the whole all star tour as this year is kind of an abnormal year. You have always had only 7-8 guys show up at the end of the year but when you go to a race typically you have at least 35 if not 40+ of great quality cars.

            Planning on doing Atomic say, WCS & Lernerville next weekend, Jim Ford Classic, then maybe Kokomo with the Outlaws in Oct


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              Hilltop ran a 40 lap late model 5k with only 2 cautions. Both nights racing was done before 11pm. This track has very much improved.

              They did announce there are a few more races TBA.

              Next on WoO Sprints WCS Sept. 25 with only 1 support division.


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                Just saw on WCS FB a video of a live they must have done yesterday.
                14k to win and 1k to start plus WCS is picking up WoO membership fees for any driver who does not have one.
                Super stocks are the support division.