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  • 2016 FAST Series News/Results

    This season the FAST Series travels to Atomic and Butler speedways on August 20 and 27 respectively. I think Fremont Speedway is closed for the Sandusky County Fair on these two nights. Will the racers travel to support these two "road races"?

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    Is that the 410's and 305's?


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      This is about the 410's. The 305's travel too. I think they go to Waynesfield and Mercer.


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        Originally posted by racemak View Post
        This season the FAST Series travels to Atomic and Butler speedways on August 20 and 27 respectively. I think Fremont Speedway is closed for the Sandusky County Fair on these two nights. Will the racers travel to support these two "road races"?
        I say no, but I am sure you will get a handful that will go because of the point fund money and thinking they can gain a lot of ground by doing it.

        Just what we need another traveling series instead of a "local" deal to help the locals out. Now if they wanted to add Millstream to the FFAST events I would have no problem with it, but adding a track that most of these guys don't travel to even if they are off (say for speed-week or a all-star race and not running anywhere else) and usually sit at home.


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          I'm not sure the fans will travel to these two races. Oakshade and Wayne County are much closer to this area than Atomic and Butler. I really like Atomic and will be there to see Lucas Oil latemodels on March 18. Weather permitting. I have never been to Butler.


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            I think there is the chance some teams will say they aren't going to travel especially to Butler. Just being a 3000 to win show there will be teams that show up though. Last year Butler had a 2000 to win show right around the same time and 5 outsiders came for that and fast points weren't even on the line. Also, Butler had 30 cars at the All Star race last August and only about a handful of them were Butler regulars. So I guess what I'm getting at is even if the FAST guys decide to to travel someone will try to come take the money.


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              Some of the Fremont guys do race at Butler when Fremont is closed. It's usually easy top 5 anyways.


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                FREMONT, Ohio (January 30, 2016) - FAST Series officials will take their Ohio-based sprint car series to an entire new level in 2016, introducing a revamped image and an increased schedule that will benefit drivers and fans alike. Formerly known as Fremont/Attica Sprint Title, the newly established “FAST Series” will continue the tradition of promoting highly competitive 410ci and 305ci sprint car competition in northwestern Ohio and the surrounding areas.

                The Kistler Racing Products FAST Series presented by K S Sales & Service boasts a 20-race schedule for the 410 sprint cars in 2016. Like previous seasons, Attica Raceway Park in Attica, Ohio, and Fremont Speedway in Fremont, Ohio, will split the majority of the scheduled events, 18 to be exact, with action set to ignite on Friday evening, April 8, at the Attica oval. As an added twist for FAST Series regulars, the Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio, and Butler “Battlegrounds” Speedway in Quincy, Michigan, will each also host FAST Series programs in 2016.

                FAST Series officials will also introduce three “FAST Series Vs Ohio Sprint Car Series” challenge events in 2016, bringing together all of the top 410 sprint car drivers in Ohio for high dollar paydays. Challenge events will be contested at Attica Raceway Park, Fremont Speedway and Atomic Speedway, each awarding a $3,000 top prize. In addition, FAST Series competitors will race for an added payday during their travels to Michigan also equaling $3,000.

                “We wanted to give our fans something extra special to look forward to in 2016” Butler Speedway promoter Denny Donaldson said, “Rich Farmer of FAST presented us the idea about having his series travel north to Butler Speedway to challenge our Michigan regulars. Everything fell into place and we couldn’t be more excited. This is great way to promote our area and our racers.We are hoping to make this an annual event.”

                Adding even more hype to the season, the FAST Series will co-headline major weekends at Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway in 2016, including the annual Spring Nationals, Attica Ambush and Jim Ford Classic. FAST Series competitors will battle for a $4,000 top prize during the opening night of Attica Raceway Park’s Spring Nationals on Friday, April 8, as well as another $4,000 top prize during the Attica Ambush on Friday, September 2.

                Fremont Speedway’s Memorial Day weekend doubleheader will feature FAST Series action on Sunday, May 29, worth $5,000. The opening night of the 2016 Jim Ford Classic at Fremont will also be FAST sanctioned, awarding $5,000 on Friday, September 16.

                “We are more than excited to expand the FAST Series and give it a new edge” FAST Series and Fremont Speedway promoter Rich Farmer said, “Growing the series and traveling to new areas is a great notion for this sport. We have a very competitive and talented group of racers. Giving these teams an opportunity to showcase their talents in other areas allows their skill to be shown, and it also allows their sponsors to be exposed to a wider market. This style of schedule is affordable, which allows our weekly racers to be a part of something on a larger scale. I think I speak for all of the promoters involved when I say that we are really excited for 2016.”

                The JLH General Contractors FAST “305” Series presented by Engine Pro will showcase a loaded schedule of 14 events for the 305 sprint cars in 2016. In addition to ten visits between Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway, the talented field of FAST 305 sprint regulars will visit four surrounding venues in areas of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. The 2016 season will officially launch on Friday, April 22, at Attica Raceway Park.

                FAST Series competitors will test dirt outside the norm beginning Saturday, July 3, at the Waynesfield Raceway Park near Waynesfield, Ohio. 2016 will mark down as the second consecutive year that FAST 305 teams made the trek to Waynesfield, with 30 drivers signed-in last Independence Day. The July 3 program will award a $1,000 top prize, as well as guarantee all non-transfers at least $100.

                Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio, and Mercer Raceway Park in Mercer, Pennsylvania, will each host FAST 305 competition in 2016. Adding even more heat, FAST 305 sprint teams will also travel north to the Butler “Battlegrounds” Speedway in late August, joining the FAST 410 sprint cars for an ultimate open wheel doubleheader. All travel events will award a $1,000 top prize, as well as $100 toward non-transfers.

                “The 305 division in northwestern Ohio is extremely competitive” Rich Farmer explained, “We’ve expanded their schedule to give these teams the same kind of opportunities as the 410 teams. The promoters of Butler Speedway, Mercer Raceway Park and Limaland Motorsports Park are all very excited to have the FAST 305 division at their tracks. I’m sure they will display the same kind of competitiveness that they show at Attica and Fremont on a weekly basis.”

                2016 Kistler Racing Products FAST Series presented by K S Sales & Service Schedule:

                Night 1: Friday, April 8th Attica Raceway Park ($4,000)
                Night 2: Saturday, April 16th Fremont Speedway
                Night 3: Friday, April 22nd Attica Raceway Park
                Night 4: Saturday, April 23rd Fremont Speedway
                Night 5: Friday, April 29th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 6: Saturday, April 30th Fremont Speedway
                Night 7: Friday, May 13th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 8: Saturday, May 14th Fremont Speedway
                Night 9: Sunday, May 29th Fremont Speedway ($5,000)
                Night 10: Friday, June 10th Attica Raceway Park (OSCS Challenge)
                Night 11: Saturday, June 11th Fremont Speedway (OSCS Challenge)
                Night 12: Friday, July 22nd Attica Raceway Park
                Night 13: Saturday, July 23rd Fremont Speedway
                Night 14: Friday, July 29th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 15: Saturday, July 30th Fremont Speedway
                Night 16: Friday, August 19th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 17: Saturday, August 20th Atomic Speedway (OSCS Challenge)
                Night 18: Saturday, August 27th Butler Speedway ($3,000)
                Night 19: Friday, Sept 2nd Attica Raceway Park ($4,000)
                Night 20: Friday Sept 16th Fremont Speedway ($5,000)

                2016 JLH General Contractors FAST “305” Series presented by Engine Pro Schedule:

                Night 1: Friday, April 22nd Attica Raceway Park
                Night 2: Saturday, April 23rd Fremont Speedway
                Night 3: Friday, May 13th Attica Raceway Park ($1,000)
                Night 4: Saturday, May 14th Fremont Speedway

                Night 5: Sunday, May 29th Fremont Speedway ($1,000)
                Night 6: Friday, June 10th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 7: Sunday, July 3rd Waynesfield Raceway Park ($1,000)
                Night 8: Friday, July 15th Limaland Motorsports Park ($1,000)
                Night 9: Friday, July 29nd Attica Raceway Park
                Night 10: Saturday, July 30th Fremont Speedway
                Night 11: Friday, August 19th Attica Raceway Park
                Night 12: Saturday, August 20th Mercer Raceway Park ($1,000)
                Night 13: Saturday, August 27th Butler Speedway ($1,000)
                Night 14: Friday, Sept 16th Fremont Speedway
                FAST Series membership forms are now available online at Those who are seeking additional information regarding the 2015 Kistler Racing Products FAST Series presented by KS Sales & Service, or the 2015 JLH General Contractors FAST ‘305’ Series presented by Engine Pro, can do so by logging on to the official online home of the FAST Series at Be sure to stay updated on everything FAST related and ‘Like’ FAST on Facebook at and follow FAST on Twitter at @FASTseries.

                FAST On Dirt, Inc. would like to thank the following contributors to the 2016 FAST Series point fund:
                Kistler Racing Products, K S Sales & Service, JLH General Contractors, Engine Pro, Engler Machine & Tool, CP-Carillo Pistons, Design Graphics Group Inc., SCS Gearbox, Reebar Die Casting,, Level Performance, Young's RV Centers, Gressman Powersports, Hoserville Ohio, Jon Wright’s Custom Chrome Plating, Fremont Fence, Baumann Auto Group, Fricker’s, Goofy Golf, Scott’s Lawn Care, NAPA, All Pro Heads, Hoosier Tire, Productive Tools & Equipment, UNOH, Attica Raceway Park and Fremont Speedway.


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                  Since it's only a couple of events on the road ( and this involves the 305's too ), I don't think the teams will be overly upset, if upset at all. Most Fremont and Attica 410 teams have occasionally traveled at one time or another over the years. As for the 305's, I think it's good that they are receiving an opportunity to showcase their talents and smaller engined cars to a new audience. And with both tracks having off nights dues to Fairs, laying down for the Big E, plus rainouts, etc, it adds some races to the schedule. And at their road shows, the 305's will be racing against their own, not 360's or whatever. These events might enable those venues to increase their attendance for the evening, and I can't think of too many tracks that don't need a spike in attendance. I sponsor two 305's, and trust they will support this minimal travel.


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                    im gonna tell ya this now. For you Attica/Fremont supporters. Go to Mercer and watch the 305s. I was over there last year for the Boss race, and I will say this right now, those boys over there are no joke. They are "just" as good as all the cars that run at attica and fremont. and this is no knock on any team that runs at attica and fremont weekly, and including myself. I'm just saying this now before someone gets on here and says the ohio 305s will go over and have easy pickings. Someone is gonna say it, so figured I would say that. Now im sure they would have just as much trouble coming here also. But im just saying, they are very very competive as well. Should be a really good show. They have close to 30 cars a night I believe.


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                      Why doesn't Fremont or Attica schedule a practice day at the beginning of the year? There are always rookies or people wanting to test some things. Wayne County, Atomic, Eldora and Jackson County all have one,


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                        I agree, and have felt for years that's a good idea. Sort of like Spring Training for race cars . Only guessing - probably don't do it because it doesn't generate " revenue ". Most of the Florida tracks have had a night of practice this winter too. Volusia, East Bay, New Smyrna, Ocala.


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                          A test and tune is a very expensive thing for a dirt track. Everything the track does for a race nite still has to be done. The cost of insurance, track prep, an on site ambulance, lights, track workers, etc. are still in play. I don't know if the pit passes the racers have to buy can cover these costs. Fans always get in free to test and tune events. Maybe the track could sell them beer at $11 a can like they do at an NFL pre-season game. That might make the deal break even.


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                            racemak ... On Wayne County web page it says they are charging 10.00 a person no matter a fan, driver, crew, owner, etc...

                            If the track is ready why "practice" and if you do set a "Test and Tune" people whether it be a race fan, driver, team, etc... will complain that they are spending to much money to tow there, wasting money on fuel, wasting money on tires, on engine upkeep, etc... Kind of like we see when fans complain about putting extra laps on a car for qualifying, dashes, or extra laps on the features. Some will say if we are going to go there we might as well be making some money while doing it.

                            Maybe if there is enough teams that want to "test and tune" their equipment maybe they should go to a place like Attica and Fremont and tell them we want to rent the facility and cover all the cost from insurance, to track prep, and paying the necessary wages for the people to be at those places as well.

                            Now for the opening night at a place like Attica I wouldn't mind them giving teams a couple of extra sessions of warm-ups to work some bugs out if teams want to arrive earlier in the day or even say the first night is a non-points night for those that are following the points.

                            Attica starts March 25th which is at least two weeks ahead of any track you mentioned that offer it. Their season is short enough with how early they close. Could they start earlier? Depends on the season because we have seen it really nice in the middle of March and we also have seen it pretty bad in March as well.

                            Attica could have 5 racing shows in even before a place like Eldora/Fremont has their first race.

                            Wayne County doesn't start till April 9th.
                            Fremont starts April 16th so they could easily have a practice before the season opens.
                            Eldora doesn't start till April 16 so again it is easy to have a test and tune, but they are only about special shows and don't have a weekly show.


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                              If you like watching practice, I recomend pavement racing. When the Main Event latemodel series or the MSA supermodifieds are at Sandusky Speedway they practice all afternoon. Its a beautiful noise and I hear it in my backyard free of charge.