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2017 Mercer Raceway Park News/Results

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  • 2017 Mercer Raceway Park News/Results

    What a great event every year. They had 200+ cars in the pits and ran 9 divisions. It was good to see some of the attica/fremont 305s come over for the weekend and see the #9 of Ralls get the win Friday and #20 of Bova win Saturday. Matt Foos was closing in on Bova Saturday but couldn't get him in lapped traffic. Sad news at the drivers meeting Saturday when they said the tracks still forsale and the current owner wont be opening it next year. Hopefully it sells and someone opens it next year. Facility is in good shape and the track has good equipment. Problem is the tracks not shaped and banked right for 410s. I think Mercer could be more successful running Friday night and running the divisions Lernerville doesn't or doing a track reconfiguration for the 410s and raising the purse drastically. With Port Royal and WCS bringing in car counts Mercers been doomed in the 410 divison last two seasons.Not to mention 5 or 6 of there top teams are running with the allstars and fast series now from the lack of payout in western,pa. Hopefully this past weekend wasn't the last race at Mercer but time will tell.

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    Racing April 8th is Moved To SUNDAY APRIL 9th
    This Saturday Moves To SUNDAY
    April 6, 2017 by Eric Williams

    (Mercer, PA. April 6, 2017) The managment of Mercer Raceway Park has decided to postpone Saturday’s race until Sunday, April 9th, due to the amount of rain and snow expected on top of the already saturated conditions. Saturday’s weather forecast looks dry and sunny however, with low temperatures drying the facility out in time to race is not possible. In an effort to get the season underway for our dedicated fans, drivers, and great marketing partners we are going to run the program on Sunday. Gates will open at 3:00, drivers meeting (open to anyone with a pit pass) at 4:30 with hot lap/time trials starting at 5:00. We will start earlier with our goal being to conclude the events by 9 PM. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support in making this a success and look forward to capitolizing on a beautiful spring day for some great racing. Due to the late announcement of this decision we are NOT going to start the points battle until April 15th.

    We are going to make this a fun afternoon of racing with some extra incentives on the line for all of the competitors. Each hard charger in the feature events will receive a $25 Big Daddy’s Speed Shop gift certificate. Big Daddy’s Speed Shop will be the primary track side sales dealer on hand for the 2017 season. Precise Racing Products has thrown a $20 gift certificate into the mix as an added bonus to fastest qualifier. Dan Holtgraver, owner of West View Motors in Pittsburgh, has added $50 to the feature winner of the 410 sprint division. Alternative Power Sources, Inc., Gibsonia PA, will pay $100 to the 410 team that travels the furthest for this Sunday’s event.

    Furthermore to help bring some new talent into the 358 modified division we are welcoming all “602 crate legal” modifieds to the party. Shaffer Family Racing along with divisional sponsor, Turn 4 Toilets, will offer up a $100 bonus to the highest finishing crate legal engine in the feature event.

    To build on the continued success of our 305 sprint car division we have restructured the 2017 purse to help attract more competitors. For this weekend the 305 sprint car division is open to all sealed engine packages as well. For compliance

    Admission for the Sunday program will be just $13 for adults, $11 for seniors (60+), and $5 for students (ages 9-15). The youngsters (ages 8 and under) will be free, as always at Mercer Raceway Park. The economical Family Pass will be only $28, and that is good for two adults and up to four minors of any age. Pit Passes will be $30.

    Remember that you can get alerts regarding the cancellation of any racing event at Mercer Raceway Park sent directly to your smartphone or other electronic device. To register, please go to the track’s website,, click on the icon for, and follow the easy steps.


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      its where im going sunday since its only 1 hour away instead of the 3 it takes to get to atomic. I cant miss work Monday since I just scheduled 10 days off for the doty, silver cup, speedweek, and etc... Mercer is good fan friendly place to go watch races. You can take your cooler in which is always a plus these days. Tracks under new management also this year so hopefully they can get back on track and turn things around from the bad luck/weather cancellations in the beginning of last year that really hurt car counts. Racing is always good and its different style track.


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        Attica rules don't have a sealed engine


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          Sorry to hear that they won't be reopening. I'm not entirely surprised as it seems Western PA really can't get the car counts they used to, especially with a lot of the guys leaving for the All Stars as you mentioned. Hopefully they sale or do end up opening next year. Maybe honestly the best move would be to just not run 410s as a class as they just don't seem to have enough cars in the region to really have it pay off? Regardless, best of luck to the crew at the track selling it and hopefully it'll open back up for 2018. Never have been there but my girlfriend and I are looking at a Western PA sprint car/camping trip sometime in the future and Mercer/PPMS were the tracks we looked at going too. Would like to go to lernerville but it's a decent drive from where we'd be camping at.
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            It"s another step in an overall decline in western Pa. Perhaps another person will step to the plate. Mercer has had problems for decades. They have had numerous promoters. The track was closed for a few years in the early 1980's. The fact that a few drivers are following the All Stars and the track's configuration are not the major problem. It's the steady and prolonged decline in attendance in the grandstands. Sportsmans Speedway in Knox closed a couple years ago and Hickory Motor Speedway in New Castle a good 10 years or more ago. Tri City in Franklin is down to running only a few events per year. Motordrome Speedway in Smithton closed a couple years ago. They ran as a dirt track for many years but in more recent years as an asphalt track. The All Stars raced there in the 1980's. Most of the western Pa. teams who are still in business don't seem to want to run more than one night per week. In the end though, it's the lack of attendance which produces red numbers. I've been to that track dozens of times from the mid 1980's to the present, and over time have seen the decline. I knew the lady promoter there many years ago ( Vicki Emig ). She was very good and quite knowledgeable, but she struggled there too. Sorry to see this happening, but unfortunately it's a sign of the times. The old crowd is dying off and not being replaced by the next generation. Sad.


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              We raced at Mercer in the 90s and 2000s The track usually had b mains in the 410s. Drivers liked the track configuration. That was what made it a go then. Grandstands were always full.
              Lots of Ohio teams traveled there.
              Sorry it has come to this.
              I haven't been there for close to 8 years.
              Really enjoyed Mercer.
              Same with Sportsman.