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2018 Eldora Speedway News/Results

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  • 2018 Eldora Speedway News/Results

    Eldora released their schedule a couple of days ago. The track will have more Sprint races with the return of the NRA on multiple "regular" shows at Eldora. The BOSS still not going to be there but I get the differences in opinion there. I separated out the weekends of racing for ease of access. Also whoever mentioned they were happy to see that the WoO was going to be on the old "Sprintacular" I hate to dissappoint but hope you like Modifieds with your WoO... What's ya'lls thoughts on the racing season ahead at Eldora?

    Apr 21st - NRA360s, Modifieds, Stocks "65th Season Opener" - $12

    Apr 28th - Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks "Late Model LidLifter" - $15

    May 11th - WoO Sprints, USAC Sprints "Lets Race Two" - $28
    May 12th - WoO Sprints, USAC Sprints "Lets Race Two" - $28

    May 19th - NRA360s, Modifieds, Stocks "Family Fireworks Night #1" - $8

    May 27th - Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks "Johnny Appleseed Classic" - $15

    June 7th - Dirt Late Model Dream Night 1 "The Dream" - $20
    June 8th - Dirt Late Model Dream Night 2 "The Dream" - $24
    June 9th - Dirt Late Model Dream Night 3 "The Dream" - $40

    June 16th - ASCoC Sprints, Modifieds, Stocks "Ohio Sprint Speedweek Night 2" - $20

    July 12th - WoO Sprints "Jokers Wild" - $25
    July 13th - WoO Sprints "Knight Before the Kings Royal" - $28
    July 14th - WoO Sprints "Kings Royal" - $34
    July 17th - Modifieds, Stocks, NASCAR Truck practice "Tuesday Night Tailgate" - $14
    July 18th - NASCAR Trucks "Eldora Dirt Derby" - $36

    Aug 4th - Modifieds, Stocks "Family Fireworks Night #2" - $8

    Sep 2nd - Late Models, Modifieds, Stocks "Baltes Classic" - $15

    Sep 6th - World 100 Late Model Night 1 "World 100" - $24
    Sep 7th - World 100 Late Model Night 2 "World 100" - $24
    Sep 8th - World 100 Late Model Night 3 "World 100" - $40

    Sep 21st - WoO Sprints, Stocks, USAC Silver Crown QUALI "BeFour the Crowns Showdown" - $25
    Sep 22nd - USAC Midgets/Sprints/Silver Crown, ASCoC Sprints "4 Crown Nationals" - $30

    Oct 13th - NRA360s, Late Models, Nonwing Sprints "Last Call for Them All" - $20
    Oct 14th - WoO Sprints, Modifieds "Last Call for Them All" - $25

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    Would like to see JULY 12th WOO and Stocks, JULY 13th WOO and Mods, JULY 14th WOO and NRA.


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      Also wish Eldora would install TV's under grandstand in and around the bar area to be able to watch other sporting events on downtime.


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        It's an improvement, finally a sprint car race in April. I know this isn't popular but I wish USAC had a stand alone date in April and not with the WoO in May. That gives me more nights at the track instead of stacking races on top of races. But I know, that's a first world problem......


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          no ump nationals? wonder whos doing that?


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            Originally posted by MFW View Post
            no ump nationals? wonder whos doing that?
            I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. That's a bummer. Tried to go to it last year on Thursday but the rain thought otherwise.


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              Originally posted by GTigers55 View Post

              I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. That's a bummer. Tried to go to it last year on Thursday but the rain thought otherwise.
              They haven't had much success (IMO) with this event and the crowds haven't been that impressive either. They have had huge car counts, but rain and not a big crowd seemed to hurt this event (IMO).


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                Sucks not there any longer. Car count/pit money easily paid purse I'd guess plus Eldora can have ΒΌ full stands and that crowd would pack Attica or Fremont


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                  I like the schedule this year especially the extra Outlaw date in October. The Sprintacular has always been one of my favorite events of the year but this year was a little sad with the car count. Past few years there was 100+ total cars maybe even 130 last year. This year I think there was only 23 non wing cars and a lot of the bigger names were missing. A lot of it had to do with USAC having a race at Terre Haute I believe, the short track nationals were going on so that took some 360s away, and I think the Outlaws were racing at Port Royal so that took some 410s. Typically you got some drivers that would do double duty or come over because their was no other race in the area

                  Of course I wish that their was at least 1 extra All Star or USAC weekend. No real issue with no support class during the Kings Royal. In years past the event seemed to just drag on and the track really narrowed out with all of the racing that happened on the track that night. I suppose it would be fine on the Thursday Friday dates to have a support class but on Saturday, I am fine with just the 410s.


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                    The Nonwings also went from being a BOSS sanction to unsanctioned last year and that certainly affected the car count as well. They usually have about 15-18 guys follow.