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  • Mall Show Promotion

    The Woodland Mall and the Tiffin Mall each host a racecar show. Niether mall's website promotes its show in any way. Isn't the point of these shows to bring new fans to the racetrack and attract more customers to the malls? I plan to attend both shows and I hope they are successful.

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    Didn't even know the Tiffin Mall had a web site. Also not surprised at all to be honest with how the people who own that mall actually don't care if the mall is a success or failure because it is being used as a write-off.

    As for advertising the event they should probably advertise it in the surrounding papers, but yet again they don't care so why spend the money. They are probably expecting the people putting on the event to do type of advertisement and spending the money by putting ads on radio or in papers. Along with the area race tracks/series advertising it on their web sites along with pushing it on social media.

    What would actually be nice if the drivers/teams would push it as well especially since it benefits them mostly with getting their name/car/sponsors out there along with the auction that actually benefits the drivers if they are ever hurt.


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      The shows are promoted on this message board and the ARP website. That's preaching to the choir. I have heard it said that for short track racing to survive it must attract new young fans. I don't think that's even possible. Young people are interested in cell phones not cars.