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    On schedule and updated on Facebook from Wayne County Speedway.
    All Wayne County students are admitted FREE to grandstands. Just wear clothes with school name.
    $1.00 Hot Dog Night. Adults General Admission will be $10.
    Show will be OVSCA sprints, late models, super stocks, mini stocks, mini wedges.

    Prices are dropped and free students. My kids are rounding up some friends to make a night of it. Also cheaper for us, the parents.

    Who is the promoter of the OVSCA sprints? I have not seen this group in action before.

    I think it will be interesting to see this group.

    Aaron Frye put on a good show with his BOSS sprints last week. I will admit I am not much of a wingless fan but they put on an excellent race last week.

    Hoping for some good weather that night. Weather has not been cooperating race nights for WCS.


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      Think that is a good idea of trying to get younger people involved in racing and coming to your track. By having a race where it is free to students makes a great opportunity to bring in a new set of fans for years to come along with rewarding the parents that bring their kids on a regular basis. Be really neat if they went to each school in that area to promote this event and let them all know they want to see a packed grandstands full of students. Also if you can get some younger kids coming to this event they might be asking their parents who might not have ever been to the track or rarely go come to the track and see this race.

      Also gives the promoter a chance to show off their product to people that might not have ever made it to a race before because of the expense or what might not be the "cool" thing to do on a Friday or Saturday night, but being free they can also lure people in when things are free.

      The only thing is though ... that is when you need a good show and might be something that you want to promote to the drivers, teams, and owners in the drivers meeting that they might be entertaining a new group of fans for the first time so it is important to put on a good show which isn't anything different than any other night of racing.


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        OVSCA is the Ohio Valley Sprint Car Association. This is Billy Jarrell's group that he started 3, 4, 5 years ago...somewhere in that range. When he owned Skyline Speedway they ran there almost every Friday and did a little bit of traveling. Now that he's sold Skyline they are traveling around more. I think this may be their first visit ever to WCS. They will hit up Midway, Atomic, Southern Ohio, Ohio Valley, and other speedways down this way later this year.


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          I will say I have ventured to Wayne County and Attica both twice this year and have seen more teenaged kids at those races than I have seen in the past 15 years. I only hope that is a good sign that the teenaged kids are turning into dirt track fans and some will be future racers. Kudos to Wayne County for letting kids in free and reducing admission for adults.


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            I am glad for a student night. When our entire family goes, 6 people pay admission. 3 of those are teens. So a night costs us $72 to get in unless one of us goes to the pits. We usually eat before heading to the track or pickup subway to save money. We also do spend money at the concession during the course of the night. The teens do like to spend some money at the concession so I would say they each spend around $10 but it is often their own money. We don't take the whole crew weekly as it is too expensive so with this deal taking the kids to the races, the track will still have the money from them spent at concession stand. That would be more money the track would get as otherwise the kids would probably stay home or go elsewhere. When the kids were the 12 and under in the free price range, they always went and we bought concession and souvenirs (tshirts, novelty).

            Unfortunately when our jobs changed and disappeared, so did the higher income for going to the races so much and we looked for cheaper and free activities. I think this could also be why we are seeing the grandstand counts go down. Maybe raising the in free age or having a student price would help families come or like Mercer used to do a family price. I think it was $25 a family group.
            We used to go to the races 2 to 3 nights but have cut back to 1 night weekly unless maybe speedweek. Used to try to do most of the speedweek shows too, but just to much $$$$ anymore.

            I too noticed, two weeks ago more high school students than I had seen in about 5 years or more. Guess the tracks need to do something to entice families and students to come. I would think having the full grandstands would be a plus overall even for the in free ones. My kids are getting some friends to go with them so they will be taking a group in. Some of the kids they have invited have never been to the races at all or one girl told me I have not been to WCS cause it was dusty.

            Also it would be nice to see wifi available at the tracks, so many people are connected and this would be an added incentive to draw people to the track that are not the die hard race fans.

            I would like to see a few more student nights or at least special pricing for those under 18.

            Having a great track surface like last week at WCS, interesting racing and the program being run quickly would help bring back people. Keep the show moving and keep the people interested.
            Also if you are sitting in the stands, try to be friendly and talk to the people around you as I have found newbies that wanted to know some things happening but did not want to ask but were glad when you could tell them some of the racing format or driver info.

            People in the stands used to be more chatty with each other and visit and I see much less of that now. Maybe that atmosphere makes it less favorable for some. Of course, if you ended up near the drunks or really obnoxious it could make your night less fun or make you not come back. Same with the in stands fighting.


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              Rain thru the week and today has cancelled the racing.


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                have problems with new msg board. i type it and it shoes it and it is there for preview and post first words disappear. Wayne County cancelled due to rain


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                  Enjoyed the announcing of Brian Liskai, Chuck Griffith and Mike Swanger last night. (Sorry if spelling incorrect) Nice to have announcers that know the cars and keep the show entertaining.

                  Fun to watch Lee Jacobs, Andrew Palker, Jac Haudenschild, Rob Chaney work their way thru lap traffic. Lee just was on fire moving thru the pack. Glad no bad wrecks last night. Nice to see the equipment going off the track under own power and not the hook.

                  Top 5 late models were also making the race exciting. Glad to see Keith Berner pick up the win.

                  What a crowd last night. Nice to see lots of familiar faces.

                  Track crew did a great job moving the show along. Nice they reduced amount of classes running to keep the night shorter.


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                    Finally the rain stopped and WCS got to race Saturday.

                    There was a good crowd.
                    Sprint feature ended up having a red flag fuel stop cause cars ran out of fuel after lots of yellows for debris and spins.
                    When the racing resumed it was very good and Danny Mumaw made a very impressive run from the back to the front but could not catch the leader. He got sucked up into the cushion guard rail area and lost a tire from leading the race and had to change it during courtesy period.
                    Andrew Palker won Sprints
                    Keith Berner won Late Models in the Attica/Wayne Late Model Challenge. Berner and Charlie Duncan and Mike Bores put on a great show.

                    There was some dust but not bad.

                    They did announce for those that missed it.

                    Next week 410 Winged Sprints will be running their own show plus the BOSS Non Wing Sprints with their own show. Guess it was not printed on schedule or something to do with giving 410 sprints more races for points cause of rainouts. Late Models will also be there.


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                      Good for them. Will be a great night. And ya may even see some double duty in sprints I bet


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                        awesum night of racing at wayne county cant weight for the sprintcar double header this saterday night just sucks that attica has to change from friday to saterday could have had great car counts at both but now drivers will have to decide on where to go


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                          The racing on Saturday was very good. The move Mumaw made on the last lap was incredible I didn't think he was going to make it out of four as hard as he went into three. Glad Berner won late model feature since he said this is his last year racing. Stock feature was pretty good too with Gardner and Daugherty running hard for the win. I hope the hornet driver that hit the guardrail and flipped out of the track is ok and comes back racing soon. I am gonna have to miss this Saturday which sucks as it will be a helluva show. Wayne county this year has been great. I have been over there 6 times this year and every time it has been worth the drive. Keep up the good work Wayne County.


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                            the reason that both are running is that BOSS was rained out a few weeks ago and is a make up date plus this is the last week before season championships for all class' and wanted to give them as many points races as we could


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                              Saturday night, I was able to get a camera mounted INSIDE of my helmet to try and get the closest vantage point possible from the drivers seat and show how low vision really is. I think it was a successful video and hopefully we can keep sharing it and posting it to social media to shut some of the idiots up that have no clue about sprint car racing. Thanks for watching and enjoy.



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                                Ok beard, I mean brad. Lol. First of all I'm shocked the beard didn't get in the way, and second, as bad as the track was you can definitely see that from your point of view, but could you imagine what the view would have been like from the non wing point of view. Lol, doubt you could see much. Good video and idea.