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2015 Chili Bowl Season Thread

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    I see Sarah is driving a number 67.


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      Is there going to be any live radio streaming of the races?


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        MavTv is offered with the outdoor package on Dish network, $4.00 a month. Well worth it.


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            I emailed DirecTV about the fact that MAV is NOT in HD. They said they "have no plans" to make it HD anytime soon. Surprising in a way since nearly all other sports-centric networks on Direct are in HD. I'll be watching either way...but would sure like to see it in full HD glory. Dish Network seems to "throttle" the bandwidth too much for my taste. The strobe effect is very annoying.


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              DTV Response:

              "Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestions regarding the programming options currently available on DIRECTV. I am glad to hear you have such a passion for DIRECTV and want to make it even better for yourself as well as all customers.

              Although we do not carry MavTV in HD right now, and we don’t currently have plans to add it to our lineup, your feedback is important to us as we often make changes based on our viewers' comments. Most often the reasons are related to the available satellite capacity; since standard definition requires less bandwidth than high definition. As satellite capacity increases, we review our programming lineup for enhancements and channel additions.

              Please be aware, any proposed channel additions to our current lineup are subject to change until a formal announcement is made. For the latest information on channel additions, please visit our website at

              Again, thank you for the valuable feedback you provided; we can’t improve if we don’t receive feedback like yours!


              DIRECTV Office of the President
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                  I just saw buckeye cable added the tennis channel. I'm pretty excited