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  • October Racing and Misc.

    The season winds down.

    Big show on tap for Fremont.

    We are way too quiet here lately.

    Hilltop doing a FB live tomorrow night telling about the rest of their 2020 schedule.

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    I was planning on Raceway 7 Friday for my first visit there but they cancelled.
    2020 Race Watch Counter: 11
    Lincoln (1), I-96 (1), Fremont (3), Attica (2), Oakshade (1), Dubuque (1), 34 Raceway (1), Knoxville (1)

    2020 Kart Race Counter: 6
    Palmyra (1), Fremont (1), 257 (1), Big B (1), Little D (1), Owl’s Nest (1)


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      Atomic has a few decent shows lined up. This week will most likely be another marathon with FAST sprints, 5k to win late Models, Modifieds, and unfortunately sport mods. At least they moved up hot laps to 4pm which should help the process. Probably can arrive around 6-630 in time to watch the heats.

      On the 24they have the KC Classic also Fast sanctioned for 6700 to win with mods & sport mods again.

      31st of October has a special format where top 25 in points are invited. Classes are 410, Late Models, Mods, Sport Mods, Compacts. Sprints & Latest are 4024 to win

      For all the Late Model fans DTWC is at Portsmouth the 17th and I believe Larson is racing the 6car he ran at Port Royal earlier this month


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        Hilltop race on Oct. 24 and a 2nd show to be announced.

        WCS a Derby this Saturday.

        Then the following Friday and Saturday their Ohio Dirt Blowout.

        Both tracks have FB live that was done tonight for details.


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          Heard the demo derby at WCS was a huge success with over 130 cars. I dont remember any derby's in this area having that many cars.

          Hilltop announcing a possible race Oct. 17


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            Atomic was good in a lot of ways but bad I guess in some. They moved up the start for hot laps to 4pm which was good. The racing was fairly decent which was good, pretty good for the sprintcar feature which ended prior to 9pm which was also good.

            The bad in some ways would be the car count for the sprints & Late Models. Had 20 sprints & 24 late models which is fine for me but with them paying out $3k & $5k to those classes, thought the count would have been higher for those classes. They decided to forego the late model B main which was good.

            They ran the sprints first which was super for me. Was going to stay for the Late Model feature but my son was getting cold. Decided to leave & made it home in time to catch the A main of the National Open on Dirtvision which was another plus


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              I have noticed at some of the tracks this year when the payout was higher like 3 to 5k the car counts did not Increase or even lessened. I was wondering if some locals stayed away cause they thought they were not competitive.


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                Originally posted by RRacer70 View Post
                I have noticed at some of the tracks this year when the payout was higher like 3 to 5k the car counts did not Increase or even lessened. I was wondering if some locals stayed away cause they thought they were not competitive.
                That might be some of it, but I think unless your a "Ohio local" tied to one of these local series the cars just aren't traveling. It isn't just this year either or blame it on covid type of deal either because for years a lot of locals don't seem to travel no matter the purse or to win prize.

                You don't see the Attica/Fremont/Wayne County cars going to bigger events with bigger payouts even if they know car counts/stacked fields won't be there. Most knew the All-Star guys were going to be with the WoO's last weekend with the big money races at Williams Grove along with a lot of the invaders.

                This time of year I believe some guys just have that eternal clock that tells them that the racing season is over or nearly over no matter how many races they might have gotten in or not with how these tracks seem to shut down as soon as football season gets going.

                Some of the "invaders" that use to hit this type of event in the past simply went to Williams Grove this year. PA simply is having bigger and bigger shows that will tie not only their teams to that area, but also get the invaders/travelers to their events as well as their car counts keep increasing and the people keep traveling to pack the stands.


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                  I think there aren't as many Ohio Travelers any more plus we are over saturated with mini series. Most of the cars that were there on Saturday would have been there anyway most likely so it was a weekly show with FAST sanctioning. 20cars is still pretty solid when you have the National Open & another 410 track having championship night.

                  Really I think Saturday was a matter of guys who would travel from one to another were just tied down due to track/series points. Teams are having to decide more often especially on Saturdays now of, do we race for a smaller purse this week and keep our position in the standings for more point fund money, or do we go to another track & race for $5-10k? Looking at Attica & Fremont's program, I honestly can't black them for not traveling as many teams can get 3 payouts at the end of the year. You factor in that, then having a FAST race at another track, OVSCA at another, and 2-3 other teams high up in the standings at another track, then suddenly you have 14-17 car counts everywhere.

                  ​​​​​​I know some people hate it, but that is why I like it when I see cooperation between tracks like Attica & Fremont. I wish Atomic & Portsmouth would do something similar as well as WCS & Sharon. Over time I think it would pay off but highly doubt it would happen in a million years. Even if FAST & OVSCA went away you would still have 4-5 tracks racing on Saturday


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                    WCS mentioned working with Attica so they do work together there with each other. They had the late model challenge deal. They tried to support the big shows of each other.
                    I thought Hilltop should work with WCS since they are so close.


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                      I found this Facebook Page. Seems to cover a lot of Ohio Racing and picks up the current schedules. Just makes another quick spot to check. They are a photographer who takes lots of candid pics and shares driver info.
                      I can't get link to post.

                      Showdown Motorsports Facebook.