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  • 2015 All-Stars Season Thread

    I've seen the final version and they have about 50 dates scheduled pretty similar to years past with a little less "Thunder" in the plains. 19 tracks, 10 states, $270,000 points fund and appearance fees. I can't post it but look for it to be released by the series in the next day or so. That said, look for drivers to start jumping on board to collect the tow money incentives, purse money, and point fund money that is being offered. Nobody truly believes only one team is going to follow this tour next year, do they? I expect at least 5 to 6 teams will compete for the 2015 point fund. I'll be interested to see how these dates line up with the Renegade dates and where all the local events fit into the big picture and who will come off the porch. Who will step up to challenge Blaney for the crown?
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    Where do we go to see the full pay out for the Renegade races? A main B main?


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      Hey it is!


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        I have seen similar payouts for other series and curious why do a lot of them pay the same thing for certain spots?

        To me and using the above purse, shouldn't you make more money in 14 spot than 17th? I don't care if it is$10.00, $25.00 or $100.00, but shouldn't they make more because they are ahead of them. Same with the 18th through 24th spot ... all making 400.00

        Remember a time when the King's Royal paid the same amount for about the last 10 spots and remembering a lot of cars that went out for a few laps and then pulled in because of the payout.

        Again ... not ripping the Renegades because I have seen this for many years with many different series, organizations, along with tracks and curious why each position isn't just a little different or do tracks/promoters feel towards the back doesn't matter and almost count them like NASCAR car that are "start and park" to those guys as fillers for the event to make the 43 car field.

        To me, each position should matter and if a guy is ahead of another guy he should make a little bit more money than somebody that might have just went in after a couple of laps and not tried to make it a entertaining show for the fans and instead just went out there for a couple of laps and parked it to collect his money.


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          I saw this list on hoseheads for Saturdays race

          Renegade Sprints
          "Sprint Monster" Roster as of 9/24
          Tim Shaffer
          Danny Holtgraver
          Travis Philo
          Andrew Palker
          Caleb Helms
          Cole Duncan
          Greg Wilson
          Chad Kemenah
          Dean Jacobs
          Mitch Harble
          Jordan Harble
          Chris Myers
          Jamie Myers
          Rod George
          Cody Swanson
          Ed Lynch Jr
          Brandon Matus
          Brent Matus
          A J Flick
          Bob McMillin
          Skip Dougherty
          Eric Williams
          Francis Sesco
          Chad Matthews
          C J Jones
          Brandon Cornelius
          Zach Morrrow
          Sheldon Haudenshild
          Lynton Jeffrey
          Adam Kekich
          Chris Piccaro
          Davey Jones
          Dan Kuriger


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            No Hannagan?
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              Originally posted by swamp View Post
              No Hannagan?
              Outlaw race in Michigan maybe?


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                swamp gotta say it, been sayin this forever till they pull through the gate they aren't there. you know how guys say they will be there on the phone then don't show up at the track.


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                  I would say that's debatable Butch. If you have a good thing going and a healthy point fund you can about bet on the cars showing up. Now I'll agree naming 30+ cars days in advance might not always work out, but I'm sure if their on that list there's a good chance they'll be there. I do like having a roster if its fairly accurate. Hopefully All Stars get them a good lineup next year and they'll advertise it. It may attract a few fans if they know when they leave the house theirs gonna be some good cars.


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                    I'd say since there is no points this year that Hannagan is going where the money is.


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                      I have to say W O W !!! By far the fastest Dirt track Ive ever been. Great feature race I think I would have been even better if there were not 2 cautions as the leaders were getting to lap traffic. I hope they go back because I will make the trip again! Thank You for getting me to a new track that was taking my breath away with the speed qualifying just under 149 mph Crazy.


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                        nside Line Promotions – FINDLAY, Ohio (Oct. 15, 2014) – Tri-City Raceway Park is the latest track to book Renegade Sprints events in 2015. The half-mile track in Franklin, Pa., will host multiple shows, including the possibility of a speedweek in Western Pennsylvania.
                        “We’re definitely going to do a couple of shows,” Tri-City Raceway Park Promoter Chad Wagner said. “I’m working with (Renegade Sprints Officers) Shane Helms and Rob Hunter on a Western PA speedweek. Basically we’d like to get a three, four, five-show speedweek. That’s what we’re aiming for. That’s on our agenda.”
                        Wagner said he’s been impressed with everything he has seen and heard about the Renegade Sprints.
                        “It’s new blood,” he said. “Having a new series with a new mission and a new vision of taking racing back to the grassroots, being family oriented, putting on a quality show with a quality amount of contenders. That’s a big statement about what the Renegades are trying to do.”
                        Renegade Sprints President Shane Helms noted that he is equally excited to work with everyone at Tri-City Raceway Park.
                        “It’s been great talking with Chad and everyone there,” he said. “They are putting in a lot of effort at Tri-City Raceway Park and we can’t wait to take the Renegade Sprints there next season.”
                        The Renegade Sprints have one more weekend of racing on the schedule this season – Oct. 24-25 at Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio, for the $15,000-to-win Open Wheel Championships.
                        NEXT EVENT –
                        Oct. 24-25 at Atomic Speedway in Chillicothe, Ohio, for the Open Wheel Championships
                        MEDIA LINKS –
                        RENEGADE SPRINTS –
                        The Renegade Sprints is a 410ci sprint car series that was created in 2014. The series will aim for approximately 50 races throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Michigan each season. The Renegade Sprints also anticipates building a points fund for eligible drivers and for every race to pay at least $5,000 to win.
                        INSIDE LINE PROMOTIONS –
                        Inside Line Promotions specializes in affordable public relations and media management for motor sports drivers, teams, sponsors, tracks, series, events, organizations and manufacturers. ILP Founder Shawn Miller leverages professional journalism with new media technologies and social networking to improve your exposure and the return on investment for your sponsors.
                        To meet the media relations needs of your program and to join Team ILP, contact Shawn at 541-510-3663 or For more information on Inside Line Promotions, visit


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                          "We’re definitely going to do a couple of shows,” Tri-City Raceway Park Promoter Chad Wagner said. “I’m working with (Renegade Sprints Officers) Shane Helms and Rob Hunter on a Western PA speedweek. Basically we’d like to get a three, four, five-show speedweek. That’s what we’re aiming for. That’s on our agenda.”"

                          WOW! This is interesting!


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                            What other tracks have they signed with?


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                              Up to 5 shows at Atomic Speedway in 2015...

                              Atomic Speedway and the Renegade Sprints will partner for approximately five races next season. The high-banked track in Chillicothe, Ohio, hosted the inaugural Renegade Sprints event in August and will wrap up this season with the $15,000-to-win Open Wheel Championships on Oct. 24-25.

                              “One of the biggest things is the promotional side of it and them acting like a first-class organization,” Atomic Speedway Owner and Promoter Brad McCown said about working with the Renegade Sprints. “They are all banded together.”

                              Atomic Speedway showcased nearly 40 sprint car drivers during the first-ever Renegade Sprints event and McCown anticipates that number to go up for the Open Wheel Championships, which will be moved to a different weekend next season.

                              McCown said he supports the series and would encourage other track promoters to give the Renegade Sprints an opportunity.

                              “I’d tell them to trust in this group of drivers,” he said. “I talked to these drivers and they are together for the better of the sport. The more tracks who come on board will reap the benefits of this.”
                              2018 Race Counter: 7
                              Eldora (5), Attica (2)